At dinner, Ralph remembered to be a gentleman and pulled out a chair for Felix before sitting down as well. Felix blushed a little and smiled shyly at his boyfriend.

Ralph smiled back and picked up a menu, "What do you want to eat?"

Felix shrugged, looking at his menu, "Probably spaghetti... What about you?"

"I'm thinking a hamburger," he answered, looking at his menu as well.

Felix nodded, "I've never had a hamburger, you know."

"Have you been living under a rock!?" Ralph exclaimed, his jaw dropping.

Felix shrugged nervously. He'd really never had a desire to even taste hamburgers in the past and had a feeling Ralph was going to make him at least try one. When the waiter came over, Ralph ordered first, making sure he got a big hamburger so Felix could have a bite or two and getting a Pepsi. Felix ordered a plate of spaghetti and a root beer to drink.

"Your food will be out shortly, gentlemen," said the waiter, leaving.

"So, I had a really good time earlier. We need to go skating more often," Felix said, smiling softly.

Ralph smiled back, just as softly, and considered for a moment kissing the shorter teen. He decided against it, not wanting anyone in the restaurant to judge them, and took a sip of his pop the waiter brought over.

"I had an amazing time, Fix-It. I always do around you. How can I not?" Ralph said.

Felix blushed lightly and Ralph smiled widely. He loved seeing 'the honey glow' in his boyfriends cheeks. To Ralph, it was the cutest thing ever.

"...Felix, I love you," Ralph said after a minute, "I really do."

"I love you too, Ralph," Felix said, the blush darkening as he looked shyly into the taller mans eyes.

Ralph decided quickly that he didn't care what the others around them thought and leaned forward, about to kiss Felix, when the waiter brought them their food.

"Here you go, gentlemen. Is there anything else I can get you?" said the waiter.

"No, we're okay, thank you," Felix said, glancing at Ralph and wondering if he'd been about to kiss him.

It sure had looked that way.

They ate in almost complete silence until Ralph remembered he'd wanted Felix to try hamburgers for the first time.

"Here, take a bite," he said quickly, holding out towards Felix.

"Are you sure...?" Felix asked.

Ralph nodded, "I love hamburgers! Everyone does! You have to give it a shot at least!"

Felix took it from him and uncertainly took a small bite. He grinned when he tasted it, soon taking another bite. Then another. And another. Before Ralph knew it, the hamburger was gone and Felix was looking quite happy.

"That was good!" he said, "Oh wait, that was your dinner. I'm sorry."

"It's alright," smiled Ralph, "Mind if I take your spaghetti then?"

"Go ahead."

Ralph took the plate from Felix and ate the meal, enjoying it, but still preferring his hamburger that Felix had eaten. When he finished, Felix took his larger hand into his own, smiling lovingly at him as he did.

"I'm having a really good time, Ralph," he said shyly.

"Me too, Felix," Ralph replied.

He leaned over the table, almost knocking down his glass in the process, and softly pressed his lips to Felix's, deciding he didn't care what the others thought of them and that he loved Felix with all his heart. Felix blushed hard when he felt the taller teen kissing him but kissed back softly, shyly, while trying to show how much he loved him as well.

"I love you, Felix," Ralph smiled, getting more comfortable saying those three words.

"I love you, too, Ralph," grinned Felix.

The waiter came over a short time later with their bill and Ralph grabbed it, refusing to let Felix pay.

"This was my treat," Ralph told Felix as he handed the waiter some money, "No arguing."

"But I should at least pay for something," protested Felix, "I ate too, not just you. Let me at least cover the drinks!"

"Felix, this was a date. I pay for dates, not you," Ralph replied as the waiter walked away.

They stood and got on their coats, heading for the door, hand in hand. Ralph didn't care anymore, and neither did Felix, what others thought about them. They were in love, and nothing would ever change that.