Ok so I was reading this today, looking for some inspiration for my other story, and I'm so embarrassed about this story! In my defense, I was like 12 when I initially wrote this and it was pretty funny to read.

SO I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! I am going to be revising this story, and maybe, I'll start publishing some more chapters for this story. THAT'S RIGHT, KIDS! MAMA'S COMING HOME!

So yeah as of 9/11/15 this story will be taken off hiatus and will be revised.


One beautiful mid-winter's day in Amity Park. . .

Danny had just woke up, from a long, pleasant nap on his bed. He blinked once, blurry, blinked twice, his vision then finally cleared up. He'd tried to get up, but something was restraining him. He looked down, and found his girlfriend, Sam, sleeping peacefully on his chest. He smiled at this. It was only 3 years ago when he exposed himself for being half-ghost, and his love for her. Since then, him and Sam basically never left each others side, he guessed everyone was right, him and Sam would end up together. He placed a hand on her back, and planned on going back to sleep, when Sam moaned in awakening. Lifting her head off her boyfriend's chest and rested her head on the back of her hands; looking straight into Danny's icyy blue eyes.

"Morning,"she said, sarcastic.

"Morning. Sleep well?" He asked.

"Very. You?" He laughed at this.

"So, what time did you come in?"

"'Bout an hour ago, Tucker said he'd call so I just came here. And when I walked in, you were fast asleep so I thought I'd join you. Have to rest up for a night catching ghosts, don't we?" Danny smiled again, and just leaned down and kissed her softly and laid his head back down.

"We have to get up, don't we?" Danny asked in sarcasm a few minutes of silence later.

"Yeah, we do," Sam answered, dreamily before lifting herself off of Danny and sat on the edge of the bed. Soon, he followed and stood up. He stretched his arms and started to walk out the door, but Sam caught his wrist and looked back at her; but she threw herself at him and pressed her lips against his. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist. Deepening the kiss. Jazz walked past Danny's room while him and Sam were lost in the moment. Being a big sister, she had to break it. "Eww! Gross," Jazz shrieked, making Danny and Sam jump out of their kiss.

"Can you please do that somewhere else, please! You do have ghosts to catch later don't you?" She sighs and starts rubbing her temples thoroughly before sassily placing her hands on hip hips."By the way Danny, Tucker's down stairs waiting for you." Sam looked confused.

"I thought he'd said he call?"

"Well, he did say something about dropping his phone in the toilet," Jazz said. "Danny, are you gonna need help tonight?"

"I think we're good." Danny answered, crossing his arms. Obviously, annoyed.

"Well, just be sure. Dad had been playing around with the Ghost Portal alot today, might want some extra backup?"

"Alright, but you only. I don't need mom and dad getting hurt or anything."

"Geez, thanks," She said sarcastically, drooping her eyelids.

"Just go down in the lab and start suiting up," Sam instructed. Jazz gave a little happy squeal before running down the steps.

"Man she's a piece of work, why'd you let her help? I thought you didn't want anyone getting hurt?" She asked.

"I don't know. Just to make her happy, I guess. Plus, as long as she doesn't tell my parents, she could have my allowance for all I care," Danny said, walking out of his room with Sam at his side. He and Sam walked down the hall to the stairs, when he ran into his parents.

"Hi sweetie," his mother said, as she ripped the Ghost Gabbler out of Jack's hand.

"Uh. . .Were you, spying on using that?" Danny asked, pointing to the Ghost Gabbler. But, before Maddie or Jack could answer, the Ghost Gabbler did.

"Uh. . .Were you, spying on us using that? Fear me," The woman's voice answered, leaving Danny angry with his parents. Maddie laughed nervously, trying to look for a distraction but, Danny crossed his arms; he means business now.

"Listen sweetie, we heard Jazz scream and well, Sam had been spending a lot of time here lately, so we just thought that. . ." She trails off, hoping Danny knows what she's getting at.

"Wow!" He suddenly said, backing up from his parents; disgusted. "I'm only 17! I think we're still a little too young for that!"

"Well, I'm sorry, we- we'd just wanted to make sure that-"

"Nope! This conversation never happened!" He interrupted and in denial to whatever his parents had to say.


"Never happened," He whispered and he grabbed Sam's wrists and led her down the stairs.

"Man, I can't believe they do that and in front of you. . ." Danny said, kinda sad.

"Relax, every parent worries about that now a days. And, it would just be between you and me, your parents and probably Jazz," Sam said, calmly.

"But why do they even worry about it? Don't they trust us?"

"They don't know what goes on in our sick, twisted worlds," She said, darkly. Danny just looked at her funny. "Oh, lighten up I'm just teasing. Just be glad you have a cool girlfriend like me who doesn't share anything like your parents embarrassing you," Sam and Danny finally made it to the Lab to suit up, but instead found Tucker twitching in the corner, While Jazz stands over him, not knowing what to do.

"Tucker?" Sam and Danny said at the same time.

"He keeps saying stuff that doesn't make sense!" Jazz screamed, while Tucker keeps twitching and mumbling.

"No PDA. . . No cell phone. . . No computer! Ahhh!" He suddenly stood up and ran up to Danny, grabbing the bottom of his biceps.

"I'm going nuts man! The walls, they're caving in on me! I gotta have some sort of electronic device or I'm not gonna make it!" He started shaking Danny vigorously as he squeezed him. Making Danny, dizzy. Sam smacked Tucker in the back of his head hard. Hard enough to pull out of his trance.

"Thanks," He said, rubbing the back of his head, while Danny rubbed his biceps. Sam then noticed the black and blue marks that looked like fingers on Danny's bicep.

"Note to self, Tucker keeps some sort of electronic device," Sam said, throwing some sort of PDA at him, Tucker caught it and started snuggling and kissing it.

"Danny, you may want some ice on those." Sam suggested, lightly running her fingers against Danny's bruised upper arms as he winces.

"I'll be fine, we have more important problems at the moment," Danny said, lowering his shirt sleeve.

This made Sam mad. 'Ugh. I hate it when Danny gets all modest and doesn't even care that he's hurt. But, then again, it is kinda cool that he is half-ghost and a famous super hero. . . No, it's not cool, it's hot!' Sam was lost in her thoughts, but blushed at the same time.

"Alright, Tucker, Jazz. . . I'm gonna have to fill both of you in, we will most likely pair up and take a part of the town and stand guard. Mom and dad are probably gonna join us, making this a fair share, Mom and dad, me and Sam obviously, and you 2-"

"Woah- What! I have to work with this guy?" Jazz argued, and looked at him while he was playing some video game.

"I'm sorry. But that just how it turned out, Mom and dad are a great team together just like me and Sam are. . . Just, work something out," Jazz crossed her arms and growled slightly. "Ok, back to the plan, you two would take uptown while mom and dad take downtown, and me and Sam got the woods. Any problem so far, Jazz?" He taunted her, but she just mumbled to herself. "Alrighty then, we all good? No questions. . . Criticisms?" Jazz was about to say something. "Not from you, Jazz. Alright, lets suit up!"

"Did someone say 'suit up'?" Jack's voice echoed at the top of the stairs. Him and Maddie jumped all the stairs and came down armed. Fenton Fishers, walkie-talkies, Fenton Thermos's, Fenton Finders, Grapplers, and any other Fenton Ghost equipment. . . All stuffed in pockets, belts, shoes even. . .

"Alright, welcome to the team," Danny said welcoming. "But, I'm still mad at you!"

"Oh, come on Dan. If you were a parent you would do the same. . ." Jack said, putting his arm around him.

"What? Invade their privacy? Especially when their girlfriend's ten feet away? AND DON'T CALL ME BY THAT NAME!"

"What's going on?" Tucker whispered to Sam.

"Over-protective parent stuff,"

"Ah," Tucker said, agreeing. That's when his watch went off. It was time.

"Um. . . As much as I would love to break this up, but it's almost 8. Meaning, we have to suit up, and fast." Everyone quickly grabbed as many Fenton Fishers, Fenton Grapplers, Fenton Thermos's and others as they could stuff in their shirt, back, front, and coat pockets and many other places as well. Maddie and Jack then, went outside to check the Fenton RV's defensive systems, while Danny pulled Sam aside.

"Danny? Is something wrong?" Sam asks, concerned.

"No, I just can't shake the feeling that something bad might happen, to both of us," He answers.

"Don't worry, I won't leave your side and you won't leave mine. Therefore, nothing bad can happen to us,"

"Yeah. But-"

"Sshh. . ." She shushes him, before pressing her lips against his for a split second, and pulled back to see his smile.

"Better?" He just nods, in agreement. But, in the back of his head he knew, something horrible was bound to happen.