I stare out the window of the cab. I watch the trees, buildings, people flash by. Why? Why did my Dad have to get a job in Perth? Why did I have to move here and go into a new school? My Dad has enrolled me into a school called Carine. I'm 17 which means I'll be at this school for 1 year. I didn't want to change schools. I miss all of my old friends. And I'll miss my crush. Adrian. I was actually hoping that someday, we could be together. No chance now. I am so angry right now. I'm going to hate everyone here. I'm never going to make friends and I'll never have a crush on anyone. They probably all will look retarded and just be rich posh people that are so self-centered. The only good thing though, is that I will be living at my cousin, Glimmer's house.

Glimmer: I am so excited! My cousin Clove is going to be living at my house! Her Dad got a job, and since her Mom passed away, Clove has to follow his Dad to come to Perth. I'm sure Clove will get along great at her new school. Sadly, I don't go to that school, I graduated from that school 2 years ago. It's a great school with great people. J

Clove: "Glimmer!" I yell excitedly, embracing her in a huge hug. "Clove!" She yells back, just as excitedly. "Oh my god! I can't believe that we'll be living here! We are going to have a GREAT time together!" She says.

Glimmer: "And you're going to have so much fun at your new school! I'm sure you'll love it!" I tell her. But as soon as she heard the word 'school' her face fell. "Okay! Whatever! Come! I'll show you your room!" I cry, leading her up the steps.

Clove: Glimmer happily leads me up the stairs and pulls me into a room. "Ta Da!" She exclaims proudly. I look at the room. The walls were painted red and black, and the bed sheets were plain white. "We painted the room red and black because we know that you like red!" Glimmer gushes "Oo! And also, you can buy your own bed sheets that you like!" She blabs. "Thanks" I say. "Okay! My room is the room on the left of yours! So now, you can take your luggage out and sort stuff out, then we can go for a walk!" I yawn. "Maybe not, Glims. It's so early, and I couldn't sleep on the plane. I need some rest." I say, flopping onto the bed. She giggles. "Okay! You should get some sleep, so you'll be awake and ready for SCHOOL tomorrow!" I flinch at the word 'school'. When Glimmer leaves, I sigh and climb under the covers, not bothering to change.

Cato: I sit, bored in Homeroom. I look at my watch. I sigh. 8:25. I am so tired. I hate this school. I've been here for 3 years. At least this is the last year. One more semester to go! What is my first subject again? Oh yeah. Math. I silently drum my fingers on the desk, as I wait for Mr. Sawyer. I scratch my head when the time turns to 8:30. Mr. Sawyer is never late. The other students get impatient and start throwing scrunched up paper balls at each other. The girls start giggling and gossiping and the boys throw things around and start yelling. I'm too tired to do anything. I put my head in my hands and stare at the blackboard. 'Read pages, 158-172 in Christopher Columbus' Journey' it read. I yawn. "CODE RED!" Adsel hisses. Immediately, everyone sits straight in their chairs and silence passes over the room. Mr. Sawyer enters the room, heels clicking. He clears his throat. "Class. We have a new student. She came from Cairns and will be joining our class. Please welcome, Clove Sevina" I clap, unenthusiastically like the rest of the class. This short girl walks in and my eyes widen. Holy Jesus Christ. She is hot. She had chocolate brown hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail with a plait on the side. She wore casual but stylish clothes. I look her up and down. When our eyes meet.