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Cassandra never knew fear. She never knew hate. She never knew sorrow. She never knew pain. But she never knew joy. She never knew friendship. She never knew love.

The world, Cassandra was realizing, spanned much further than the hive.

As far as she was concerned, Cassandra was born May 16th, 2007 and that was the end of it. But the fact of the matter was that she was formerly a wraith and didn't have a clue as to how humans worked.

Her first lesson came from the music and literature she was given on a tablet two weeks after her turning.

"What is Memphis, Tennessee?" Cassandra asked Lieutenant Brian Jones, the man assigned to follow her and report her activities.

"Memphis is a city on Earth," he looked uneasy at the fact she was talking to him.

"City? What is that?" Cassandra leaned forward, curious. Brian found himself gripping his gun slightly tighter.

"A place where a lot of people live," he tried to explain.

"Like a village? And why does the music call it Graceland?" she tilted her head and blinked up at him.

"What?" now it was Brian's turn to be confused. Cassandra picked up the tablet and played the song.

"Why?" her eyes sparkled, eager to learn.

"It's an...expression," Brian tried to explain. "Do you get it?"


"Ask someone else."

Cassandra didn't even try to explain that Brian was her only real contact with the outside world.

"Graceland..." Cassandra mused as she sat on her bed, thinking about her time as a human.

The last thing she remembered as a wraith was the dart she was flying in crashing. She remembered the shots, but no emotion attached to the memory.

Awaking as a human was so different. Feelings, for the first time. It was...strange. The sound of shouting, a prick to her arm, then more black.

The next time she awoke, she awoke here. A plain room, no windows, a door and a bathroom with a small shower.

It was strange to see herself as a human the first time. Her hair was light blonde, almost white, with vivid green eyes and skin as pale as snow. She was tall, with sharp cheekbones and strong muscles. Cassandra spent many hours looking at herself, marveling at how her body changed.

So much weaker, but so much stronger. Only eating food-food, not human-food. Thirst. Pain when she hit her arm on the door.

A nurse explained how they had turned her human, how she would need to take her pills.

Cassandra took the pills, learning more about her food source, if nothing else. But she couldn't deny the longing to feel this way. To never feel the burn of wraith hunger again. And discovering what this species had created. Wraith never had music, writing or art. But these humans, the people she had been raised to consider food, had.

How, she had to wonder, did she live so long not knowing this?

She flipped through the files aimlessly, looking for something interesting, a new discovery. John Lennon, Journey...her eyes kept coming back to John. Smiling slightly, she selected the files and clicked on one named Imagine.

"Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try..." blared from the speakers. Imagine. The thought stuck itself in her mind. She opened a new window and searched for what the word meant. Imagine. To form a mental image or concept of.

Imagine. A completely new idea to Cassandra. She shut her eyes and tried to imagine something. Atlantis. All she had seen was her room. Atlantis would have towers. Cassandra was sure of that. And light. Someplace so...liberating couldn't be dark. Buzzing with people. People with back stories. Warriors, scientists, healers, keepers. Each with a story.

A leader. A commander. Maybe he liked John Lennon too. And had blonde hair like hers. Or maybe brown, like Brian's.

She lost herself in the world of her mind for the first time that night. It soon became a regular occurrence, her own way to escape the walls that she was confined in, to explore the new realm her mind offered her.

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