NOTE: In the song part of this chapter, it isn't easy to describe what's going on while they're singing, so make up with your imagination for the gaps (and I used some lyrics from Oogie's Revenge…well mostly from Oogie's Revenge, I'm not THAT original :3)…and sorry for waiting awhile again.

Jack: Another Side

Chapter 5: Long Live the Pumpkin King

"We all are here for the funeral of the beloved Tim Skellington, the best Pumpkin King we ever had here in Halloweentown," The Mayor said with his sad face on, crowding the coffin with the dead Pumpkin King laying inside. The whole town was gathered close. "We loved him with all of our grimy hearts, and will miss him in the afterlife. And now, his son, Jack, would like to come up and say a few words. Step on up Jack," the mayor said as he started weeping. The whole town stared at Jack. They knew what he was doing with Oogie, and they weren't proud of him.

"Hello everybody!" Jack stuttered as he spoke, "I know you all know I have been doing some bad things lately, but I hope you can set that aside for right now. My father was a great man, and he shouldn't have died so early. This was murder, I know it. And I am determined to decease the person who has done this to my father, he shall rue the day he was ever born. But I am not going to be the new Pumpkin King, I can't," He said as everyone gasped.

"But JACK!" The Mayor shouted, "You HAVE to be! Who else can carry this town on their back? I'm only an elected official here Jack! You HAVE TO!" The Mayor dropped to his knees and begged.

"I'm sorry Mayor, but I don't want to be. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go," Jack said as he skulked away from the crowd. Everyone stared at him as he walked away. He walked all the way back to the house, where he saw Oogie watching TV.

"Oogie, why weren't you at the funeral?" Jack asked Oogie, who sluggishly looked over.

"I'm not much of a funeral guy, so depressing. Who died? No one important probably," Oogie said carelessly to Jack.

"My DAD died Oogie! You didn't know? The whole TOWN heard it!" Jack yelled at Oogie.

"Must've been asleep," Oogie said, returning to his show. Jack was starting to get irritated. Oogie didn't even care that his father, the Pumpkin King, had been murdered.

"I thought you'd care more, because they're asking me to be the Pumpkin King now," Jack said to a glassy-eyed Oogie.

"Oh REALLY? They did?" Oogie said sarcastically, "Listen Jack, can we talk about this later? I'm trying to watch something here!" Oogie was starting to get angry too.

"Oh, so you're going to care more about your reruns than the most tragic death in the history of Halloweentown?" Jack said, really heating up.

"Why should I? He never did anything for me anyway, he was just an icon, he never did anything special!" Oogie said without looking away from the screen.

"HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MY FATHER LIKE THAT!" Jack started yelling at the top of his lungs. " MY FATHER WAS A LEGEND! YOU HEAR ME? A LEGEND!" He shouted to Oogie.

"WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT SOMEONE I KILLED?" Oogie boomed at Jack horrifically.

Jack said disgusted, "You killed him? After all of this? You MONSTER!" Jack yelled at him.

"Well, I DID say it would be the biggest plan ever Jack, didn't I?" Oogie laughed a laugh Jack never heard before. Not like his mischief laughs, it was an utterly horrible laugh that sounded like it was coming from Satan. "And you know Lock, Shock, and Barrel's parents? I killed them too! And my parents didn't leave me, I KILLED THEM!" Oogie shouted. That was too much for Jack. Someone who kills their own parents were made of pure evil. He felt like fainting.

"I will kill you," Jack said plainly to Oogie's face. He had killed his father, the kid's parents, and his own. He had to be defeated.

"Well if you're so confident JACK, do it!" Oogie challenged Jack. Oogie picked Jack up, and struggled to bring him over to the wall, which had an evil face and a hole for a mouth that leaded down a pipe. "Let's do this Oogie style!" He yelled, throwing Jack down the hole.

Jack slid down the long pipe quickly, and fell onto a roulette table in a dark room. He looked around to see nothing, until everything lit up, and Jack realized he was in a twisted casino. Everything was neon colors and he saw torture machines everywhere. Suddenly Oogie appeared above the roulette table.

Oogie: Well well well, what have we here?

Jack, you wanna' kill me? OOH! I'm really SCARED!

Jack got up and circled Oogie as he walked around the table too.

Jack: Oogie I'm here to finish you once and for all

Oogie jumped up on the roulette table.

Oogie: You're jokin'! You're JOKIN'! I can't belive my EARS!

You're jokin' me, you GOTTA be! Best laugh I've had in YEARS!

Jack: I wish I'd never met you, you horrible little thing

You'd better pay attention now, I'm the brand new Pumpkin King

Oogie pressed a button and cards with knives in them started to appear, and Jack used his spider-like legs to avoid them.

Oogie: You think that you can stop me, but that's a lot of noise

And just to be a sport, dear Jack, I'll SHARE my Oogie toys!

Oogie pressed another button and robotic soldiers came up to shoot Jack.

Jack: ~Whoa~

Oogie: ~Whoa~

Jack: ~Whoa~ Don't you know you're dead to me!

My father's dead because of you, and I'm mad as can be

You're next you know! And then everything will turn out to be glee

Oogie sent down a huge buzz saw that Jack quickly avoided, and it cut off the soldier's guns.

Oogie: I killed your dad, so what? BIG DEAL! I did it but back you came

You weren't smart. The biggest plan? It was a DEAD GIVEAWAY!

Jack: ~Whoa~

Oogie: ~Whoa~

Jack: ~Whoa~ I'm the brand new Pumpkin King!

It was over. Jack hadn't killed Oogie, but he HAD destroyed all his weapons. He had to go to the town to fix things now.

"Oogie, you've got nothing left up your sleeves. It's over," Jack said to Oogie confidently.

"Oh really Jack? Because I've got ONE trick I didn't show you yet," Oogie said with delight as Jack tried to run away. He inhaled the biggest breath ever. It started sucking in every small thing around them. Jack struggled to hold on to the ladder to the surface, but it was too hard. Jack almost let go, but he quickly climbed the rest. "You've won this time Jack Skellington, but this isn't the LAST time you'll have to deal with Mister Oogie Boogie!" He yelled as Jack escaped.

Jack ran to the town quickly, and the funeral was still going on. He ran up to the front and started to fix things.

"GUYS! GUYS!" Jack yelled quickly. "I'm taking my place as the Pumpkin King, TODAY!" He yelled as everyone cheered. So the Mayor had another ceremony, and he crowned Jack as the brand new Pumpkin King.

"What made you change your mind Jack?" The Mayor asked to Jack suspiciously.

"I don't know, I guess I felt it was right," Jack lied to the Mayor. No one needed to know about the Oogie incident.

"As my FIRST act as Pumpkin King, I'd like to EXILE Oogie Boogie from Halloweentown," Jack shouted to the crowd.

"Right away Jack! Now how about looking over those plans for next Halloween?" The Mayor asked Jack.

"That sounds just fine," Jack said to him, he was actually glad to be the Pumpkin King now. Sally quickly ran over to him.

"Jack! What happened with Oogie? I thought you didn't want to…" Sally was interrupted by Jack.

"Sally, that's nothing to worry about. All you need to worry about is if the Doctor will catch you!" He said to Sally as she waved goodbye and ran back to the lab.

So all was good. Oogie had been exiled, Jack was the Pumpkin King, and all in Halloweentown was peaceful. As peaceful as Halloweentown can get though. So the dark days of the town were over, and the new Pumpkin King was going to make Halloween even scarier.

This concludes "Jack: Another Side". I hope you enjoyed the story!