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"No! Stay still!" Klarion the Witch Boy screeched, his hands lighting up with red fire. He started firing off at the Boy Wonder, who was dancing around his attacks with ease.

"So not whelmed," Robin taunted as Miss Martian flew up behind the Witch Boy.

Klarion let out a screech, sending a beam of red power down at the Boy Wonder. Robin jumped out of the way, hastily, coming to a roll and landing on his feet, ready for another attack. But it never came, instead Klarion spun around, hitting M'gann head on with his magic.

Superboy let out an enraged scream, jumping at his target. Klarion turned with a smirk, conjuring a shield and sending the clone into the dark trees.

Teekl chose this moment to let his attacker known. The small cat let out a low growl at Artemis, who had been stalking the cat as the Witch Boy was preoccupied. Artemis bit back a curse as she knocked her arrow, and fired.

"Teekl!" Klarion cried, lifting his hand. Red energy surrounded the defenceless cat. "How DARE you attack my kitty!" he growled, his eyes livid. He shouted a spell, his eyes dark.

Artemis immediately had another arrow ready, prepared for whatever spell the brat had cast. After a moment, she was led to believe it hadn't worked; however when she saw Kid's eyes going wide, she knew that her assumption was false.

Teekl's fur was rippling, the ginger fur growing longer, her teeth growling past her chin. It let out a growl, much too low for a cat that size. Teekl grew larger and larger until she towered over Artemis. The beast brought up her long knife like claws, bringing them down─ just as Kid Flash pushed her out of the way.

Artemis looked down at where the sharp claws had nicked her suit. It was just a cut, barley bleeding, but a close call all the same. "Thanks." She muttered. Wally grinned, probably about to say something stupid, when Teekl pounced again. "Watch it Baywatch!" She growled as she pulled him out of the way.

They jumped over a large, cold rock to avoid the second attack from the 'defenceless cat'.

"Get them! Get them! Get them!" Klarion cried, sounding not unlike a small kid throwing a fit.

"What a brat!" Artemis grit her teeth, cocking another arrow. Kid Flash found himself nodding in agreement, as he crouched next to Artemis. With the Leaguers on off world business, the team had been assigned the mission of capturing the Lord of Chaos. While the others were distracting Klarion, Kid Flash and Artemis had the honors of taking down the cat. It was simple enough, capture the cat, you know if the cat hadn't turned into a huge rampaging beast.

"Ready?" Kid looked to Artemis, who nodded.

"Okay, three… two… one… go!"

As they jumped, shooting arrows and tripping up the beast, Superboy came crashing out of the woods, barrelling into Teekl. Artemis used this as a chance to use one of her net launching arrows, capturing the beast. The giant cat, let out a low growl and shrunk down to size, defeated.

"No!" Klarion screeched, his form flickering as he battled it out with Aqualad and Miss Martian.

"It's over Klarion." Aqualad said calmly.

"No!" Klarion repeated, with twice as much ferocity. Robin jumped behind him, ready to subdue him, when Klarion rounded on him. Klarion's eyes were small and black and filled with such anger. He held up his hand, creating a swirling black portal, the team darted forward, but Robin flew right into it, unable to stop himself.

"Robin!" M'gann screamed, her hand reaching out to the spot where the portal had disappeared.

The brat smirked, holding out his hand, and all they knew was black.

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