"Explain to me again why I'm letting you talk me into this?" Murphy groaned nervously as he laid on his bunk in his cell with Conner and Romeo who were sitting on the bunk next to his.

"Because Murphy, I'm the brains and you're the inside man, and Romeo is well, Romeo." Conner reasoned.

"Great so they give us a mission to find a target inside of the prison and break them out while breaking ourselves out at the same time."

"What a headache." Murphy groaned.

Romeo chuckled and shook his head. "Hey cheer up at least whoever it is, is in the infirmary on the staff so now all you gotta do is find them." Romeo explained as if it was no big deal.

"Great," Murphy sighed, "now how do I get back there?"

Conner smirked. "Well we send you back of course." He said as if it was so simple.

"How's that?" Murphy asked as he looked over at his brother from his spot on his bed. Conner sighed as he got to his feet and stepped towards his brother.

"Simple, like this." Conner said and before Murphy could react his brother lunged toward him on his bed and Murphy grunted in pain as a sharp pain shot through his lower abdomen.

He looked up at his brother in disbelief and then screamed in pain as he ripped out the shank he had just stabbed him with.

"Jesus, what the hell was that for?" Murphy asked in pain and disbelief as he clutched at his side.

"To get you in the infirmary, calm down." Conner explained as if he had no reason to be upset.

Murphy jumped to his feet ready to take a swing at his brother for being so stupid but fell to his knees unable to stand.

Conner stared at him in horror as he hurried down beside him and they looked to see blood flowing quickly out of his side.

"Please tell me you knew what you were doing?" Murphy asked Conner in horror.

Conner rubbed the back of his neck nervously and bit his lower lip. "Sort of, maybe a little." Conner explained.

Romeo walked up beside Murphy and grabbed his arm and pulled it over his neck as he helped Murphy to his feet.

"We can play the blame game later but if we don't get you to the infirmary now there won't be a later." Romeo explained.


Murphy flinched in pain and leaned on Romeo as Conner took his other arm. "Don't worry, I'm not going down that easy." Murphy assured as they hurried towards the infirmary with him.

Murphy sighed in relief the pain finally stopping as he leaned back against the pillows of the bed in the infirmary. Conner and Romeo had gotten him here in time.

According to the head nurse his idiotic brother had managed to graze an artery. He looked up hearing footsteps approaching him and spotted a vision.

A girl with long raven black hair and stunning blue eyes was walking towards the man in the bed next to his. She was wearing the white nurse dress that held her petite form perfectly making the uniform almost look inappropriate with the way it hugged her curves. Her skin was an olive complexion without any blemishes.

She looked over at him as she reached the mans bed beside his and smiled at him making his mouth go dry. She glanced over at the man still asleep in his bed beside him and looked back over at Murphy.

"Hello, you're the man that had an artery grazed correct?" She asked with a slight smile. Murphy nodded and smiled slightly.

"Aye that would be me." He said smoothly. She chuckled.

"I see your Irish, explains your temper." She teased. He chuckled and shook his head.

"No, actually I didn't even see this coming." he said indicating his wound. She smiled and nodded.

"I see my apologies." She apologized. He smirked.

"Whats your name lass? He asked growing more curious by the second with this beautiful girl before him. She smiled again and sighed.

"I'm Marina," she said offering him her hand to his surprise. He smiled and reached out and took it.

Her skin was warm and smooth to the touch as it met his and he felt an electric shock shoot through him.

"Murphy, Murphy Mcmanus." He said introducing himself as well. He flinched internally seeing her face fall slightly as she withdrew her hand suddenly.

"Mcmanus, as in the Saint's of Boston, Mcmanus?" She asked in shock. He swallowed hard realizing he shouldn't have said so much so soon to this girl.

"Yea, that'd be me." He explained uneasily now. She nodded and took a step back from him.

"Well, I should get back to my rounds." She explained. He nodded inwardly kicking himself for making her so uneasy.

"Aye, there are probably some other patients who need checkin on." He assured trying to make her feel less awkward.

Marina smiled weakly and nodded before taking off. Murphy watched her retreat and pulled his pillow over his face in frustration.

"Damn it." He cursed into his pillow before pulling it off of his head. He jumped in surprise hearing laughter from the bed beside him.

"Don't feel bad lad your not the first to become captivated by that one." The man who had been sleeping moments ago said looking over at him with a look of understanding in his eyes.

Murphy rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You dunno know what your talking about." He assured firmly as he looked away from him. The man laughed again setting Murphy's nerves on edge.

"You're a stubborn one I'll give you that but I'll let you in on a secret."

"Since I've been in here I've never seen her take the time to talk to anyone she didn't have a file for." He explained before he began to cough vigorously.

Murphy sat up in alarm and flinched in pain as he did so but the man sounded like he was about to stop breathing at any possible second. He heard the sound of rushed footsteps coming from behind him and quickly rushed over to the man as he tried to pull himself up to a sitting position but was not succeeding.

He quickly helped the man up just as Marina reached his side with something in a syringe in her hand.

"What happened?" she asked briskly as she began cleaning his arm as Murphy braced the man with his arm behind him.

"I'm….fine," the man insisted trying to catch his breath but he was sweating profusely now and breathing heavy.

"We were talkin." Murphy informed earning a nod from her before she injected the medicine into the mans arm.

"Deep breaths." she said lowly and the man nodded as he switched his breathing to deep breathing. Murphy stiffened as the man glanced up at him with a faint smile in his eyes before he slowly leaned back onto his bed and closed his eyes.

"Thank you." He thanked hoarsely. Marina smiled and shook her head.

"Rest now." She said sweetly. The man nodded silently and Marina sighed as she touched Murphy's arm and pulled him back towards his bed slowly. Murphy felt a chill go through him and slowly sat down on his bed. She turned towards him and he felt his heart stop as she met his eyes right in front of him.

She was dangerously close to him and he closed his eyes to catch himself from touching her. She touched his side making him jump and look up at her to see her looking down at his side.

'You tore your wound open again." She whispered softly and looked up to see him staring at her intently, why would you risk your health to help someone that is here. She asked curiously making him uneasy. He smiled slightly and sighed.

"Why wouldn't I help someone who is helpless?" He asked. She smiled and shook her head as she held his gaze.

"You made your reputation on killing men like him so why not let him die?" She asked curiously. He shook his head amazed at this girls curiosity as she started undoing his bandage.

"I dunno know if he is guilty of anything." Murphy explained.

"But wouldn't he have to be since he is here, isn't that all that matters to you saints?" She asked as she slowly began stitching his wound back closed. He smirked and shook his head.

"Well now aren't we an expert on us now." He teased making her smile a little as she stuck him a little too deep and he hissed in pain. Marina looked up at him in alarm and flinched.

"Sorry." She apologized and he laughed a little at her remorse.

"It's fine lass no harm done." He assured as she finished up her stitching and began rewrapping his wound. She sighed in accomplishment as she finished and straightened up as she met his gaze again.

"Regardless of what you think your right to kill the "evil" is, no one has the right to play god." She explained. He stared at her in surprise at the blunt force of her words.

"We aren't playing god lass we're simply doing what god called us to do." He explained trying to get her to see his point.

"How exactly do you know god wants you to kill the evil." She asked intrigued as to how he would answer.

He smirked and shook his head, "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." He reasoned in defeat realizing that even if he did tell her that there was a very slim chance she would believe him.

"Try me." Came her quick response.

He met her gaze as he spoke and felt his heart racing,

"We had an epiphany my brother and I, one night when we was sleeping we both awoke with a start."

"We'd both dreamed of a warm place surrounded by light and a voice whispering carry out my will, rid the world of evil so that the good my flourish." He explained his voice a bit distance as he recalled that night as if it was yesterday.

She smiled and shook her head. "How do you know that it wasn't Satan trying to trick you?" She asked unfazed as she placed the back of her hand to his forehead to check for a fever.

He snickered in amusement at the lass before him. She had a lot of good questions and some were honestly hard to answer and some he was sure she would never ask.

"If you felt what we felt lass you'd know that their was no way anything could be evil about it." He assured as she with drew her hand and smirked.

"So then does god tell you who to kill." She asked as she grabbed a syringe out of her apron and pulled off the cap as she grabbed a bottle of fluid from her apron as well and stepped closer to him never hesitating as she asked him questions.

He hesitated unsure of how to answer her as she stepped closer to him and cleaned the side of his arm with an alcohol swab.

"Not exactly." He stated weakly. She smiled and shook her head as she withdrew some of the fluid with the syringe and gently pushed it into his arm making him flinch a little.

"This will help keep the pain away." She informed quietly.

He was half listening and half studying her as she worked. She was warm and caring and not at all what he pictured a prison nurse to be like.

That and she was so damn intoxicating to him that the closer to him she was the more drunk off of her he got.

"So tell me then how do you know you haven't killed any innocent people?" She asked. He smirked and shook his head as he cleared his head.

"We killed bad people lass, people who ran drugs and people who killed others."

"People that raped women or hurt others." He explained. She shook her head.

"In this world some good people do bad things as a way to survive." She reasoned. He shook his head.

"Doesn't give them the right to do bad things when there are honest ways to make a living." He countered meeting her gaze.

"Just like your so sure you have permission to play the hand of god." She shot back making him stiffen defensively at the force of her words.

She smiled weakly breaking the tension. "Forgive me, I shouldn't pass judgment on someone I know so little about." She apologized. He smirked and shook his head.

"No harm done lass. He assured thankful for her sweet persona again. She smiled and shook her head as she stepped back.

"Rest now, your brother and friend should be able to finally visit you at some point tomorrow and you should be out of here by Christmas day and back in your cell." She assured. He flinched as realization dawned on him.

"Oh Christ is Christmas really so close?" He panicked and sighed as he leaned back on his bed.

"Fraid so." She replied sweetly grabbing her things and checking on the sleeping man beside him. He smiled slightly as he watched her pull the blanket over the man and gently tuck it in.

"What's his story?" He asked finally curious. She sighed and shook her head as she faced him.

"He was wrongly accused of murder."

"A rich mans daughter was doped up and leaving her boyfriends house after a fight."

"She wandered into the street late at night and he hit her."

"The judge was probably bought off and even though it was an accident he was sentenced to life without parole." She said bitterly.

"He has no family and was diagnosed with aggressive blood cancer a few months ago."

"He won't hold out much longer I'm afraid." She said sadly as a small smile graced her lips and she met his gaze.

"You see not everyone here is evil." She said as a small sigh escaped her lips.

"Goodnight." She said as she started away.

"G'night lass." He replied and laid there reeling from the conversation he had just had with this girl. His heart was full of turmoil as he thought about what she had said about the old man beside him.

He was an innocent cheated by the system and he sent up a silent prayer for the mans soul as he allowed sleep to finally take him.