One Day

Disclaimer: I do not own Switched At Birth.

A/N: So after finally watching my dvr'd episodes this popped into my head. Takes place after the episode 'Street Noises Invade the House'

After arriving home Bay unloaded her car and took everything to her room. She laid down on the bed and absent mindedly reached out hoping to brush Zarra's arm like she did a few nights ago. That's when it hit her. She was gone. Sure she only knew Zarra for 24 days but it felt like 24 years when they were together. She got Bay in a way that Emmett, Ty, or Alex could only imagine. Bay wiped away the tears that managed to escape her eyes as she thought about her. She knew in her heart it was a fling. She wasn't exactly into girls but her and Zarra connected so well. She was just hoping and praying it would develop into something more. She thought she loved her. Loves her. She knew she loved her. She wasn't sure what she meant to her, if she meant anything. She wondered if she was laying down on the bus, unable to sleep and thinking of their time together at her place. How they held each other. Kissed. Explored. She got off the bed and grabbed her sleeping bag. Tonight she wanted to be next to her. She laid the sleeping bag out on the floor. As she was getting in she felt paper crumple at her feet. She reached in thinking Zarra had forgotten a few dollars. To her surprise there was a note inside. It read:

It was real for me too. I'd only bring you down. I'd rather leave now with you remembering the good times and wondering what could have been rather than living them and growing to regret me. Us. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. - Z

Bay held the note close and this time she let the tears fall freely. She loves me. Maybe, just maybe, one day our paths will cross again.