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Marina stirred and flinched as her head throbbed painfully. She could hear panic going on around her and she shot up like a bullet. She flinched as her head spun and looked to see Murphy and Conner kneeling in front of someone arguing. She froze seeing blood and looked to see them yell at two people in the kitchen. She stiffened realizing one was that Smecker fellow from before and the other a girl with long auburn hair she'd never seen before.

She froze seeing a woman sitting on a stool at the kitchen table watching unfazed at what was going on and her eyes met hers and she lifted her cup of coffee off of the table and toasted the air in her direction as she smiled at her. Marina froze not able to figure out what was going on. She slowly got to her feet and stepped towards where Murphy and Conner were and froze realizing that Romeo was on the sofa bleeding out from a gunshot wound.

Murphy looked up at her and she froze seeing the doubt on his face as he slowly got to his feet and walked over to her.

"Romeo needs your help, we can't stop the bleeding and he's losing blood fast."

"Please will you help us?" He pleaded desperately.

She stared at him in shock and shook her head as she rolled her eyes and sighed. "Give me a towel and alcohol of any kind, as well as a pair of pliers." She ordered and without any hesitation Conner and Murphy rushed around the house trying to find everything causing Smecker and the women to move over to the table as they flung stuff around.

Marina sighed and slowly walked over to Romeo and he looked up at her and smiled. "My own personal angel, here to save me." He teased making her smile as she knelt down beside him.

"No, just here to save your life." She assured as she pulled back her hair and took the pliers from Conner and towel from Murphy who also managed to find a first aid kit. She sighed as she met Romeo's gaze.

"This is gonna hurt like hell." She warned and before he could reply she yanked out the bullet lodged in his side and he screamed in pain as he flailed around to try and make it stop.

"Fucking bitch." He cursed as Murphy held down his arms to keep her from hitting her as she took the alcohol from Conner and poured it into the fresh wound. Romeo arched up in pain and kicked at the sofa as he cursed every word known to man in a few short seconds. She smirked and shook her head as he finally relaxed and she studied the wound.

"You almost pierced your liver you fool." She scolded and he smirked.

"It's toasted anyway with as much as I drink." He commented. She shook her head and sighed.

"You're gonna need packing any longer and a tourniquet would have been your fate as well." She informed as she pressed down on the wound and it began to stop bleeding.

"Yeah well that's the least of my problems." Romeo assured making Conner and Murphy laugh. She sighed and shook her head as she got back to her feet.

"Just keep pressure on it for now and I'll pack you up in a little bit." She assured stepping away from him. He nodded and sighed as he closed his eyes and Conner helped him place the towel where it needed to be as Murphy turned to face her. She looked away from him feeling her emotions starting to act up.

"Thank you, I don't know it we could've done it without…" he didn't get the chance to finish as the sound of her hand across his face echoed in the room as it stood silent for a moment. He flinched in pain and slowly looked back up at her and she glared at him.

"Don't think that I did this for you."

"It goes against my vows to let an innocent die." She snapped angrily as he rubbed the side of his face and smiled slightly.

"Guess I deserved that then." He admitted making her glare darken.

"Right about now you deserve a hell of a lot more than just a slap, so tell me where Leon is so I can get the hell out of here." She stated looking around at the house.

"Afraid that's not going to happen." Smecker said straightening up and walking towards her from the table.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" Marina asked not watching her manners anymore as her gaze landed on him.

"You see my dear you were the price for our plan to get the boys here out of jail." He announced as if everything made sense.

"Price?" Marina repeated with an edge in her voice as she tensed up.

Smecker nodded and continued. "You see you were the only thing they wanted us to bring them for helping us out."

"Now that was not as easy as you might think." Smecker assured making her blood boil.

"Who are they?" She asked her tone completely changed from its normal sound.

"Don't know yet you'll have to ask Alex Stone when he gets here." Smecker said shrugging it off as if it was no big deal.

"Alex Stone?" Conner asked walking towards them but making sure to stay out of the line of fire.

"He's the master mind for rounding up the Resistance to help us break you out".

"They oppose the work of the government." Eunace explained.

"They also spill innocent blood without flinching." Marina spat bitterly her fists clenching tighter as they continued to try and explain. "Tell me where Leon is I don't care about anything else at the moment." She said closing her eyes and trying to calm herself down.

It was silent for a moment and her blood ran cold in her veins as realization hit her. She opened her eyes and looked over at Conner first who was looking at the floor leaning against the counter with his arms crossed. She swallowed hard and looked back over at Murphy who looked up to meet her gaze.

"Where's Leon?" She asked her voice cracking as fear slowly crept into her heart.

"We left him there." He replied his voice thick with guilt and apology.

Her hand came up to cover her mouth and the other went to her chest. "Oh god, how could you."

"Do you realize what you've done?" She asked outraged as panic set in. "He's could be dead or worse.

"What the hell do you think they're going to think when the three of you turn up missing along with me?"

"They'll do everything they can to make him talk and he knows nothing." She yelled angrily.

"You've condemned him, do you realize that?" She asked staring Murphy straight in the eyes. He stiffened and she looked over at Conner.

"Do you even care?" She asked him as he looked up at her.

"Oh god." She whispered taking deep breaths to try and calm herself.

She jumped in surprise as the woman who had been sitting at the table touched her arm. She looked over at her never realizing she had been moving until she had touched her.

She was a sweet looking woman with caramel brown hair that had grayed over the years and a sweet face that held two wise sea green eyes. She smiled up at Marina and sighed. "Come on lass let's get you upstairs so you can clean up."

"You can't be all hostile right now when there's nothing can be done at the moment." She said gently.

Marina stared at her in shock and disbelief but the kindness in her eyes made her relax a little into her touch. "Okay." She said her voice cracking making the woman smile as she allowed her to guide her towards the stairs.

Marina stopped suddenly realizing she'd forgotten something. "Romeo I have to pack his… shush now dear don't worry about that, I've packed a few wounds in my day."

"I'll take care of it don't worry." She assured sweetly making Marina smile a little and nod.

"Okay, his life is in your hands now." She whispered weakly her body feeling the effects of her emotional turmoil now.

"Don't worry my boys and I'll take care of em just fine." She assured as she led her into a bedroom and handed her some clothes. "The showers across the hall and there are fresh towels in the cabinet."

"Make yourself at home dear." She said sweetly making Marina smile at her kindness.

"To think that she is their mother." She thought as the woman left her there to her thoughts and emotions.


Conner sighed as he sat on the front steps of his ma's porch and watched the clouds roll up above. The smoke from his cigarette danced around him and he could feel the beginnings of a headache forming. Footsteps stirred him from his thoughts as he looked up to see Eunace standing next to him.

"Ya leaving now too?" He asked her as he looked back up at the sky. Smecker had left not ten minutes ago telling them that he would return tomorrow with the Alex Stone guy.

"No not just yet." She admitted as she sank down next to him on the step. "Oh, how's Rome doing?" He asked getting a little nervous at how close she was to him.

He could smell her jasmine scented perfume and it made him think back to that kiss they had shared before in the prison. He was itching to ask her about her thoughts on it but was also afraid of looking desperate.

"He's doing better now that your ma packed his wound but you and Murphy on the other hand may not survive your moms scolding's." She teased making him chuckle and cringe at the thought.

"Yeah bet poor Murph's getting it pretty bad right now, good thing I was smart enough to walk Smecker out when I did." He said commending himself for his subconscious accomplishment.

"Yeah well don't worry cowboy, I'm sure there's enough to go around." She assured deflating his accomplishment and making him hang his head in defeat.

"S'pose your right." He said with a sigh of defeat.

"So what exactly is the deal with this lass?

"I mean she seems pretty normal if ya ask me." He asked trying to make more sense of what was going on around him.

Eunace sighed and shook her head. "I wish I knew but we can't get anything out of these guys their locked up tighter then Fort Knox and I should know I've been there." She jested making him laugh but not feel any better about their situation.

"Then at least I can feel better knowing I'm not the only one lost."

"Even the great Eunace Bloom is just as clueless as me." He teased making her smack his arm playfully.

"Not clueless just not that well informed." She corrected with a smile making him laugh again at her attempt to justify her situation.

"Same shit, your just as clueless as we are about a girl that no one knows anything about." He clarified making her roll her eyes and sigh in defeat.

"Alright Mcmanus you win, now back off before I hurt you." She warned playfully.

"Hey I like being punished." He teased making her smack his arm rather hard this time and him to laugh and flinch at the same time but the look of shock on her face had been worth it to him.

"Alright that's it I'm leaving." She stated promptly and got to her feet making him do the same and sigh in defeat and disappointment at the loss of company and conversation which one he was more upset about he wasn't sure yet.

"I'll walk you to your car." He offered trying his best to be a gentleman and not be thought of as a jerk for his previous remarks. She nodded and sighed as they started off the steps together and walked towards her car.

He turned to her as he opened her door for her making her roll her eyes and smile. "Well thank you Eunace bloom for helping to break us out and for tolerating our shit." He teased offering her his hand.

"Anytime Conner." She replied sending a chill down his spine as she spoke his name and shook his hand.

They stayed like that for a minute the tension rising between them making it hard for either to move. "So guess this means no more goodbye kiss?" He asked making her stare at him in shock and awe as a smile tugged at his lips.

He could tell that he had just thrown her off her game and that this was not something that happened very often to her so he decided to fix what he had started.

"Good night Eunace Bloom." He said again sincerely and kissed her cheek gently before walking back towards the house leaving her at a loss for words still.


Murphy sighed as he leaned across the kitchen counter from his ma who was taking a breather from her lecture as Eunace Bloom bid them goodnight. He was relieved for the interruption and gave Eunace a quick hug before she left. Now it was just him and his Ma and Romeo who was knocked out cold on the couch leaving really just him.

I can't believe you kidnapped that girl Murphy, of all the things I taught you. I told you to respect women. She scolded.

Poor girl is up their probably crying her eyes out all scared and alone. Oh and the first thing you did when she woke up was ask her to help you save your friend?

Your lucky she's so nice and kind or Romeo would have died. She fussed shaking her head as she cleaned the dishes that were already clean in the sink vigorously as she spoke.

I know Ma, I'm sorry I just paniced. He admitted honestly but it wasn't good enough for his mother.

That's no excuse for what you did Murphy. You and your brother and your friends took that girl away from everything she knows.

How do you think she feels or did you ever once consider her feelings instead of your own. She chastised making him flinch as he realized the truth in her words.

She was right he had never once thought about how what they were going to do was going to affect her. He had just been so hellbent on getting out that nothing else seemed to matter.

Now that he thought about it he felt like a heel. She was probably a nervous wreck over Leon and if the roles were reversed he would have been just as panicked over Conner or Romeo.

Your right Ma. He admitted in defeat as he looked down at the counter.

His Ma sighed and shook her head as she walked over to him.

I'm gonna go check on her and make sure she's alright. He said straightening up and looking over at his ma who was smiling in approval.

That'd be a good idea. She assured touching his shoulder reassuringly. He kissed her cheek and sighed as he started for the stairs.

He stopped spotting something poking out from the couch where she had been laying. He walked over and picked up her ipod and smirked as he tossed it in his hands.

Well this will make a nice olive branch. He whispered and continued back towards the stairs and started up. He reached two doors as he got to the top and saw that the light was on in one of them. He smirked realizing that she was in his old room and sighed in defeat as he braced himself for what was next.


She laid there near the edge of the far end of the bed curled up as she stared at the window across from her with the moonlight drifting into the room. Her soul was alive with emotions she hadn't felt in a long time. She prayed with everything in her that Leon was okay. She knew what the people that had helped to break the McManus's out were capable of first hand. She heard the faint sound of the door knob rattling and tensed as she heard the door open.

She slowly turned over and spotted Murphy hesitating as he walked in. She shook her head and rolled back over away from him. She was still pissed at him and she wanted him to know it. She heard him walk towards her and felt the bed shift as he sat with his back to her on the other side of the bed. She could feel the tension around him and almost pitied him but she refused to be the first to back down.

"How are you feeling?" He asked finally but she could hear the nervousness hidden in his tone. She smiled thinking that he was probably hoping she wasn't going to try and hit him again. She was quiet for a minute and he shifted again making her roll her eyes in defeat as she decided not to torment him anymore. His ma had probably already laid in to him enough for the both of them.

"I'd be better if I knew Leon was okay." She confessed with a sigh and looked back at him. She watched him hang his head in defeat as he studied the floor now deciding it was a safer bet then looking over at her. She slowly sat up crossing her legs and catching his attention as he slowly looked over at her.

"I'm sorry Marina." He finally said straightening up and turning towards her a little. He studied her realizing now what she was wearing. It looked like one of his old t-shirts and a pair of jersey shorts and he couldn't help but chuckle.

"What's so funny?" She asked confused by his sudden outburst.

"Nothin sorry it's just that, I thought ma had thrown away all of our old clothes and yet here ya are wearing them." He said laughing now and turning towards her completely. She rolled her eyes and he relaxed a little as a smile flickered across her lips.

"Yeah well they don't fit." She said but he smirked knowing full well that was a stab at him but she was trying not to let down her guard so he decided not to push too hard.

"Marina, how do you know about the resistance?" He asked lowly and felt the tension rise as she looked over at him. She could feel her heart racing and closed her eyes for a moment to catch her anger from spilling out. She didn't want to get pissed off again but this was a sore subject.

She let out a slow breath before meeting his gaze again and replying, "The resistance and I have crossed paths before." She said slowly as he shifted onto the bed mocking her position as he came closer. She smirked and shook her head as he reminded her of a little kid for a second.

"I haven't always been a nurse at the prison." I used to work at hospitals traveling around as a nurse.

"One day I was working at a hospital where a man was being taken care of and I just so happened to be his nurse." She said laughing as she thought of how ironic it was now.

"Well this man just so happened to have killed one of the resistance's own."

"They said he was drunk, said he was impaired but nothing came back."

"Instead the man had a stroke as the cause of his accident."

"So, the media and resistance were calling it a cover up a hoax and the resistance decided that they were going to protest and try to take action into their own hands." She said clenching her fists and making him stiffen at her sudden action but she relaxed taking a deep breath and closing her eyes again.

"So what happened?" He asked making her smile at his impatience and curiosity. She sighed and met his gaze again before continuing.

"Well they were antagonizing and annoying and somehow they managed to find out his release date and were going to try and take their own version of justice."

"Mind you there were plenty of cops around to keep the man safe but the leader managed to slip through and was going to do the deed when I socked him straight in the jaw." She said laughing triumphantly as she recalled the memory fondly. Murphy couldn't help but laugh as well as he saw how happy she looked at her accomplishment.

"So you see, I've been their target for a very long time they just never could reach me." She informed with a sigh as she shook her head slowly as all joking left her face.

"There isn't a doubt in my mind that some of the guards back at the prison were involved in the resistance." She whispered bitterly looking back over at the window.

"It's likely Rick and his men were part of them but I'll never know now."

"They got what they wanted in the end." She whispered

"How do you think they figured out it was you?" He asked curiously. She smirked and shook her head.

"That video of me socking that guy was all over the news and internet. Imagine how hell-bent he must have been to find me after I embarrassed him like that." She explained with a sigh.

"Plus it is not hard to put two and two together when I was taking care of the same man they tried to kill." She replied softly her voice sounded a bit sad to him and at first he couldn't figure out what she meant until it hit him so hard he forgot how to breathe for a moment.

"James Cade." He whispered in disbelief. She smiled and looked over at him.

"Yes, James Cade." She whispered leaning back against the head board.

"You stayed with him after all of it; you took such a risk, why?" He asked finally realizing no matter how hard he tried to rationalize it none of it would make sense until she told him herself.

"He was a good man, very kind, but fate dealt him a hand that left him to walk it alone."

"However I refused to let that be his fate."

"I thought that if I could just make him see that nothing was ever what it seemed I could save him somehow and make him at peace." She whispered her voice cracking and her hand came up to cover her mouth as she closed her eyes tightly.

Murphy stared at her helplessly as he tried to figure out what to say or do to make her feel better but he wasn't sure where the lines in the sand were yet with her.

"I think you succeeded lass." He whispered gently as he moved closer to her to where he was sitting beside her resting his back on the headboard. She didn't flinch or move to stop him so he relaxed and looked over at her as she moved her hand away from her face and sighed.

"How?" She asked licking her lips to try and check her emotions.

"He didn't want you to try and save him because he was ready to go, he was finally able to let go and be at peace, no more suffering."

"I don't know who or what the resistance is really but I won't let them hurt you lass, I promise." Murphy assured making her smile and look over at him.

"You say that with such conviction that I want to believe you." She replied before looking back over at the window. He watched her as they sat in silence for awhile, she wasn't as tense as before and he was glad that he was able to talk to her without her throwing things at him like he had first thought.

Still something was bothering him, a question was itching in his throat but he didn't want to ask her yet and risk losing his progress with her so far.

On the other hand he wanted to ask her about the other night and where she stood on it but that was another subject for a much later time. Still he wanted to know had to know almost, what had happened to her back in the infirmary.

She had almost been a completely different person, especially when she had turned on Conner.

"Marina," He started trying to keep his nerve and ask her regardless of the consequences as she turned towards him and met his eyes with hers.

"Yes, Murphy?" She asked her voice seeming almost normal again making him slowly lose his nerve. He stared at her for a moment and she smiled and raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Are you alright?" She asked curiously causing him to snap out of his trance.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"It's just that…" He stopped as he studied her and lost his nerve as his emotions overpowered his logic and he sighed as he remember his other reason for coming up here.

"I believe this is yours." He stated reaching into his pocket and pulling out her iPod. She sat up and gasped in surprise like a kid at Christmas. He held it out to her and she smiled as she reached out to take it from him. Her hand brushed his and he grasped it gently as she met his eyes in confusion and disbelief. I really am sorry. He apologized sincerely looking her straight in the eyes. She swallowed hard and nodded.

"I believe you." She whispered lowly and he smiled as he relinquished her iPod to her making her smile again as she laid back down on his pillow and popped in her ear buds. He watched her for a while as she hummed some of the tunes and swayed her foot back in forth in rhythm with the songs before finally deciding that this was his time to leave and go back to check on Romeo.

He eased himself over towards the edge of the bed and was about to get up when he felt her hand on his. He looked over at her in surprise and saw her looking up at him. He wasn't able to read her straight-faced and was worried about what she would say. He relaxed as her face softened and she smiled a little as she spoke.

"Thank you Murphy." She said wholeheartedly making him smirk in return.

"Your welcome Marina." He replied and with that she removed her hand and rolled back over to continue listening to her music glad for a piece of normality back. He sighed and got to his feet as he walked towards the door and left.

He leaned against it as he pulled in shut and closed his eyes as he tried to calm down the emotions acting up inside of him. Part of him wanted to go back in there and stay in her company and the other wanted to go in there and kiss her like he had on Christmas Eve.

"Christ I'm an idiot." He lamented as he pushed himself away from the door and started back downstairs to check on Romeo and have a long heart to heart with his Ma hoping she could help him sort this mess out.

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