Foreword: So…yeah…this is something I wrote several months ago…and completely forgot about. XD So, I found it the other day and decided to do something with it. Ironically, I've forgotten what the original intended plot was… . but that's okay! It was relatively easy for me to craft a new one given this intro here…

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Prologue: A Lustful Darkness

A flash of white teeth. The silvery gleam of claws. And red—dark splash of blood. Had his hands always been this stained? He wasn't sure.

Cold. The absence of heat, it chilled his body and seeped into his bones. Blind. There was no light, the darkness ate away at his vision. Still. His joints were stiff; his muscles cried out for him to move. Nothing. There was no warmth, no light, no motion. He sat silent in his suffering, blinded, cold, and pained.

And then there was warmth. A brief sensation of something other than the bitter chill that bit at him; it flew past him. The something other had carried with it a flash of sight and as it left he felt himself pulled forward, his body urging to follow…

Then suddenly he felt it; the lustful gnawing that tormented his gut, that chewed at his mind until all sense had left, that forced his dormant body from its slumber; the hunger.

He wasn't sure how long he chased after it. He was only aware of the burn that flooded his system as it fueled his hunt. One moment he'd been barely keeping up, the next: Victory.

Barreling into his prey, his claws sank viciously into softness. And with sickening glee, his fingers curled inwards and tore open. He was joyous as he sank further into the wet warmth. He growled in triumph. No longer was he pained with motionlessness or chilled to the bone with cold. He bathed in the liquid heat, eager for his sight to return. And it did. He felt himself chuckle in satisfaction as his eyes blurred to life.

Red. His body was bathed in it. He heard the Velcro like sound as it dried tackily between his extremities. He shifted his posture and his newly revived sight took in the dark crimson pool at his feet…and in front of him a large piece of pink and white marbled flesh. Rib bones bared to his sight as they were snapped open as if waiting to embrace him. Yet nothing registered as strange. No...the strangest thing were the skins that his prey had worn…

The strange material had bewildered his mind for several long moments and then suddenly, the material was known to him; a uniform. A uniform for Namimori middle school…

He awoke with a start. A hesitant chirp told him that he'd awaken the yellow ball of fluff that occasionally shared his pillow. Not turning to look, he continued to stare at his blank ceiling, his mind reeling from his dream. A nightmare? He scoffed at the idea, Hibari Kyoya did not have nightmares.

Afterword: Yea, it's relatively short. And it's unlikely I'll update it anytime soon, as I have plenty on my plate to begin with, but I really wanted to know just how many people would actually be interested in reading about this plot. XD