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The robbers' scattered collecting everything of value from the room. Their ancient weapons proved to be just as useless as they were outdated. They museum was in pieces. They had managed to shatter every piece of glass in sight and had robbed a little over 50Kg of gold. The worth in all of the other stolen goods would most likely amount to a little over $7000. Nothing close to enough worth 2 years in prison or a beating from the Teen Titans, or both in these fours guys' case.

"I knew this was a bad idea!" One of the men said nervously. He was holding a very sharp old wooden spear. It looked less then dangerous but he had managed to prick all of his fellow robbers at least once with it by accident.

"Hey you need the money just as much as the rest of us. If you didn't need this you wouldn't be here so shut up and work faster. Those kids are gonna be here any second!" A man holding an unloaded 1812 rifle shouted.

"Stop chit chatting ladies the silent alarms been set off!" One of the two other men, who were working on another shelf with rubies stashed inside called out.

Suddenly the door busted open displaying five silhouettes.

"I see one act that's about to be mummified! TITANS GO!" Robin shouted from the middle of the group.

The four robbers' gasped and collected all the bags they could as the got up to high tailing it out of the museum.

One of the men, who had been crouched at the shelf of rubies, ran for the door on the far right only to get it slammed in his face by a black figure. He immediately fell unconscious and was cuffed by her. While that had happened Cyborg and beast boy ran at the other man who had gone for the left door. Beast Boy covered the door as an octopus and felt the man fall into him. Cyborg caught him from behind throwing the bag of rubies away from him. Cyborg turned the man to him and head butted him square in the face. The man went out like a light and was cuffed too.

The man who had carried the rifle ran at Starfire who easily dodged and they began to fistfight.

"Please I do not wish to harm you. You do not understand the damage that would be collateral from a true punch from me!" She pushed the man back and he slipped on shattered glass. Robin assisted Starfire, ignoring the petrified man holding the spear in the middle of the room. Robin jumped to the man on the glass and pulled him up.

"DO SOMETHING!" The man choked to the spear holder.

The petrified man woke from his shock and gripped his spear. He ran behind Robin and thrust his spear into what he thought was Robin's shoulder.

Suddenly all sound was out. The movements had no sounds as Starfire's piercing scream leeched into the robbers' and titans' ears. She had flown in to protect Robin. The spear drove straight into her stomach moving as if in slow motion. The skin was breeched. Blood hadn't even had time to flow out. It tore threw her. Her screams were choked with blood that had forced its way out of her wound and mouth and nose. The spear ripped out of her as she fell to the floor. It had dragged up as she fell tearing more of her skin apart. She dropped as the blood oozed. The attacker stared wide-eyed into Star's dimming green eyes. She reached her arm to him and begged, "Do. Not. Run."

Everything was fast again. Raven screamed in horror and anger looking up from her perpetrator, "STARFIRE!" A black portal formed around Starfire and engulfed her. Raven looked to Beast Boy, who nodded in shock, and she backed into another portal. Raven had transported them to the tower infirmary.

Robin turned just in time to see Star's body fall and be absorbed by the black. The man who had stabbed her stood in shock over the place she had been, the man who was once in Robin's hands ducked away and was on the run. Soon after he had taken off Beast Boy had him in a bone crushing hold as a giant gorilla. Robin and Cyborg reached the stabber and gripped him, placing him in handcuffs and forcing him to his knees. Robin punched him once, then again, and again, and just before her was going to give him the fourth punch Cyborg held Robin's arm and pushed him back. He leaned down to listen to what the man was saying. Cyborg could only hear the raspy apologizes from the stabber.

"I couldn't..I didn't..She'll live right. I thought that…I'm so sorry…so very sorry..oh god." He began to sob and continued to spout apologizes until he was locked into the back of the police car and driven away.

"Where is she?" Robin pressed his communicator.

At the tower Raven picked up. Her face was paler than usual, "Get to the tower.", was all she said before turning off and throwing her communicator onto the next bed.

Starfire was panted on the bed, her blood beginning to dry. Raven illuminated her hands again and went back to healing Starfire.

"You are going to be alright Starfire." She said shakily holding onto the spear wound.

"Yes." Star coughed back. She moved her hand and steadily as possible and laid it on Raven arm. "I will be alright."

Her wound looked worst then before. The dragged spear had cut her torso almost full length and a full recovery seemed a dim like in a fading future. Star coughed letting out a bit more blood. Raven didn't let up; her power began force increased with her fear for losing Starfire.

"You-" cough" need to rest Raven." Star coughed.

Raven let out a nervous laugh, " I don't need rest. I need you to survive this."

"I shall Raven do not fear. My Tamarainian genes are healing me along with your-" Cough..cough..more blood covered her speech.

"Star? STAR!?", Raven screamed applying more pressure. "Oh please for the love of Azar survive Star." Tears began to run down her cheeks, the bed beside the girls exploded from Raven's magic. Suddenly across the room different objects began to float or break, Raven was losing control.

The infirmary door burst open shocking the half conscience alien and wrecked Raven. Robin ran to Starfire and Beast Boy ran to Raven pulling her away from the patient. Robin placed his hands where Raven's were. Cyborg dashed to Star's side and checked her vitals. Robin cooed her and told her about how strong she'd be and that'd she way going to be just fine.

She began coughing again and Cyborg brushed her hair lightly, "You'll be ok lil' lady." He sounded reassuring yet worried.

Beast Boy hugged Raven calming her as quickly as he could. Raven shook for a few minutes before she regained her calm. Beast Boy released her and she pushed Robin gently out of the way placing her energy filled hands on Star's partially healed wounds.

Star had fallen unconscious. Her body stopped shaking and the blood kept pouring. Raven, now calm, healed over the wound and cleaned it. She became overwhelmingly tired and fell back onto Beast Boy. He scooped her up, cleaned off the bed next to Star and laid her down. The three males looked to each other and Cyborg took action.

"Robin get these machines hooked up to Star and I'll check her diagnostics. B you check Raven and make sure she's all right."

After a few rushing moments the men looked at one another, their tasks complete.

"So what now?" Beast Boy asked listening to unsteady beep of Starfire's heart rate monitor.

"We wait."

And so the waiting commence. 3 hours later Raven awakened and rose to check on the now stable Starfire. She noticed the metal man sitting in the corner of the room, and guessed he took first watch. She shook him awake and the spoke for a few moments, small take about Star and what had happened. After the spoke he shooed her off to find the others. Raven managed to convince Cyborg to find then while she watched.

After Cyborg left Raven went back to Star. She lifted the clean sheet and removed the bandage covering the gore that was left of Star's mid section. She gasped then straight back to healing.

Robin rushed in the room and found Raven holding her hands together, a fresh bandage on Star and new clothes covering the areas needed.

"What happened?" He asked looking over the sleeping girl.

"I thought I'd try again." She replied. " I healed most of the wound, the surface area that was torn when he ripped the spear out was huge. She will survive, more than survive; she'll be perfectly fine. However I couldn't heal the skin tissue, she'll have some marks after this…"

"But I won't lose her right?" He ushered.

"You won't? You mean "We" don't you?" Beast Boy called from the door.

Robin and Raven jumped and turned to see him leaning casually on the door.

"You! Don't scare me or else!" Raven called giving him a dirty look.

Beast Boy blushed for a second then cleared his throat, "Hey uh Ray, Can I see you outside for a sec?"

"If you stop calling me Ray then yes." She said. She placed a hand on Robin's shoulder nodded to him then, sauntered past Beast Boy outside.

The door slide shut and Robin was left alone with Starfire. She tensed and settled ever once and a while in her slumber. Robin moved slowly towards the bed carrying the chair Cyborg had sat on behind him. He placed the chair down and sat on top.

He cleared his throat quietly, carefully talking Star's hand, " Hey Star." He started, "I saw why you got hurt…I saw dive… you saved me and I- I don't know if I should be angry with myself or you or- be happy your just gonna be ok or- I –I don't know what to say…I feel like sorry would be ok, but not right as well as perfect. I know thank you would just feel wrong. I can't thank you for almost dying…I never want that…I just want-I want- I want you to be ok…I want you to want me to want you…because I want you."

Robin flushed, wiping his sweaty hand in his glove awkwardly. "I thought I'd lost you. And If I lose I don't want to know what I'll do. Please just be ok, you don't have to want me or anything I don't know why I said that-. Thinking you were not gonna be here when we were done with those idiots just slapped me in the face! Figuratively! I didn't get slapped by them… well actually one of them did slap me before I knocked him out cold, but that wasn't my point."

Star tensed and relaxed again, her hand flexing into his slightly.

Robin felt as if she was encouraging him to continue, " I never want you gone. And I don't want you to wake up and be treated like I used to treat you. You are more then just everything to me…I want you to be treated like a princess would on this planet. Your more then just my teammate- more than my friend-and best friend. I like you so much more-I…I don't know love, but I'm pretty sure I love you…"

He squeezed her hand and moved next to her ear, "I love you Star, I hope when you wake you'll wake up with the same realization I had." He kissed her forehead and got up to leave. He went to release her hand and was held steady.

"Wha-" He looked back to see green globes looking back.

"I- " Her breath hitched as she tried to sit up. He moved back next to her and pushed her back to lay down, "I love you too Robin."

He breathed a quaky breath of relief and smile down at her. Starfire shifted slightly and curled her hand around his tighter, "Truly." She smiled back.