I know I have a billion other stories to update but I keep getting so many new ideas! And I know if I don't write them down immediately, I'll forget them. I'm still sorry about my other stories not being updated in forever! I don't have a lot of time, with homework and everything. I will try to get all my new ideas started at least, then I will go through and start adding more chapters to each.

PS. In this story, Anna Whiteraven doesn't exist. Instead, my OC character, Starr Quinn, takes her place in the chosen few that are accepted into the Zetes institution.

Starr Quinn: hottest pop superstar sensation and aspiring actress around. Until, of course, Glam Magazine found out her deepest, darkest secrets. The ones that get her locked up for good. Not only is she a telepath, but she is also able to control the emotions of those around her. Intrigued by these rumours, Mr. Zetes decides to run a screening at the mental asylum where Starr has been staying for the past couple months. Her scores are off the charts and she is invited to stay at the Zetes institution, as are 4 other teens with talents similar to her own. Taking any chance she can to get out of the asylum, Starr accepts the invitation, hoping to start again, hoping for a better lifeā€¦

It's not a very long or detailed summary but it's all I have right now. I will have the prologue posted very soon, though. I have some cool ideas for it!

- SK