The Booth house was always a mess in the mornings, and even more so on the first day of school. This year was no different. The small house was filled with loud thumps as pairs of shoes, or backpacks laden with books hit the ground, or the blaring of alarm clocks, and the annoyed mumbles of said alarm clock's owners as they were roused from sleep.

"Seeley! Jared! Hurry up! You're going to be late!" Hank Booth called up the stairs to his two grandsons.


"Almost ready!"

There were more thunderous thumps as the two boys charged down the stairs, each trying to beat the other.

"I won!" Jared, the younger of the two cheered as he reached the bottom.

"Did not!" The older, Seeley defended, pushing his brother into a wall.

"Yes I did!"


The boys continued their argument into the kitchen, where they were instantly shut up by the look on their grandfathers' face.

"Sorry Pops," Seeley said automatically, grabbing an apple from the bowl on the table, and snatching up his bag. "See ya later! Common Jar-head."

"I'm coming!" The smaller boy said, copying his brother and following him out the door.

The pair climbed into Seeley's ancient pick-up truck, and rattled off towards the high school that they now both attended, Seeley a senior, and Jared a freshman. After a few minutes, they arrived at the school, pulling into the parking lot, and leaving the car, separating, each going off to join his own friends. Seeley grinned to himself as he returned a few of the smiles and waves that were thrown his way.

This was senior year, and it was going to be great. He was the quarterback on the varsity football team, and played center on the city's junior hockey league. He was dating the head cheerleader, Hannah Burley, a pretty blonde girl who Seeley wasn't to crazy about, but didn't have the heart to break up with. Yep, he thought, this year is going to be good. As long as he could keep his grades up. That was one thing Seeley often had trouble with. It wasn't that he was stupid, but he didn't catch onto things quite as fast, and was usually to busy with sports to study. This year though, he was determined to pass with all A's if he could help it.

He was so immersed in his own thoughts, that he didn't notice the small, pale, auburn-haired girl that was crossing his path until he ran into her, causing the large stack of books in her hands to fall, spreading across the linoleum floor of the school.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there, sorry!" Seeley sputtered, moving to gather the girl's books back into a pile.

"It's fine, I've got it." The girl replied softly, mumbling into the curtain of hair that covered her face.

"No, it's not, here, I'll carry them to class for you, where are you heading?"

"You don't need to carry them, I'm perfectly able of doing so myself."

"I know you can, but I want to help you."

"I'm fine."

"Come on, let me help!" Seeley was practically begging now.

"Fine!" The girl sounded angry now. She shoved the pile of books at him, and stood up, brushing her hair out of her face. Seeley picked up the books easily, and turned to face the girl, who had finally pushed her hair out of her face. She was... beautiful.

Her long, shiny hair was a pretty auburn color, and her skin smooth, and milky white. Those were nothing though when compared to her eyes. They were a beautiful cerulean blue, and the sparkled brilliantly, even with the horrible lighting provided by the ancient fluorescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling. They were beautiful, but seemed sad, and lonely, instead of happy, and hopeful like they should have been. She wore baggy, out of style clothes, and carried a beat up bag on one shoulder.

"Uh... what... what class are you headed to?" Seeley managed to ask.

"AP Anatomy."

"Hey, me too!"

"Great." Her voice was emotionless.

"So," Seeley started, walking towards their class, "I'm Seeley Booth, but you can just call me Booth, Seeley is kinda weird. What's your name?"

"Temperance Brennan."