maximum ride the strange dream

It was a Saturday night and I just finished defeating erasers. They must love us, it's like they stalk us. I am just about ready to doze off for the first time since, ever... I started to have a dream. It started with a gummy bear. God he looked delicious. He said to me that that I have to save the candy land world. Well that was quick. But first I had to turn into candy. Please be chocolate, PLEASE BE CHOCOLATE! So second by second the gummy bear turned me more and more into chocolate. Yes. When I was fully transformed, I headed straight to candy land. But I just couldn't help myself, so I took a bite off my shoulder. Gooey caramel soaked me, but I didn't eat it because I would probably faint from all of the "blood" loss. As soon as I got there I started eating the place up. But then this guy stopped me and gave me a candy ticket. It looked like candy dots on the roll of paper. I ate that too. ""That's it," said the man, and he pulled out a gun. He shot me with a chocolate rifle. Yes, you heard me right. A chocolate rifle. I wonder what that would taste like. The next thing I knew I fainted. Crap.

When I woke up I was in this candy jail. I easily planned an escape root since the bars where half broken. Apparently my jawbreaker jails are nothing to my fists. I go chuck Norris on them and brake free . I got out my wings and blew this jawbreaker joint! Everyone was surprised to see my wings when I got out of there. Suck on that. Suckers.

HI PEOPLES! Sorry this was sorta short so I'll try to post longer. I'll be a little busy because for you soul eater and death note fans, I'm starting fan fics for that. BYES!