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Chapter 1 VISIONS Blake slowly looked up from his test. He was never really good in English, but he passed with a B every time. He glanced around the room swiftly. He didn t want to be caught cheating off the kid next to him. Looking back down, he wrote the answer he surely thought was the right one.
Glancing up again he looked at the clock. 8:10am. Damn! Still 9 minutes till end of 1st period. He looked back down. Wrote in an answer he completely guessed on and preyed he would finish before the bell rang.
Being more gutsy then usual he looked back at the same kid and copied another answer. The super genius looked up at him and quickly back down. Then looking a little more satisfied then usual started erasing his answers. AWWW SHIT!, thought Blake as he realized he just copied down a bunch of wrong answers.
He scrambled to quickly guess and re-write his answers, but was too late. The bell rang and people were leaving as he frantically wrote down another answer.
No need to rush Mr. Ford. You ll be retaking the test tonight after school. Ms. Blight said with a smirk on her sinister looking face. With a groan Blake stood up and walked over to her and took the detention slip. As he was walking away from his temporary prison, Sammy walked over to him.
Hmmm ? Little late aren t cha? , she asked as she playfully hit him on his arm.
According to the three headed dragon no. I have a freaking detention. How the hell am I supposed to take a test, serve a detention, go to work, do homework, AND be at your place by 8 tonight!? He said angrily.
Well if you weren t so stupid and actually studied you probably wouldn t be serving a detention or retaking a test. Anyways, I need to get to my locker, before next hour. It d be a little embarrassing to walk into science without your notes. She smiled to him then ran quickly to her locker. Blake was a little confused considering the fact that 1.) He had her notes and she knows it, 2.) They had four minutes, and 3.) It was literally 10 feet away. He yelled her name, but she didn t hear him. She just kept running farther and farther away from him. He shrugged his shoulders and walked into his next class.
Sitting pretty much the middle of the room, he flipped open Sammy s notes to see what she had written in them again. He had taken the notebook home last night to right down what he had missed. Science was his favorite class. He also had his favorite teacher in that class as well. Mr. Krerton. He was always good at explaining things and making things easy for people to remember. As Sammy wondered into the room, she sat next to him and giggled.
Sorry, I forgot you had my notebook. I was halfway to my locker. Then remember, OMG Blake has my notebook. Then ran back as fast as my feet could take me! She said with a smile! Blake had acted like he was listening to her as Chris came into the room. Chris wasn t as much a friend, but was fun to talk to. Not that he didn t enjoy conversation with him, just they didn t really talk to each other. A simple sup did for both of them and that would end their talks. Blake! Yelled a peppy girl! Blake turned quickly and was attacked by a hug.
Wha .! Jesus Christ! Megan you scared the crap outta me! He yelled at her!
Megan you PROMISED! Yelled a skimpier looking guy. His name was John. He was kind of weird and creeped Blake out, but had good heart. Blake looked over to his right and saw Steven just looking at them awkwardly.
Steven! Yelled Bianca. She ran at him. He stood up and put his hand up. She stopped dead in her tracks and put her hand up. Then they did a series of hand signs and weird dance moves. Yeah! You do remember! I thought you were lying when you texted me earlier! She gave him a high-five then sat in her seat. Blake looked around again. He slowly counted his friends/ acquaintances! Sammy, Bianca, Megan, Chris, John and Steven. He looked over at Sammy.
Where s Jenny? He asked her. She s ditching again. She s actually sitting in the girl s bathroom. Supposedly she isn t here if you know what I mean. Sammy spoke with a slight frustration.
She s gunna flunk and have to re-take the course in summer school if she does it again! Megan pointed out. Chris then flipped out his phone quickly and texted someone. Jenny. He stated.
Of course. The guy knew what he was to do before anyone said anything. The bell rang and Mr. Krerton opened his laptop and set it on his desk. He was typing something in it while saying good morning and had his students listen to the announcements. Jenny then walked in with a late note and sat in her assigned seat. Blake glanced at Chris and he smiled the I m soooooo smooth smile. Blake rolled his eyes and listened to the announcements some more. Suddenly there was a break in the announcements and the intercom went all fuzzy. He looked up at the speaker as well did a few other students. The ground then shook rapidly for a moment then subsided. Some of the girls were screaming a bit and some were sitting motionless.
It was probably just a tremor. Mr. Krerton said. But Blake knew he was lying. He could see it in his eyes. Then smoke started to billow into the room. The students were ordered to the ground. They slowly started moving to the windows to open them for fresh air, but someone had dumped glue to prevent this from happening. Little by little the people in the front of the room started coughing and gagging. Most of the teens were moving towards the back of the room to avoid the deadly toxin. Another blast and they were sent flying. Chris quickly stood up and ran headlong into the door to the back of the science room. He broke through it quite easily and students were running out of the room. Blake heard people screaming and looked back to see John trampled by the running students. Little did they know they were stomping him to death. His blood flying over people s legs and shoes. NO! Screamed Megan as Blake and company pulled her along with them to get away from the school as fast as possible. Blake regretted looking back at him to see him reaching for them as he was uncontrollably bleeding. More blasts and explosions. More death and blood. Blake couldn t help but pity the poor souls that were dying and exploding just shy of adult hood. He was confident he and his friends would make it out alive.
Running down the stairs to second floor, there was a blast from the stairwell wall! Instantly killing Bianca by obliterating her head and upper torso all over the students still frantically running. Blake couldn t help but watch as students were showered in her blood. Then the water came pouring through the wall.
IT must have broken a water line! Steven yelled as the water came pouring out of the wall like a waterfall! Running through the hall of second floor, another blast from the side shot pieces of other teens into the oncoming flow of people. Megan taking a second to look behind her to see where her friends were, was hit in the arm by someone s Humorous! She screamed in pain as it tore through her own arm and came out the other end. She looked to Steven for help and she got it. He picked her up and ran with her in his arms. Suddenly the second floor beams caved in and a bunch of students, including Steven and Megan, fell through the floor surely to there death below.
DAMN! Yelled Chris! Basically screaming as he, Blake, Sammy, and Jenny kept running. They made their way to the second stairwell, which was now a waterslide because of the water that is steadily flowing from the ceiling. They were in the middle of a group of students as they rushed down the stairs. Most fell. Some snapping necks others breaking bones. The four remaining friends moved to the side.
This isn t the best or greatest idea, but ., but if we use the other people as . Cushioning, we can get down without dieing! Yelled Jenny having to scream over the roar of students and the water running out of the ceiling. They all agreed it was a horrible thing to do or even say, but they must if they wish to survive.
They were going to die anyways, Blake thought to himself. Jenny quickly found someone she didn t know and grabbed him and threw him face first onto the ground, jumped up onto his back and rode him down the stairs. His screams and hollers were heard so clearly it was obvious his skin was being torn off and was braking bones on his way down. The friends followed in suit as they did the same to others. Their screaming. The horror in their voices. It was horrible. Blake would never be able to get the noises out of his head.
For a split second he realized he just called people s screams of horror simple noises. He couldn t believe himself for saying such things. He quickly snapped out of his trance as he stumbled off of the person he rode down. The tangled up heap of students was horrible to look at. He again wished he hadn t looked back as he saw others doing what they just did. More and more people would die because of what they just did.
BLAKE! Sammy yelled as they ran through first floor.
We re almost there! He heard some students yell. But they all suddenly stopped. In their path stood the students that had fallen from the floor above. Blake hadn t realized it, but there was someone moving in the pile.
Megan! Screamed Sammy as she ran up to her closest friend. Megan I thought you were gone Don t write me off just yet, She stated. Blake looked through the mess of body parts and found Steven. He was missing his lower half of his body from his waist down. He knew he didn t make it. Blake looked over to his left by the sound of screaming. The school nurse was running through crowed on fire! Blake hadn t even noticed the blast of flame as it came and disintegrated half of the students to his left. Looking in shock, Blake couldn t move. His body refused him to. He stood there frozen. Full fear had taken over him.
Chris and Sammy had returned to him to get him to move. Jenny taking Megan by the hand started running towards us when the second floor collapsed over them.
NNOOO! Screamed Sammy and Chris. Horror was written all over their faces. Blake now had started losing the hope of getting out alive. He had regained control of his body and started moving again with his two remaining friends. He could see the doors. Just another 200 feet .. 150. .! Another blast had shot bricks flying. The three managed to duck and dodge the oncoming obstacle. Only for Chris to trip over the bodies of others.
Chris , Blake thought. That was all he was able to think. A steel beam had fallen on his legs which resisted movement. Then a water pipe broke above his head. Sammy and Blake watched in horror as their last remaining friend drowned to death. They looked at each other and sprinted for the doors. Almost there, is all he thought. The doors were starting to shut!
NO! WAIT! Sammy yelled. A large explosion to the left blew Sammy to the side smashing her against a wall. Blake who was running a few feet ahead hadn t even noticed. He ran out of the door and watched in horror as the school doors were closed and the fire raging inside from the most recent blow was burning the students alive.
Sammy? Sammy?!, Blake yelled out. He saw Sammy run up to the door and push, but was unsuccessful to open it. Blake ran up to the door and pulled, but the door showed little ease and wouldn t let up. He watched Sammy chock to death by smoke.
Sammy .., Was all he muttered till he ran away. As fast as he could. He turned back and watched with other students as they all watched what was happening to their school. It exploded. Simple as that. Blake watched as the third story of the building started showering over the yard in front of them. Then it quickly crept closer. Soon the students were running again. He stood there though. He had made it and his friends didn t. He stood in horror and bodies were thrown about then as the rest of the building quickly blasted off. He watched as giant cement pieces were sent flying. Then as he watched one come straight his way, he started running backwards and started to yell. He saw the cement slab come millimeters from his face then turn black.

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