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Kaito's P.O.V

I slowly walked through the park, a large yawn erupting from my thought. It was the perfect day for an ice cream… well, every day is perfect for ice cream, but this was THE perfect ice cream day. It was hot outside, and it was August, and… yeah. I felt like getting out of the house today and getting it from the local ice cream parlor. Which happened to be in the park. Strange, right?

I suddenly caught sight of a girl with… teal (I know. I was sorta weirded out as well. But, I have blue hair, so I shouldn't be one to talk…) sitting on a bench by herself. Her knees were pulled up, her feet on the bench, and she put her arms around the bench. Her face was looking forward, slightly tilted to the side. Her teal locks were long and fell to the ground, and they swayed slightly in the wind. She looked to be around my age. I couldn't properly see the expression on her face.

She then and faced me, turning slightly. I gasped. Her eyes were the same shade as her hair, but they were harsh and unforgiving. It seemed too… mean for a girl. She also was my age, so it seemed like she had been through a lot. A large bruise was on her check, and when I looked on her arms, I could see the same covering both. She glared at me for several minutes, as if trying to tell me to back off, otherwise she would kick me in the face. For a second, it worked, but I was here on a mission: to get my delicious frozen treat. And, this was the fastest way to go there. Nothing, not even some scary looking girl, would stop me: my love was too strong. Hold on, ice cream. I'M COMING TO GET YOU!

Mustering my courage, I bravely walked closer and closer to the girl. She glared at me some more, but I ignored her. I walked straight past, head held high (although my legs were trembling), and pasted her. I casually pulled my scarf tighter around my neck. The scarf was from an old friend who had moved away when I was younger. I don't really remember much about her, except that she had a very good singing voice, and sounded good with me.

I heard a sigh of relief when I walked straight past her, as if she was fearing on what I would do to her. That sort of made me sad; I had a feeling that the girl had been sitting there for a while, and was glaring at strangers, but was really afraid to be approached by them. When it was a safe enough distance, I looked behind to see her slowly returning to her original position. Some kid was walking through the park, and she glared at him. He screamed like a girl, and ran away. The girl sighed once more, and went back into her original position.

I continued my journey to reach my delicious treasure. When I finally reached, I slipped through the side door, and walked in. The sweet smell hit my nose, and I literally began to drool. I walked up to the counter, where the sever greeted me. "Hey, Kaito. What do you want today?" I was this shops biggest costumer, and many of the employee's new my name. I often also got free ice cream because after every 8th ice cream bought, I would get a free one. They kept track but those tiny punch card sheets.

"Oh, hey, Meiko." Meiko was also a girl in our grade. I sort of liked her—I mean, she was energetic, smart, serve's ice cream, and was pretty nice. "Erm… I would like… mint… no, vanilla! No, chocolate! Aww, I can't decide. You pick."

"Okay. Sake flavored sound good?" Also, she loves Sake a lot. It was somewhat entertaining.

"No. I'll take… strawberry." I then put my hand over my mouth, so that I couldn't change my mind. Meiko giggle and I blushed. Thankfully, my hand was covering my face anyway. She handed me my ice cream, and smiled brightly.

"That'll be $2.25." I carefully handed her the money. "Do you have you sheet?" I reached into my back pocket. Of course I have it. I handed it to her, and she counted the hole punches. "Hm… you have eight, now. Would you like to get another ice cream today? Or save it for later?" Ohhh, another touch decision!

"I'll see after I finished this one." She nodded her head.

"Oh, Kaito. Since you came through the side entrance, I guess that that girl is gone?" Meiko asked.

"Girl? Oh, you mean her. No, she's still there," I answered Meiko's question. "Why?"

"Really?! You must be really brave! That girl has scared off all of the other customers—for the past week! Business has been terrible. But, I guess that nothing can keep you from your ice cream, eh?"

I laughed, but a hint of sadness was attached to it. "Yes, nothing can." I thought suddenly struck me. "Hey, Meiko. I want to get my free ice cream now. But, I also want another ice cream."

"Really, Kaito? Two?! Isn't that a bit too much? But, whatever. Flavors?"

"Er… vanilla and… and… chocolate!" I put my hand to my mouth once again. Meiko laughed, and quickly gave me the ice cream. I paid her the money, and went outside the side door once again, carefully making sure that none of the ice cream spilt out of its cup. I quickly ran to were the girl angry girl was sitting. Her head shot up, and she glared at me once more. I saw her eyes widended slightly, probably wondering why anyone was going to walk across her path not once, but twice, but I ignored her look. I then sat down next to her, and tried handing her the vanilla ice cream.

"…Take it," I edged her on. Her eyes widened, and she looked as though she had no idea on what she should do. I'm guessing that she had never been in a situation such as this.

"Accepting food from strangers is bad, right?" She asked. Her voice was hard and bitter, but I had a feeling it used to be smooth and sweet. I merely laughed, and edged her to take it. She did, and took a cautious bit of it. Her expression turned to shock. "This—This is really good! What is it called?" I had a heart attack on the spot.

"You… YOU HAVE NEVER HAD ICE CREAM BEFORE?!" Seriously, who has NEVER had ice cream before?

"…Ice cream? Oh, it tastes good. I haven't really had anything like it before. Nothing this… sweet. I mean, I have read about stuff such as this, but never—" she suddenly cut off, as if realizing that she was ranting. But, WHO HAS NEVER HAD ICE CREAM BEFORE? I was still shocked beyond belief.

She finished her ice cream before me. New record: I ALWAYS finish my ice cream before anyone. Seriously, it's custom, it's tradition. This was weird beyond belief. I noticed her look down at the bowl in sadness and regret. Oh, this would be painful…

…I handed her my chocolate ice cream. Her eyes widened when she understood the meaning. "No, I'm fine. You should have yours," she said. But, even I she said it, I could literally see drool coming out of her mouth. I shook my head, and put it in her hands. AHHHHH, THE PAIN! I'M SORRY, ICE CREAM! I DON'T WISH TO EVER PART WITH YOU AGAIN!

She tilted her head sideways, and then put the spoon she had used to eat her original ice cream into the cup she was now holding. She then held it in between the two of us. "We could share, right?" …Eh? Me, share? Ice cream? I never did that, even with Meiko. But, I also never gave my ice cream away. But, her expression made it worthwhile.

We both took turns taking a spoonful of ice cream out of the bowl. Before I knew it, the ice cream was over. I sighed, and Miku eyed me curiously. Before I could reply, Miku's hard, glaring face suddenly… appeared (not sure how to say that). "My name's Kaito Shion," I introduced.

"Hatsune Miku."

"Hatsune-san, right?" Miku nodded. "Well, you can call me—"

"I'll call you Shion. Is that okay, Shion?" I nodded my head. I was going to let her call me Kaito, but whatever floats her boat.

"I've never seen you around here before. Did you just move?"

"Yes. I used to live here with my father, but now I've come back with my mother." I guess that her parents are divorced, or something.

"…Why do you have so many bruises?" I didn't want to ask Miku since I had just meet her, but I was curious.



"…I… fell… yeah," Miku said. We both knew that that was a lie, but I didn't want to push her too much.

"Well, if you want to talk about… the fall, come here." No idea what triggered that. It was awkward, but I wanted her to know that she could talk about the… fall….

"…Okay, Shion," she agreed. Soon enough I got a call from my mother to come home. I told Miku good bye, and went home.

*Time Skip: Next Day, at School*

"Oy, class!" Luka-Sensei called out. "We have a new transfer student today, so shut up and let her introduce herself!" It was homeroom, and we were busily talking. The bell had just rang. I think I know who the transfer is…

…yup. Miku walked in. Although, she was wearing long-sleeves, and a bandage on her check, so her bruises and scars weren't seen. I really wanted to punch whoever did this to her, but I had no idea how to get there. Seriously, who hits a girl, who probably wouldn't even defend herself? But, Miku didn't want me to interfere, so I guess that I wouldn't.

"Hi," she said in a monotone voice. "Name's Hatsune Miku."

"Perhaps you could tell us a bit about yourself, Hatsune-san. What you like, your hobbies, and such," Luka-Sensei told Miku gently. I think that she knew something was going on in Miku's life, cause that was the kindest I have ever heard her talk before (although, she is occasionally nice to the orchestra teacher, Gakupo Kamui).

"…Um, sure. I enjoy singing, and writing. I like leeks…" her eyes were scanning the room, and when she saw me, her eyes widened slightly. "…and ice cream." I smile, while an eruption of "NOT ANOTHER ONE," and "KAITO MUCH?" was screamed out by the rest of the class. Meiko (who sat next to me) nudged me slightly, and asked, "Isn't that the girl…?" I nodded my head.

"Well, Hatsune-san, you can sit next to…" her eyes scanned the room "…Rin. Len is on your other side," she explained. Drat. All the way across the room.

Laughs erupted around the room. "She's stuck between the Kagamine Twins. Poor her," my fellow classmates said, half kidding, half serious. The 'Kagamine Twins' weren't actually related, but everyone thought that they were, since they looked alike, had similar voices and the same last name, and tended to use teleplay. It was strange. I also happened to be best friends with both. Rin Kagamine was pretty hyper and crazy, but was also a sweet person and extremely loyal friend. Len was calm, mostly, and usually had to calm Rin down as well. He only got angry when someone called him a shota, or if someone hurt Rin. Extremely protective happens to be his key trait. (see: extremely loyal and protective. Just thought to point that out). But, one the Kagamines got into prank mode, whoever they were messing with was doomed. Seriously. They are evillllllll I tell you.

Miku took her spot next to the pair. Rin greeted her warmly, and Len offered to shake his hand. Miku accepted both, but then turned away from the pair. I don't know why, but I spent most of class period thinking or looking at her. Don't ask why.

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