Chapter Nine: The Final Battle

Saria went to a car and wave good-bye, and guns were firing away. Cole and Rusty got there gun out and fire away Cole went closer to the sniper rifles from the bridges. One of them weren't looking when she saw him she gasp point at him. Cole kicks the gun out of the way and shot her on her head and take her weapon and help Rusty out and they killed all of them in the Kokiri forest area.

"We can't take them all of them out were outnumbered" said Rusty

Cole Had a wonderful idea he call his boss on the radio to tell them this

"Captain we need your help the killer is Saria she the girl how killed link she taking control the land of Hyrule we need Navy force, military, S.W.A.T, Police forces and the FBI. To destroy the Kokiri who take control of the land of Hyrule we will win this war once and for all are you with me captain"

The captain replied "Ok I loved what you said there and I will get the Navy, Police, S.W.A.T, Army's, Military, and the FBI just open the portal from the mirror and we can get trough we will have tanks from the Navy force and get everything that you said"

"Thank you opening the portal right now captain"

So Cole open a large Portal and everyone from the Navy force, military, S.W.A.T, Police forces, and the FBI the captain came out last and said

"I sure hope that you know what you are doing Phelps."

"Yes Rusty and I went through a lot of cases but this one is the best one of the year and best war of the year to we will win this one captain." said Cole

"Alright let's do this Phelps since you got an entire army from each force is amazing Phelps so leads us, let's get out there and show them what we are made of"

Cole yelled "To Hyrule field to end this for all"

They ran across the bridge to the exit of the forest and they start out with their position and the war begun. Saria pop out of nowhere said

"When I was world jumping I found these and pick them up for goodness. They are call is an AT-ST walker there 5 here and 5 more by my castle"

Saria call her army full of boys and girl full with random guns (Spoiler alert: They have pistols, sniper rifles, sub-machine gun, combat shotgun, Rocket launcher, and a HVS45 Cole side have the same guns to.)

"Alright let's do this. Charge." yelled Cole

"Kill them kill them all." said Saria in anger then teleport back to the castle.

They all run and firing their guns at the Kokiri. Kokiri same thing to them. The battle was raging on Cole and Rusty quickly got in Rusty car driving around and shooting the Kokiri down. The walker started to moving and firing there laser cannon at them. Rusty had an idea told Cole his plan

"Quick go over one of them walker and I'll jump out of the car and hijack the walker ok"

"Alright be careful Galloway" said Cole.

Finding a jump to go over the walker. Then they found one and drive there for a jump there were flying over the walker Rusty got out of the car quickly and land on it there cockpit close there Sutter on the AT-ST eyes

"Hey how did that happen" said the Kokiri girl who was controlling the laser cannon

"I don't know look at it" said the Kokiri girl who was controlling the legs and the side guns.

Stop the laser cannon walk to the top hatch, open the hatch and Rusty pick her up by surprise and throw her to the ground jumps right in. Rusty got the girl unguarded shoot her in the head throw her out through the eye window of the walker put Rusty sat down on the one that control the laser cannon and move the head, Out of nowhere Mido came in by surprise and take care of the other control for move it.

"Do you know how to control this damn thing" said Rusty.

Mido looks at the control of moving the legs so he know what to do now. Cole army is not winning and Rusty was trying to work on the laser cannon found the trigger to fire at the walker head, Mido got a clear shot so Rusty can fire the head and BOOM, Cole army cheering for Rusty hijacking and blowing things up so they fought back, Cole army are heading to the town gate.

Cole dive to huge jump area and land up top of the drawbridge wall they were sniper rifle ready for shooting his side. He did do something he driving over them the Kokiri kids were flying away Cole got his new gun a HVS45 shot the chains of the draw bridge so they can get across to the town, Rusty use the laser cannon to make an open way so Cole can get down safely. The town area surrenders and takes them prisoner. They are heading to the castle to finish the job off. Rusty takes care of the walkers so they won't have problems with them. Saria called her men and women (That there are kids) Saria yelled,


"Being so dumb as always"

"Yes being as what" said Saria, Cole and Rusty were angry

"That enough forest sage Saria you done too much evil in you now. You need to stop all of this" said Cole

"Oh yeah I can't die you know but if you looking for Zelda she up on top of the tower going to get hang when the clock strikes 12:00 PM then I going to be queen of this land forever" said Saria laughing out loud

"You Son of a bitch, I'll kill you with my gun!" said Cole in anger fired his gun and Saria used her forest sage shield and powers and push Cole and Rusty on the ground got up quick, and an earthquake came out of nowhere, the tower wasn't stable enough to stand. They fall to the ground and they survive the fall.

Cole gun went strange, the seven stages except Saria. They turn his pistol into a super pistol. Saria had her super shield up and running and Cole shoot the shield and it starred into pieces. Cole was like amazes that this gun could really help for him Saria got mad so quickly and use power push, and the grass slide to a tank Cole had the idea by himself. Rusty use his knife, cut the rope that was around Zelda neck, and Saria was doing the killing blow on Rusty and Zelda they close their eyes so they won't see it coming Cole point the tank behind Saria head she turn her head and he said,

"Kiss your ass good-bye Mother f-"

Boom blast her all the way over to a hill. Saria had a lot of anger in her evil heart she turn in the dark forest queen and became a huge Wooden Monster. Cole must figure a way to kill that huge thing the seven stages turn Cole Suit, hat, and his gun into gold and he flow up high in the sky and fired away finding a weak spot so he can shoot the host who's was controlling, shoot the weak spot on the right chest. The chest open up wide and saw her, dash close to her grab her dark queen dress and said,

"Welcome to the food chain."

Cole shooting her a lot of times and deliver the final kill by the head and she die. Victory goes to Cole Phelps, Cole went to his normal self and the captain was amaze and said,

"Phelps that was the most thing that the detective had ever had in his life I'm proud of you Phelps for solving this case and saving this land to. You get paid very well you be a rich man. Even you had a good job Rusty you'll be rich to and experience for both of you two." said the captain.

Before they went back to their world had a feast in the castle, Buried Link to his grave, then they toke there captain a tour around Hyrule, Rusty went to a bar to drink it up they hope that he won't start a bar fight, Cole went driving around Hyrule alone then went up to death mountain and climb to the top of the mountain and look at the beautiful view of Hyrule, Cole keep the 7 stages powers and became the Forest sage, then went back to their world the newspaper said the best case of the year and the best war of the year, Cole was wondering something that he can visit Hyrule someday he ask the captain for the mirror sometime he will always.

Me: Wow that was a great story, so that's the end everyone.

Cole: That was amazing story that you made there it amazing

Rusty: I can't believe you did a wonderful story.

Me: Thank you guys and thank you everybody for reading this story and I hope you like it.

The End Or is it,

"Alright we will clean this up" said the mystery girl talking to princess Zelda, and she walk backs inside the castle, the mysteries girl looks around to see if it's nobody around she said,

"Alright the cosset is clear, you may come out now." and she said something else, "I cannot believe you, that you made a fake self, and lost your title of being the Forest Stage, you know that she going to be mad that what you did out there"

"I know and it's all because of that Cole Phelps and his partner Rusty Galloway" said the real Saria

"Wait it wasn't Link I thought you killed him." said the mystery girl

"He good and dead like always." said Saria

"Well I'll tell the princess that we have a new treat, make new plans of killing these guys that you said, taking over there place, and killing there love one ok."

"Ok" said Saria they both disappear out of nowhere.

To Be Continued

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