Alex Rider was no ordinary boy, sure he was a superspy, sure he had save the world 9 times and counting but Alex had always avoided one thing that had seemed to never be able to catch him and it was Death. But Had He?

3rd person Pov

Alex Rider was never one to dwell on things such as plans as he had always come up with them almost instantaneously but seeing as he was trapped ten floors underground with close to five professional assassins in and out of his cell... He didn't have much choice.

"Okay look on the bright side, at least the torture hasn't started yet." Alex thought. Almost as soon as that thought had left his brain the door burst open startling the assassins making them withdraw their weapons and shooting the assassin outside.

"Did you kill him?" Alex said with an almost expectant gleam in his eye that seemed almost disturbing even by an assassins standard. But had dissipated when he had seen that the assassin had ducked out of the way ensuring his survival and also making Alex Rider form a deep scowl on his face.

To Alex's Dismay, they had blindfolded him so as to not find out who their boss was. After a few minutes, Alex began hearing footsteps echo out into the room gradually becoming stronger and stronger eventually stopping right in front of him."Hello Alex, it seems you have done a nice job at getting caught by my men and if only had you not become famous by taking down Scorpia that my men wouldn't have sensed anything wrong with a father and teenage son pair." The mysterious men said.

Alex Pov

"I have no idea what your taking about? "I said faking a genuine face of confusion.

"Do not play with me boy. I know that you are the famous M16 teenage spy, Alex Rider. Your so-called Father had already confessed everything to us." A hint of arrogance in his voice. I had not believed that one of the top CIA agents had spilled the beans. I began to hyperventilate at imagining what kind of horrible torture that was awaiting for managed to control his breathing and keep his emotions in check.

Alex then considered that he may have been faking and decided to play dumb one more time."What are you talking about? My father and I are just here for a vacation."Alex said weeping like a professional actor.

"So you do not believe me boy, very well here's a little evidence" The man place something in my hand, it felt cold and smooth and then I felt something familiar in my hand and it was at that moment that horror struck me. I quickly threw it away from me as I was terrified, not because I knew it was a finger but because I had recognised the was my partner's as I knew he had a ring but his ring's design was one of a kind with a skull engraved into the emerald. My cover is now officially blown.

"Oh poor little Alex, don't worry I'll be gentle during your interrogation. Maybe we'll even have time for a cup of tea." The man said smirking with satisfaction oozing out of his voice. ' I'm not so much of a tea person but I would be happy if you can prepare me a coffee' I said sarcastically

This caused him to be angry and sent me away with the assassins blindfolding and dragging me to the cell.

Royal and General Bank

3rd person Pov

The new head of M16 was sitting at her desk cleaning out her supplies of peppermint as the top agent of M16 had been uncontactable for two months as well as a CIA agent.

She knew she should not have sent Alex on a mission even if Alex had begged her but somehow she gave in. Alex told her that he could not sit on the sidelines any longer and though the Pleasures were kind, he cannot stay with them.

Mrs. Jones was surprised at first because of considering how Jack died in his last mission she thought that it would take at least a few years before Alex came back to M16 but she was wrong but not all wrong. She could still tell that Alex's eyes looked dead and only regained some of his personality back but anything other than that was the same.

However even Mrs. Jones knew that by now he would have been tortured and he would revert back to his old form. Mrs. Jones had received a report on Alex's location and sent the K-unit on it. For now all she could do was to hope, hope that Alex Rider is still alive both physically and mentally.

Brekon Beacons

3rd person Pov

Training in Brekon Beacons isn't so bad once you get used to it but for K-unit the facilities best team, it was kinda a place where they can improve train and get tired enough so that it would drown out Eagles annoying voice. Wolf was about to swear all kinds of colorful word at Eagle when ... "ATTENTION" Sergeant load voice booms over the entire facility causing everyone to rush to the field in attention. "Okay Maggots seeing as your all sweating like pigs, hit the showers. K-unit stay behind."

As the Field cleared out, Sergeant then gave them their new mission and it was to recover Alex Rider.

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