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(P.S. Joyce already has the brain tumor.)

Between season 5-7

Some Canon but will go AU.


Spike's P.O.V
Buffy Anne Summers is no ordinary bint, sure she had two eyes and a nose but that isn't what I mean. I mean to say that Buffy Is Special, Different, and one hell of a woman. She's the Slayer. She normally fights with one of the Scooby twats or Captain Cardboard, but today, for once, she decided to fight alongside me. She's different around me, I can tell. She's just different. We were patrolling around the cemetery, on I presume the usual; vamp watch. She seemed extra "wiggy", but I know if I say anything I'll just get a sharp retort and/or a broken nose.

I need a cigarette. "Slayer, watch your own back." I storm off to my crypt. I can't find my cancer sticks anywhere. Some bastard fledge must have taken them. I take one look at the place and I know I'm screwed. Stalker wall and all.

I went back to see what has plagued my nightmares for months now.
Buffy sprawled on the ground with a Vamp sucking on her neck. I could hear her feigning heartbeat from here, and I pulled her away. She had lost consciousness long ago it seemed and her breathing was harsh and faltering. I picked her up and ran her to the librarian's place.

As I kicked in the door and began to run in, the familiar barrier stopped me. Her breathing was lapsing. "OY, OY GILES! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" I roared. The bastard came down bearing a crossbow, which he promptly dropped. "Good lord Buffy!" He paled. "A Vamp got her in the cemetery. You need to take care of her, you have to."I knew I was in Vamp face but I didn't change. This way Rupert could see I was serious. For the first time I looked down at her in my arms and smelt the familiar stench of Slayer blood, I unconsciously growled. "Spike, just leave her here, I'll see to her." I nodded and unwillingly passed over the Slayer. She looked so weak, Empty of the usual spit and fire that fueled her. I took one last glance and was gone.

Giles's P.O.V
Buffy was bleeding and her pulse was ricocheting in her neck. I had put tea towels to staunch the blood flow but it wasn't working in the slightest. She was pale, trembling and she looked like a child. Bruises had already formed showing the extent of her injuries. Even through all of this her eyes still remained open, staring blankly into space. The blood flow was gradually waning, but not for a good reason. I was panicking now. This wasn't meant to happen. I called 911.

"Sunnydale Emergency Hospital, How can I help you?"
"A girl has been attacked, her neck has been torn by something."
Keep your cover Giles.
"Where are you now Sir?"
Bring her to Joyce.
"1630 Revello Drive"
"An ambulance is on it's way sir, just keep calm and make sure the patient keeps breathing."

I hung up the phone, scooped up Buffy and piled her into my car.
The drive was eventful, I almost crashed into every living being and violated every traffic law to get her there before it was too late.

I neared the house and knocked, Joyce answered and slackened visibly. "Oh my god, what happened to her? Is she going to be okay?" I didn't answer her questions.
The door barged in and Spike rushed into the living room. "Is the slayer gonna be okay?"He genuinely looked as if he cared. "She's stable. Ambulance is on the way." He relaxed slightly.
This was too much. I had to get out. "I'll just go and let Willow and Xander know what has happened." Spike shot me a death glare that quickly peeled through to my real meaning.

His expression held disgust.