Felix grinned and waved at his friends as he walked down the hall of his high school, whistling a song he'd heard on the radio earlier that day softly. Distracted by a friend calling his name, Felix didn't see a foot sticking out in his path, tripping him. He heard snickering and looked up to see Ralph, the school bully, staring down at him.

"Learn how to walk, dork," Ralph said.

Felix sighed and picked up his textbook and notebook that had fallen from his arms as he fell and straightened his shirt.

"Hi, Ralph..." he mumbled as he walked away, trying to ignore the anger he felt towards the teen.

He went into his history class and sat in his seat, knowing that any minute Ralph would come in and sit behind him and start messing with him again.

"Hey, Fix It!" said a blonde girl with blue eyes and glasses, sitting beside her friend.

"Hi, Molly," Felix said, relaxing a little.

He was known to his friends as Fix It because he was very handy and loved to build things and fix broken things. Molly was his best friend at school and she helped defend Felix when Ralph tried to mess with him during class.

"Did you finish the homework?" Molly asked, "I missed three questions..."

"I only missed one," Felix answered, taking his out so he could turn it in, "Hopefully Ms. Calhoun will be nice about it for once..."

Their teacher wasn't known for being too happy when her students didn't finish their work.

"At least it was only one," Molly said as Ralph came lumbering into the room and took his seat behind Felix.

Felix sighed, mentally preparing himself for the torture.

"Alright, turn in your homework and open your books to chapter nine," Ms. Calhoun said, walking into the room after Ralph.

The class obeyed, turning in their work and opening their books on cue. Felix bent over to grab his book from his bag and was stopped when Ralph grabbed his wrist.

"Not so fast. I forgot my book. Hand over yours, geek," Ralph said.

Felix sighed and handed his book to Ralph, "Here..."

"Felix, don't give him your book," Molly said, "If you do, then you won't have a book and get in trouble."

Felix hesitated but before he could take his book back, Ralph yanked it from his hand and put it on his own desk. Felix sighed, not looking forward to the rest of high school.