Chapter No.2

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Giles's P.O.V

I should have done more to help. I should have stayed. Buffy used to need me, No Giles she still does. God; why I am incapable of piecing together coherent thought patterns? She just looked so lost, and I knew, in that instant, she isn't my Slayer anymore. She's too powerful, she got too cocky. This had to happen. No Giles it didn't. I'm wrestling with my conscience for dominance. They made me. Buffy will understand, she has to. She knows what would have happened otherwise. We have Faith now.

Faith's P.O.V

The strobe lights in L.A we're sure better than the epilepsy inducing shit that they call in Sunnydale. I like being free from the royal Buffy Summers. She had fucking everything, family, friends that would do anything for her and the most protective watcher on the whole planet. Yeah, she had it good. I continued to grind into some dude, letting the music wash out my frustrations. Normally I would have taken another route but I can't do that now can I? Paco was getting grabby back there. A quick knee to the groin should solve that. I compiled the latter willingly. My other dance buddies seemed to have a change of heart and quickly backed off.

I was gonna leave anyway.

A midget with blonde hair was running out the door; wait was that B? I rushed down the alleyway to find my friendly chipped king asshole of the vampire world.

"Spike, is what it looks like you're doing what you're really doing?" He looked up, blood bag in hand. "Yeah got a problem with that?" I pondered it over for a second, "Yeah, you're in my town go do that at a strip club or something." Spike just grimaced. "Summers wouldn't have done that."His face crossed with something that i didn't recognise.

"Something happen to her royal highness?"I smirked. He moved too fast for me to see and was suddenly right up in my face. His face was actually red with anger. "YES SOMETHING DID HAPPEN YOU FUCKING BITCH. SHE GOT BIT AND SHE HASN'T WOKEN UP." I just looked at him blankly, "B? You gotta be kidding Spike, she wouldn't even let you whoop her butt." A smirk emerged on my face. His eyes darkened, then rapidly faded into that blue that B had always checked out when she thought no one was looking. He started crying, William the freaking Bloody was crying infront of me, he looked up into my eyes and whispered, "She won't wake up Faith. They said she's not gonna wake up."

Spike's P.O.V

The daft bint just couldn't get it into her head. She just shook her head and said, "Naw, B wouldn't she just..."A different expression came upon her face as realization finally made it into her thick head. I took a look a Faith and was plagued by the image of her fellow Slayer, Bruised and covered with blood. She's gonna be fine. They say if you keep telling yourself something then it's gonna come true. What if I never see her glow again?, she's always glowing. But when she was in my arms, she just stopped. She was like a broken toy from one of those happy meals. Why do I care? Why the fuck should I care about some little bint that put me in a wheelchair? I shouldn't.

The whelp had made sure that I was kept well away from the Slayer, Probably thought I was gonna finish the job. I had talked to the nurse after they left and I put some flowers by her bed. The nurse said if she's gonna wake up then she's gonna have to do it soon.

I agree with her, Buffy's heart beat is still faint even after all the drugs they've polluted her with. Slayer healing has fixed most of her wounds but i think she's in some little world in her mind and has locked the door and thrown away the key. She's probably like how Dru was, away with the fairies, seeing things and making up whole imaginary little worlds. I know she'll never let me but I still slept by her bed in the waiting chair that first night. I said I was her fiance. She would mind. I know that. They made it clear enough. And somehow, the librarians managed to shield her from all of it, she doesn't even know.