The rest of the Anatomy class was unremarkable; nothing but rules, expectations, and the course outline. Brennan payed close attention, committing even the smallest, insignificant details to memory, while Booth sat slouched over his desk, trying to coral and ant with his pencil. The hour passed, quickly for Brennan, slowly for Booth, and it wasn't long before the bell was once again making itself heard over the PA system, causing the majority of the class to jolt awake, and gather their things to go.

"See you later?" Booth asked, leaving the classroom, Brennan by his side.


"Tomorrow for sure?"

"Unless one of us is not able to attend school tomorrow because of some unforeseen circumstances."

"So... yes?"

Brennan shook her head, smiling at him. "Bye Booth."

"Bye!" He called over his shoulder as they parted, Brennan heading towards the art class she was required to take, and Booth towards Spanish.

Brennan smiled softly towards herself as she thought about Booth. He was... different. Obviously popular, and self confident, but still... She couldn't put her finger on the word. He had helped her after they ran into each other, insisted on carrying her books to their next class, and even had her sit by him in said class. Of course, there didn't seem to be any of his jock friends in the anatomy class, but still... He chose to sit by her, the frumpy, nerdy foster kid. And even more strange than that, Brennan almost felt as if she could trust him, which was not something she was very familiar with. She didn't know why she got this feeling around this boy, but she was definitely happy about it. A friend was always a valuable asset for a foster kid, even if it was just some jock who was nice to her on the first day of school.

She looked down at the map of the school Booth had given her. She didn't know where he had got it from, but she was without a doubt glad she had it. He had even gone out of his way to find and mark her classes, and sketch the best path from place to place. It was one of those paths that she was now following, and true to his word, she arrived at the door to the art room well within the five minutes provided to get to class.

She walked in, noticing that about half the desks were already occupied, and, like in her anatomy class, grouped into twos. She chose an empty set near the middle, and sat down, waiting for the class to begin. This was probably the only class that she wasn't looking forward to, but it was required by the school in order to graduate. Not that she'd probably be graduating from this school anyway. She didn't think she would even get passed the first semester until Mr. Henson and his wife decided to get rid of her.

By the time the bell rang, the only seat that was still empty was the one next to Brennan. She wasn't disappointed, or surprised at that, but she did feel a pang of loneliness at being the only student without a partner. Just as the teacher was standing up to talk, a tall, thin girl with raven hair, and features with a slight Asian feel to them slipped in the door.

"Sorry I'm late!" She said apologetically.

"It's fine, Ms. Montenegro, just don't let it happen again."

The girl nodded, and scanned the room. Seeing the open seat next to Brennan, she walked over and plopped herself down, casting a brilliant smile towards the quiet looking girl she had sat by.

"I'm Angela, Angela Montenegro." She said with another smile, holding out her hand.

"Temperance Brennan, but you can just call me Brennan." She took Angela's hand and they shook.

"You don't look familiar, are you new here?"



This confused Brennan. Since when was the new kid cool? She was spared voicing the question by the teacher, Ms. Cob's, voice.

"These will all be your seats for the semester, so go ahead, introduce yourself."

Angela turned towards Brennan again. "Well, looks like we've already done that! What year are you?"


"Cool, me too! What's the rest of your schedule, I want to see if we have any other classes together."

Brennan handed Angela paper that listed her classes.

"We have a lot of classes together, and lunch! Do you have a group to eat with yet?"


"Well, now you do if you want one! We have the class right before lunch together, so you can join me and my other friends if you want to!"

Brennan was pleasantly surprised Angela had said "other friends" instead of just "friends". She liked Angela, and was elated to find that the other girl already seemed to count he as a friend. It seemed as though the people at this school, unlike those at so many others, were open to new people, and nicer in general. It was a nice change of pace for Brennan, who was used to cold shoulders and rude words.

"Okay, that sounds good!" Brennan smiled.


They were interrupted at this point by Ms. Cob, who, like Mr. Stires, began to give the long, boring speech that was a first day of school tradition. The minutes of the hour inched by, and it wasn't long before everyone in the class, including Brennan, were half asleep. Eventually, though, the bell did ring, startling everyone awake and giving them permission to go to their next class. For Brennan and Angela, this meant another class that they both had, and they began the journey to the room together.

"I don't think I'll like that class." Brennan said dully.

"Why not?"

"I'm not very good at creating things. I'm better with things that already exist."

Angela laughed. "I'll help you, then! I've been taking art classes every summer for years!"

"Really? Are you any good?"

She shrugged. "Sorta"

"I find I would like to see one of your pictures." Brennan said, smiling.

"I'll show you at lunch." Angela promised, returning the smile.

"That sounds acceptable."

Angela shook her head, laughing. "Good, sweetie. That sounds good."

"What does?"

This caused Angela to laugh again. "Never mind Bren... never mind..."

The girls reached the class, sitting down next to each other and preparing for the inevitable repeat of the lesson they had just slept through.

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