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Since I have already stolen Drogyn and hopefully given him a better death than Joss did; you won't be all that surprised that I am playing with the Angel timeline. I'm just borrowing one more character. But I promise to give him back in the same condition I got him in.

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Dialog taken from Triangle, written by Jane Espenson

Anya jumped onto the table in the middle of the shop still holding the book, now clutched to her chest, screaming constantly. "A bunny! You made a bunny! Get rid of it! Xander? Xander where are you?!" As Anya called for her boyfriend the bunny hopped closer to the table. "Get it away from me! Don't come any closer you hoppy floppy thing you."

The bell at the front of the shop announced the arrival of Buffy and Dawn. "Oh thank the gods, Buffy slay that thing! It's an evil bunny that Willow made." Anya is still on the table looking at the bunny with fear in her eyes.

Willow starts walking towards the training room looking for Xander. "Xander? Are you back here?" A quick peek into the room shows the carpenter is no longer there. "I guess he must have left."

"Um I don't think so."

"What'd you mean Dawn?" Buffy asked her sister.

"Watch. Everyone be quiet." Dawn had an idea who the rabbit was. She had noticed when Willow was calling Xander's name the bunny started hopping towards her. Dawn wasn't sure how much of Xander was still in there but he at least knew his name. Dawn waited until Anya calmed down and stopped screaming before she took a few steps towards the brown and white bunny. "Xander?" "Is that you?" In response the bunny started hopping towards the girl.

"You turned Xander into a bunny? Fix him! Fix him right now!" Anya yelled from her perch atop the table, showing no signs of coming down even after learning that the bunny was actually Xander.

"ME?" Willow squeaked in outrage. "You were the one who started with the bara bara himble gemination in the middle of my spell! You turned Xander into a rabbit not me!" Another loud bang had everyone looking around. Everyone that is except for Dawn.

Buffy's startled "Hey!" Had the other two women looking over at the front of the shop where the slayer and her sister had stood since they came in. Only now they could see that Buffy was the only one still standing. In the place where Dawn had been there was now a ginger colored rabbit chewing on Buffy's shoe laces. "Okay that's it. You two did this and you need to fix it. If one more person says bamba bamba thimble whatever I'm going to get mad. And a mad slayer is one who isn't too picky where her fists land, got me?"

The two women nodded meekly and proceed to look through the book Anya was holding to figure out if it said how to reverse the spell. Anya still refused to get down from the table, "There is no way I'm going to go down there in that pit of cotton top hell and let them both hippity-hop all over my vulnerable flesh." Neither Willow nor Buffy could change her mind, so Willow climbed up to join her. "This book made the little fluffers, and this book's gonna fix it."

While Willow and Anya were busy reading, Buffy spent her time corralling the two rabbits. Her original idea of putting them together was quickly shoved aside when she remembered high school science class and just how fast rabbits could reproduce. There was no way she was risking having Bunny- Nieces and Nephews if it took Willow a while to figure out how to reverse the spell.

The jingling of the shop door bell announced a customer. When Willow went to get off the table to help the woman Buffy stopped her. "Oh, no you don't. You stay right there and fix the mess you made. I'll take care of this." Luckily the woman knew exactly what she wanted and was quickly on her way.

The next time the bell jingled a smoking blanket barged in. "Oi, demon girl need some Burba weed." Spike stopped stomping on his blanket after the last little flame was out and turned to look at the occupants of the store. Willow and Anya were sitting on the table; Buffy was behind the counter holding a rabbit while another one hopped around the shop floor. "Where'd Peter Cotton-tail come from?"

"That's Xander on the floor and Buffy is holding Dawn in her arms. Willow messed up a spell and turned them into bunnies. I'm helping her fix it."

"Hey! You turned Xander into a rabbit. I turned Dawn into one."

"Knock it off both of you. Just fix it. I can't bring Dawn home like this, mom'll freak!"

"So the brick layer got turned into Bugs Bunny huh. Oh this is just too funny."

Half an hour later the two bickering women finally found the reversal incantation. "Okay since we both made a rabbit we should both say this at the same time. On three." Willow and Anya started speaking together, "Fatas, Venga, Mata, Waray!" With another loud bang the group found Xander lying on the floor near the table and Buffy and Dawn sprawled on the floor next to the counter. "Buffy what happened?"

"You could have warned us Willow. I was holding Dawn in my arms when you did the reversal. She is bigger than a rabbit you know."

"Oops. Sorry Buffy."

"Come on Dawn lets get you home and cleaned up." Buffy said as she led her sister out the front door.

"Yeah, before one of them turn me into a toad or something." The teen said as she left the shop.

Two nights after the bunny incident, Buffy and Riley were patrolling Shady Rest Cemetery when four vamps jumped out at them. She quickly staked the first one and started punching and kicking a second while Riley took on the other two. And that's when it happened; she got staked with her own stake. The wound wasn't deep, barely a flesh wound. It wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been checking to see how Riley was faring. Ever since he stopped taking the Initiative drugs Riley wasn't as strong or fast. Usually that wasn't a problem but that night it was.

Riley was immediately concerned but it was weird, he kept saying how this was too dangerous for her to do alone. "I'm serious Buffy, you're lucky this wasn't worse. You could have been killed!"

"Riley this is my job; it's what I was called to do."

"I just think the military could do it better. I mean you go out all by yourself, we go out in teams."

Buffy interrupted him, "Yeah it takes 4 of you guys to do what I do by myself."

"You got hurt tonight!"

"Because I was too busy making sure you didn't!" "Arrgh, I'm going home." Buffy turned and started walking towards Revello Drive, noticing her boyfriend following her she shouted over her shoulder, "And don't follow me."

Buffy angrily stomped up the front steps and into the house. "Mom I'm home."

"Hi, honey." Buffy turned towards her mother's voice coming from the dining room. What she saw made her do a double take. Spike was sitting at the table with her mother and sister. As she stood there listening to Dawn and Spike argue over her history book Buffy saw Dawn slap Spike on the arm.

"NO!" Running over Buffy shoved Spike out of the chair, immediately a screaming pain ran through her head dropping her to the floor.

"Buffy Anne Summers that was uncalled for!" Joyce and Dawn both rushed to help Spike and Buffy up off the floor.

"Bloody hell. What was that for?!"

"You sick jerk! You were going to let Dawn get zapped by your wish!" "You've been taunting Riley for days now hoping he would hit you again."

"You daft bint. They don't treat me like a freak. Nibblet didn't mean any harm so no zap. And Joyce hasn't hit me since the thing with the axe." "An' the bloody pillock keeps hitting me. Always thought the boy was a bit slow."

"Yeah Buffy we don't go around punching Spike for no reason." Dawn gave her big sister a glare.

"Buffy, Spike told us all about the wish. While I am upset with him for making a wish against you, I can't be upset that he has a way to defend himself from humans."

"But mom,"

"Enough. Dawn pack up your books it's time for bed. Goodnight Spike. Buffy are you done patrolling for the night?"

"Joyce I need to speak with your oldest for a moment."

"Okay then, lock up when you're done."

"What do you want Spike?"

"How 'bout we take this outside pet. I could use a smoke."

"Fine! You so aren't smoking in the house."

Once the two were outside Spike walked to the backyard. Lighting up a cigarette he inhaled a few times before he started talking. "When you see the watcher tomorrow tell him I found a good spot. We can meet at 9 at the place you and your white hats took out the last of the Order of Taraka. Gonna need the watcher, witches, demon girl and Brer Rabbit."

"Stop picking on Xander it's mean and why do we need to meet at the ch-" Spike stopped Buffy from talking with a hand over her mouth. Shaking his head he waited for her to nod her understanding.

"Just pass that exact message along alright slayer?" Flicking his cigarette butt to the ground Spike put it out with one of his boots. "And leave solider boy at home."

"Why can't Riley come?!"

In a blink Spike was pressed up against the slayer, dipping his head he placed his lips up against her ear. "Do what I ask Buffy. Just this once, please." His voice barely a whisper.

Buffy wasn't sure what made her nod her head in agreement. His whispered please or the feel of him so close, his breath fluttering over her skin.

Pulling back a few steps Spike turned to leave, he pulled his duster around himself, trying to unobtrusively adjust his body's reaction at being so close to the slayer. "Tell your mum I said goodnight and I hope she feels better." In an instant he was gone melting into the shadows without a trace.