Fitz knew he was way out line ordering his assigned muscle to deliver her to him as though she was item. He knew he was out of line for forcing her out of the vehicle. For yelling at her, accusing her of things he knew better than to. He saw the fear, the confusion, the hurt in her eyes as he carried on so uncontrollably. He saw the horror in her face when she finally conjured up the strength to push him away as he forced himself on to her not caring if he was hurting her. It was like a beast had been unleashed and all of a sudden Fitz had no control. He was so enraged with jealousy at the sight of her with someone else aside from him, which was ironic even to himself as he was the one who was married with children. Yet he couldn't bare the thought of her moving on, or living a life without him. Fair or not, he didn't like it.

Olivia was shaking the whole way home. She was angry, hurt, more than that she was scared. She had never seen Fitz so angry, and as unreasonable as he was being, she hated that she had something to do with evoking such an erratic behaviour from him. There was no reason for him to be so angry, after all, she was single, he was not. Whatever they had, had ended over a year ago. It ended because he said he wanted to dedicate himself to his marriage, and to becoming the best president he could be. Did he think that she would just stick around and continue to work for him. Not only was it unreasonable, it was unrealistic, and down right painful.

Cyrus who had always considered Olivia like the daughter he never had was hurt at first to realize that she and the president had an affair right under his nose and he didn't even know it. Had Fitz been unable to tell him, he would have thought Olivia would have. Initially he had been angry at them both, but watching the president self destruct before his very eyes made him realize that whatever they had, ran deep. It wasn't just an affair, an itch that had to scratched, but it was the real deal. As Fitzgerald Grant admitted to him that Olivia Pope was the love if his life, the friend in him kicked in.

The father in him couldn't help but be devastated for Olivia who was a pro at hiding her feelings, her strength was immeasurable, but as she realized that he had no idea, that the president had not confided in him about her. That she thought she did not matter enough. It dawned on him that Fitz had become her own personal kryptonite.