As JJ settles into her seat she opens the folder and begins to review the case. As Morgan moves past her to stow his bag he pats her on the shoulder. She smiles up at him. These men, these wonderful friends, will not let her fall.

Once they are in the air, Hotch moves to the middle of the plane. It's a short flight so there is no time to waste in starting to profile this unsub.

"Okay, first impressions."

"These women were very well taken care of," JJ notes. "Evidence of prenatal vitamins, no signs of abuse other than the bruising around one ankle."

"Probably to secure them wherever they were kept," Reid notes.

"They were even cleaned up after giving birth," Rossi points out. "Add in the way they were dumped there is care and concern shown the bodies that makes no sense considering they were kidnapped and killed."

JJ frowns at something she sees on one of the autopsy briefs. She checks the other four and sees it there, too.

"These women were all given Pitocin," she states.

"What does that mean?" Morgan asks.

She looks up at the men. "It can be used to help induce labor as a last resort. It's a synthetic hormone introduced through an IV to help stop complications with birth. Doctors use it when they think there could be delivery issues, among other reasons."

"Maybe issues such as stress caused by being kidnapped?" Rossi says sarcastically.

JJ nods. "Would cause issues for me, I know."

"So the unsub has access to that medicine, either legally or illegally."

JJ hits the webinar button on the laptop on the table and Garcia's face pops up immediately.

"Still nothing back on my searches. Is there anything else this goddess can help you mere mortals with?"

Hotch grins. "Of course there is. We need you to see if there are instances of Pitocin being stolen since just before the first woman disappeared."

"Got it."

"Hey, Garcia," JJ interjects before Garcia signs off, "can you check the full autopsies to see if any of these women nursed before they died?"

Garcia nods. "I can do that. Why would I be doing that?"

JJ looks up at the others. "Pitocin can also be used to artificially stimulate the breasts for breastfeeding if natural methods don't work. If any of these women actually nursed we can get an idea how long they were allowed to live after giving birth."

"Won't the autopsy tell us that?" Reid points out.

"You haven't finished reading, Reid. The bodies had been frozen before being dumped. It throws off TOD and healing indicators," Hotch points out.

Reid's eyes widen. He had been concentrating on the geographic points so he had not finished reading the autopsy briefs.

Garcia sighs. "As soon as I have anything I'll hit you back. Please catch this sick puppy soon."

Morgan nods. "That's the plan, Baby Girl."

Hotch looks at the team. "When we land, Reid get to the station to start the geographic profile. Rossi, Morgan, check out the dump sites. JJ, I want you with me at the medical examiner. You may know questions to ask that I don't."

JJ nods. "Okay."

Once Hotch moves to his seat, JJ gets up and moves to the back of the plane. She hits Emily's speed dial prompt.

"Hey, honey, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?" Emily asks.

"Uh, we're…on a case," JJ says nervously.

There is a moment of silence. "Oh. Where?"

"We're flying to Macon, Georgia. Five women in that area have disappeared and then been murdered."

"Jennifer, what are you trying not to tell me?" Emily presses.

JJ sighs. "They were kidnapped during their 36th week of pregnancy and found dead sometime after giving birth. The children are still unaccounted for."

There is another pause. "Is Garcia trying to give you a stroke?"

JJ laughs, her heart lighter hearing Emily joke about the case. "Yeah, I kinda wondered that myself. But, um, you see why the team had to go, right?"

"Of course, Jen. And I know all the reasons you, specifically, had to go. It will probably drive your dreams wonky again."

"I know."

"I don't care what time, call me, Jennifer."

"I will. I promise."

"Good. And I'll let Will know, too, in case you need Henry."

JJ smiles. "Thanks, sweetheart. Give him a hug and kiss for me. Tell Declan I'm sorry about missing his game."

"I will, baby. Be safe. I love you."

"I love you, too. Talk to you later."

"Bye, sweetheart."

JJ hangs up and moves to the galley to get a cup of coffee. Rossi walks up to make one for himself.

"All okay at home?"

JJ smiles happily. "Yeah, it is. She gets it. Might pop Garcia upside the head tonight but she gets why I am on this plane."

Rossi smiles. "Good. And if you need anything, well, you know where I'll be."

She pats his arm. "Thanks, Rossi. That means a lot to me."

JJ takes her coffee and moves back to her seat. She starts to make notes on things she wants to ask the medical examiner to help get a profile of the bodies.