"You can't catch me! You can't catch me!" Nightkit taunted Riverkit. Riverkit was a bit older than Nightkit, but he wasn't so quick on his feet.

"I'll catch you! Just you wait!" Riverkit ran after Nightkit, trying to catch her.

"Your kit is so rowdy, Willowfern..."

"My kit? What about Nightkit, Oaktail? She's pretty lively herself!"

"But she's not my kit. She is Rainstar's kit. I'm just taking care of her because Rainstar obviously has duties to the clan and Rockheart is definitely not a queen."

"Yeah... I could not see Nightkit as your kit anyways because your kit is so... shy..."

"Oh, shush. Graykit will come to! She just needs some time to get use to them! I was quiet when I was a kit..." Oaktail looks down at Graykit and brushes her tail over Graykit's head.

"I hope you're right... Riverkit! Nightkit! It's time for you two to go to bed!"

"Aw, come on Willowfern! We are five moons old! We don't need to sleep!"

"Growing warriors need their rest. Now get over here!" Oaktail purred.

"Alright..." Nightkit murmured. Nightkit and Riverkit slunk back to their nests and rested their heads against the two queens. They both soon fell asleep.

"Oaktail...don't you think Nightkit's eyes are a bit... Unsettling to you?"

"Why do you say that, Willowfern?"

"Well, those blue eyes are very pretty, but the amber... Her eyes are speckled with amber..."

"Well, she's just special! I think her eyes look fine! Riverkit's are nice to, the green makes him look fierce."

"Oaktail! Seriously! Rockheart doesn't have blue or amber eyes! It doesn't make sense!" "He has a white pelt! Nightkit has a beautiful black coat, with white speckled all over it! The blue eyes come from Rainstar, don't worry about it."

"Why can't you be more cautious, Oaktail?" Willowfern hissed through her teeth. "What if she isn't Rockheart's kit?"

"Wouldn't Rockheart say something? Listen, Willowfern. If you're so worried about it, go to Rainstar and ask her yourself! You are stirring the kits, Willowfern. I'm going to sleep, I'd advise you to do the same."

"Fine. But don't come to me if she turns out to be something more than just a kit!"