After almost a week of being in hiatus Olivia returned home on Sunday night, as promised Stephen had dropped in on Friday night and spent the rest of the weekend with the Pope family. She unpacked her bags, and took a quick shower. She was sitting on her bed with a mug of tea in her hand staring at the phone, contemplating. Biting her lower she picked up the phone and dialed. It rang once before she hung up realizing it was probably not the smartest move dialing the number of the private line in the oval office. Not even a few seconds pass and her phone rang. Hesitantly she picked up the phone, unable to say anything.

"Liv, it's me. It's a secure line."


"I'm glad you called. I've been wanting to talk to you, since you know…"

"Me too. Fitz…"

"I'm sorry Liv, I am so sorry. You don't deserve to be spoken to the way I spoke to you that morning nor treated the way I did. I was jealous, and I behaved like a caveman. I'm such an ass. I'm so sorry. "

"Well it wasn't your finest moment and it certainly wasn't the fondest moment I have of you. You scared me Fitz. You were so angry at me, and though to some degree I understood it Fitz, we can't keep doing this. It's not good for either of us. We used to bring out the best in each other, and lately there's just been so much anger, resentment and mistrust that despite how badly we want to preserve what we once had, we can't. We always come back to suspicion and doubt. I don't want to do this anymore. While we still have good memories Fitz, let's end it now. Please." Olivia pleaded, while Fitz's heart fell to pieces knowing she was right.

"You must hate me for falling in love with you." He murmured quietly,

"Fitz, I don't hate you. I could never hate you. Do you frustrate the living crap out of me, definitely! But there was two of us in this. I fell in love with you too. I knew it was wrong, and it wasn't the proudest moment of my life, but I chose this just as much as you did. Remember we stood in front of my hotel room and you said to go in and forget whatever it was that transpired between us. You gave me a choice, I chose you despite knowing that it was wrong, and that it couldn't last. I always knew we were on borrowed time, that it had to end eventually. I know you didn't understand why I left so abruptly, and that it always seems as though I am always leaving you, that you keep trying to fight for us, and I'm the one that keeps running away. It's not because I don't love you Fitz, I do. You will always own a part of me that no one else can, but this is wrong. What we did was wrong. Mellie may be manipulative and vindictive, but she is your wife, and however unpleasant she may be these days, well we've played a part in that too. Bottom line is, you were hers first and legally you still are regardless how you feel about me and I you. I don't need more time with you to know that I love you that I am in love with you heart and soul. I walked away over a year ago because the thought of feeling more than I already felt scared the living crap out of me because I know you were never going to be mine."

"I don't know how to do whatever this is without you." He confessed,

"Yes you do. You are destined for greatness Fitzgerald Thomas Grant, and this is your moment. Not many people are given the privilege and the opportunity to change the world, to inspire people, to mobilize a generation, you have, and you have been equipped to fulfill those dreams. Don't waste it. We have worked far too hard to get you here for you to throw it away because of how you currently feel. Use that energy to change the world, isn't that why you ran for president? I voted for you because I knew you are the right person for the job, so be that president I voted for." There was a short pause before he spoke,

"I want you to be happy Liv. As much as it pains me to let you go, I will. Not just because you want me too, but because you deserve to be free. You deserve to live your life fully and not to have to hide behind closed doors, dark corners and late night phone calls. You deserve to be swept off your feet. For someone to pick you up from your door for a date, someone who can grab your hand just because he feels like it, someone who can wrap his arms around you while you walk. Someone who can show you just how much he loves you without worrying about who's watching. You deserve that Liv, and even if I can't be the one, I want nothing less than that for you."

"Thank you Fitz." She replied gratefully, her emotions barely contained.

"Hey Liv,"

"Yeah Fitz,"

"One minute?" he asked as the lump on his throat threatened to betray him,


For a minute they sat there in silence, listening to the sound of the other breathing. Tears began to fall as memories began to flood in, they savoured the moment knowing that it would soon come to an end.

"Take care of yourself Fitz."

"You too Liv. Be happy."

"Oh Fitz, I want you to be happy too. Promise you'll try."

"I promise. Bye Liv,"

"Bye Fitz." She echoed in agony. Olivia's hand shook as she placed the cordless back into its cradle. It was over, it was finally over.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. It didn't quite go where I thought it would go, but hey.