A Slight Parody of Kingdom Hearts: 3598/2 Days

Cutscene 6: A Lesson in Photochemistry

Hey guys, so, I posted another chapter at the beginning of the story, because it's the opening sequence. At first I didn't want to write it, but then I did, so, yeah, it arrived a little late. So just head back there if you want to read it.
I do not own Kingdom Hearts. All credit goes to Disney and Square Enix. Enjoy!

"You're early," noted Axel.

"No, you're just late," joked Roxas as Axel sat next to him.

There was a short silence as they ate their ice cream, but it was interrupted by Roxas speaking up.

"Today makes 255," he muttered.

"What's that all about?" wondered Axel.

"It's been that many days," explained Roxas, "Since I first joined the Organization.

"So, you're got it memorized, do ya?" asked Axel.

"Yeah," said Roxas. "Gotta hang on to something, right? It's not like I had any memories before. Don't you remember? I didn't know what pizza was!"

"Yeah, that was pretty bad," said Axel. "But not as bad as when you said you didn't like pizza."

"I had an allergic reaction to the tomato sauce!" argued Roxas. "Naturally, I wouldn't like that!"

"And then when the Sandwich Shop That Never Was opened up," Axel reminded him, "You freaked out when I tried to put ketchup on your sandwich."

"Yes," said Roxas. "And the movies we watched to celebrate that were just awful."

"Oh come on," said Axel. "Who doesn't like Star Wars?"

"I find it slightly odd that the only movies we ever watch are totally nerdy," Roxas admitted.

"We have a card player, someone obsessed with music, a guy who freaks out when he sees the moon, someone with a book for a weapon, an apprentice putteer, and an evil mastermind bent on ruling the universe in our Organization," said Axel. "I figured you'd notice by now that we're incredibly nerdy."

"Yeah," said Roxas, " But I didn't think we were Star Wars nerdy."

Axel shook his head. "Say, Roxas," he said, changing the subject. "You ever wonder why the sun sets red? See, light is made up of lots of colors, and they all travel at different frequencies and wavelengths Red light has a wavelength of over 700 nanometers and a frequency of over 1000000000000000000 waves pet second, making it able to travel much farther than-"

"Okay, okay," said Roxas. "Oddly specific much?"

Axel smiled and shrugged. "Like I said, we're incredibly nerdy."

After a little more idle chatter, Roxas finally asked, "Okay, seriously, where is she?"

Axel sat up dramatically and looked away. "She's not coming today," he muttered.

"Why not?" asked Roxas, a worried look quickly creeping over his face.

"Because," said Axel, "She's getting her nails done."