Chapter Seven: Confessions Pt. 1

:Wally/Kid Flash:

Wally had been shocked to say in the least, so when Nightwing had pulled out Robin's computer glove, brought up the blue holo-screen, and the little faces on the screen had informed their party that the motion sensors had been hacked─ Wally had already come up with a few theories himself.

Nightwing could always be the alternate version of their own Dick Grayson, which would make sense, because there must be another Wally West; although that could be debatable with the lack of superheroes in the world.

Or he could have already met Robin, and took the computer off of Rob's computer glove. And if that's the case, Nightwing was going to have a lot to answer for.

But when Nightwing turned and told him that they would talk about it later, he knew─ he knew. And his hopes fell through the floor.How had he not seen it before? That voice… that hair…

Wally was consumed by a complete and utter unhappiness and confusion. He couldn't fathom why Rob would send them on a wild goose chase for a boy that was right here! All he could gather was that Dick had done everything possible to avoid going back; that his brother had lied to avoid coming home.

Through all the hurt and anger that the hero was feeling, it didn't occur to him that the hero in front of him was roughly the same age as Wally himself. That he must have been stranded here for at least two years.

No, the only thing keeping Wally from shaking the answers out of the hero in front of him was the constant threat of being in enemy territory. Though, he might have even forgotten this fact, if the Cadmus employees had not started to yell out in frustration.

The speedster didn't remember much about escaping Cadmus' clutches, barley registering the strange looks that Oracle kept giving them, nor did he hear the slapping of his feet on the wet pavement beam as they fell into line with his heartbeat.

They arrive at the zeta beam in a flash, and had Wally turned around to look at his passengers, he would have been greeted with the sight of a very windblown, startled Oracle, who was not familiar to travelling by speedster. Oracle came forward, typing in the passcode so Wally could travel with them.

They entered the cave. The team had arrived before them, and Jason was sitting in the corner, looking very exposed without his mask or any sunglasses on. For the first time, Wally noticed how young the kid looked; he must have been only thirteen years old. And the kid was really shaken up by the experience.

Jason stood when Nightwing entered the room. "Nightwing," he exclaimed, walking up to his teammate. "How'd they know who I am?" The poor kid sounded distressed.

"I don't know," Nightwing responded. "But we'll find out." He turned to Kaldur. "Did you capture them?"

Kaldur nodded. "We put them into the interrogation rooms."

Nightwing nodded, satisfied.

Wally decided at this moment to come out of his shocked state. He marched up to Dick, who looked like he was going to be sick. "You," he snarled, pointing his finger at the blue and black hero. "You lied to us! You lied this whole time!" Nightwing took a step back as Wally began to get closer, shocked at this sudden attack, even though he must have seen it coming.

Kaldur placed a hand on Wally's shoulder, halting him for a moment. "What are you talking about?" he asked. Everyone's eyes were wide; no one understood the reasoning behind Kid Flash's motives.

Wally just shrugged Kaldur's hand off of him. "Well?" he demanded at Dick, livid.

"Yes, I did." Dick said. You couldn't see his eyes under his mask, but he sure sounded upset.

KF's hands shook with rage. "You weren't even going to tell us, were you?" he yelled. "You were just happy on sending us on a wild goose hunt and send us home!" He balled his hands into fists in an attempt to stop the shaking. His eyes were livid; he felt so close to exploding and punching the boy in the face.

Jason stepped forward, a confused, angry sort of look passed across his features. His shoulders were hunched up in a defensive way. "What's going on here?" he demanded.

"You probably didn't even tell them!" Wally waved his hand in the general direction of the Outlaw's. He ignored Jason, and thrust his face into Nightwing's, breathing heavily. He raised his hand above his head, almost as if the strike the masked hero, but when he thrust his hand down he took Nightwing's mask with him.

It fell to the ground limp without its hero.

The shocked silence that fell onto both of the team's was deafening. All that could be heard was Wally's breath as it came out in heavy short puffs. The most important unspoken rule among heroes was to never ever, under any circumstances, take off another hero's mask. And Wally had just broken that rule.

"What was that about!?" Jason exploded, advancing on Wally. "Are you a spy? Did you come here to learn who we are?!"

"Let's calm down," Kaldur suggested, moving in between them, he turned to Wally. "What was that about?"

"Don't you get it?" Wally snarled; pointing to Nightwing, who flinched, feeling very exposed without his mask. "He's Robin! He was perfectly fine with us never finding him and GOING HOME!" Wally yelled the last part, and suddenly felt emotionally drained.

"Is this true?" Kaldur questioned.

Nightwing hesitated, taking a deep breath before confessing. "Yes,"


Dick wasn't sure what he was expecting from his former team. He had always imagined being reunited with them, and more recently, had this feeling that they would see right through his disguise. It was like, for every moment since they had found him, someone was going to come out and shout "Hey that's Robin!" But now that moment had come, and it only filled him with dread.

It took a minute for the team to react. M'gann took a shaky breath, looking very upset, crushed, and betrayed. Dick had to look away, his own heart crushing just by looking at his friend. Kaldur just looked sad, shaking his head slightly. He had imagined that this reunion would be a happy, joyful event. He had waited, hoped for two years, until it became almost just a fantasy that would never happen. Dick had wanted this so bad.

And now he wished it never had happened.

He wished he could take it back, fix things so that he could go back to that day and stop this from day one – then he thought of Jason and this world's Barbara; the people that he helped here. He lifted his gaze off the floor, and made the hardest decision of his life… for the second time over.

"I'm not going back." he said, his voice sounding much more confident than he felt. "They need me here." And it hurt to see their crushed expressions (well, angry in some cases). It hurt like nothing had ever hurt before. He had been mauled, shot, and killed thrice over, but it was something he had to do. This was a world that needed saving… and he was a hero. That's was hero's did.

But it still ached, even as he pushed the feelings down. This was his family. Bruce… the League… the Team… they were the family that took him in when he had been orphaned. It was like he was losing a family for the third time.

M'gann – sweet, innocent M'gann opened her mouth to talk, but Kaldur beat her to it.

"I think… we should all turn in for the night." Kaldur took a deep breath, taking the role as the perfect leader like always. "We can discuss this in the morning."

Nightwing nodded his consent, turning as they left, he couldn't bear to watch them leave.

He picked up his mask once they had gone. He briefly looked to his current team, and then turned away. He needed time to collect his own thoughts. This was a big thing for all of them. One that Nightwing wasn't sure they would recover from.


"Hey." Nightwing turned to look at a certain Archer.

"Hey." he responded dully. He turned back quickly to the interrogation rooms, careful to avoid looking at her too much. He was currently watching Tigress from outside of the one way glass. While Sportsmaster had stopped struggling a while ago, Tigress had yet to come to terms with her containment. She had been struggling for quite some time now.

"Who's this?" Artemis asked, but by the sound of her voice, she already had the answer.

"Your counterpart," Nightwing responded. "Calls herself Tigress. She follows in her father's footsteps I guess."

"Couldn't sleep?" Nightwing asked, once he couldn't bear the silence anymore.

"No," Artemis sighed, leaning against the wall. "I don't think any of us are getting much sleep tonight."

Nightwing at Artemis, and was pleasantly surprised to see understanding in her gaze. If nothing else, understanding helped. Nightwing turned back, feeling much more comfortable in his friend's presence.

"Tomorrow I need you to do something for me."

"Yeah?" This peaked Artemis's interest.

Nightwing nodded. "I'd like you to talk to Tigress." He turned to look at her with a grin. This was a grin Artemis was all too familiar with.

"Yeah…?" Artemis prodded, more hesitant this time.

"You could tell her about your life. And what it's like to be a hero."

"What for?"

Nightwing shot her another grin. "We're going to need her help if we want to get you home."

Artemis blinked. "You're still going to do that?"

"Yup!" Nightwing grinned, starting towards the door.

"Where you going?"

"I have a team I need to talk to!"

"Oh." Artemis glanced back towards Tigress.

"And Artemis…?" She turned.

"Thank you."

"What for?" she asked.

"For understanding."

Artemis nodded, a sad glint in her eyes. She was going to miss her little brother.


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