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"HAPPY BLORTHOG!" Cyborg screamed into Starfire's face, waking her up. They others stood around her bed with him all wearing the necklaces they received last year with a happy grin on everyone, even Raven. Starfire jumped up with happiness embracing her friends and commenting on their remembrance of the Tamaranian festival of friendship.

"Oh Friends its warms my hot heart that you have all remember this occasion I'm am ever happiful!"

"Uhm Star do you me happy?" Robin asked,

"Or Joyful?" Raven commented. Star looked to overly happy to be truly listening so the group gathered in the common room and Robin took the task of cooking breakfast for everyone. While the tofu, bacon, and seaweed was being fried (In all separate pans thanks to Beast Boy) the alarms sounded.

"Trouble." Raven called looking over the monitors. "It's Warp!" The team dashed to the museum once again as they did a year ago to take care of Warp.

When they reached the museum Warp stood rather angrily over the glass box he had demolished for the small clock inside it. He was working on the clock tweaking its part and tossing gears out. So busy trying to fix the time gadget to even realize the Titans' appearance.

"TITANS GO!" Robin shouted, the group dispersed; attacking Warp from every angle. Warp had not been so foolish and unprepared, he had a shield surrounding him as well as a loud rumbling could be heard in the next room. Warp smiled up at the Titans, who had paused for a moment, and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly the double doors flew open and Plasmas flowed towards them. Immediately Cyborg, Starfire and Raven turned they're attention to him, signalling Robin and Beast Boy to deal with Warp. Robin attempted to break the Shield with his bo-staff as Beast boy made it react to each slam he threw at it with his t-rex head. Finally Robin spotted the source of the shield illuminating close to Beast Boy on Warp's back. Robin signaled Beast Boy to slam into him while he distracted him from the other side.

Robin flipped in front of Warp and began to attack the surface of the shield once again, pressing the weakest point just in case they were ready to break. Before Robin could break the shield Warp looked up with joy from his machine and turned the dial and clock hands clockwise quickly. The machine began to erupt with colours releasing a blinding light. A portal opened and Warp snickered at the Titans.

"Ta-Ta Titans, I see a rather dreary future for ALL!" He laughed evilly as he stepped backwards into the portal, which took off his shield sending the running t-rex, now back as Beast Boy, flying into the vertex with him.

"Robin!" Beast Boy yelled. As the tunnel got smaller Robin jumped in after them. The 3 began floating in tunnel of the time machine. Robin reached for Warp and pulled him towards the opening, which was showing starbolts being pelted at the weakening Plasmas.

"NOOOO!" The villain shouted as he felt himself being thrown out into the Plasmas mass outside the portal. Robin turned to Beast Boy and reached for him now. They had just gasped arms when they turned and saw a swirling white around them only.

The portal had closed.

Suddenly Beast Boy felt sick, the swirls of white began to make him dizzy as their two bodies were pulled out of the tunnel into a warehouse.

The two fell out rolling onto the concert floor.

"Where are the other's?" Beast boy questioned rubbing his head.

"More like where are we." Robin corrected just as confused. They both flicked at their communicators but they began to spark and were very much broken. The boys looked to each other and shrugged.

"It must've been the vortex that broke them. There was a lot of magnetic and electric energy in that place." Robin resolved.

"You threw Warp out right? Shouldn't that have taken us out too? I mean I don't have a cool time machine thingy! He was holding the time thing even on the boot out! " Beast Boy cried. They both stood up and brushed themselves off.

"Maybe were in a warehouse close to the museum." Robin suggested taking out his GPS. "Were in Jump City. The others were finishing off plasmas so they're probably just finishing off there and heading to the tower." He continued.

"Yeah. Sure. Right. Kay." Beast boy blabbed trying to stop his once again swirling head. "So let's go home and meet them there?"

"Sounds good to me. No point in looking for them here it's filled with warehouses just like this one and the museums not showing on my GPS specifically." Robin shrugged and put his GPS back. They wandered outside calling for their friends just in case they were out there looking for them. They arrived onto a main road and made their way on foot, for their lack of finding the R-cycle and Beast Boy's refusal to be rode. They came to the beach and sighed in relief at seeing their home.

"It's never been so beautiful." Beast boy sniffed rubbing his eyes in disbelief dramatically; Robin on the other hand was staring back at Jump City.

"Hey uh Beast Boy?" He said nudging his green friend's side. "Does the city look different to you? It looks..weird." Although it didn't actually look weird, the city was different. There were more buildings and skyscrapers and along the beach the little stores had changed slightly.

Beast Boy looked around and shrugged, "Dude last time I took a good long look at the city was never. In case you haven't noticed I just fight crime here and live there. I never pay attention to that kinda stuff, it's boring." Robin laughed at his last comment and brushed off his earlier thoughts.

"Right. Well city's change all the time! It's been a long time since I've been able to look at this skyline well too."

"What are you talking about you and Star are up on the roof for sunrise almost everyday. " Beast Boy cried throwing up his arms dramatically.

"Ya but we watch the sunrise in the East." Jump city is West of us." He rebutted.

"Sure it is Robin, it's got nothing to do with you staring at Star instead."

Robin glared at BB as he jumped into the water, changing into a dolphin. Robin jumped in and began swimming beside Beast Boy. They stopped after about 10min and faced each other.

"How bout I give you a lift you look pretty tired and it's not cool to swim all this way to the tower. Hop on and hold tight 'cause I need to go home and sleep dude." Beast boy morphed back and Robin just clung onto his friend's back without a word through his staggered tired breaths.

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