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CHAPTER 5 Never Give In

We had watched the news at nine of course. Everyone that had been pulled out afterwards was safe. Bianca was admitted to the hospital and so was Jenny, both unconscious as of now. The group were happy, but something had hit Blake.
"It's official then." Blake stated.
"It is then." Chris said. "We die at random."
"Well, there aren't to many of us who had actually survived when we should've died. So there is a great chance it could be anybody."
"Except you." Stated Sammy.
"What? No. How?" Blake asked.
"If what we said is true... Then you should die last because of you having the premonition."
"No! We don't that for sure!" Blake started protesting. Smack! Blake felt his face start to sting.
"Yes, Blake, we do know. The rest of our guess is correct, why can't the end be. We can accept the fact that we will die sooner then you, but why can't you accept it." Sammy stated hugging Blake. "Sorry about your face."
"Steven isn't with Bianca." Blake said. Everyone froze. "I wanted to tell him that he would be with her now, but he was already gone. We have to keep doing this. For Steven's sake. We need to fight back somehow."
"Blake... We will try our best." Chris says.
The next morning we had headed to the hospital. I again called my mom to allow me to stay at Chris's house. When we arrived at Bianca's room, we found Nedrun standing next to her bed.
"... killed him." Is all Blake caught. Nedrun had turned around with bloodshot, puffy eyes. He had been mourning the death of his fellow classmates. Bianca was crying now. Very hard actually. "You killed him. You drove him off in rage. It's your fault he's dead!" He shouted at Blake. The previous night, they had a quick bit about Steven.
"What? How could you even-" Sammy started.
"He's right." Blake interrupted her. "I did. If I wouldn't have been talking like that in front of him..." Blake had started crying. Sammy grabbed Blake and hugged him close. She glared at Nedrun and took out of the room. Chris thought about what was going on around him. His friend's were fighting and dying around him. He felt pain.
"We need to stop this from happening!" Chris shouted. Blake had heard him from the hall. Suddenly, the ground had started to give in. Blake watched as the floor beneath him began to crack. He ran forward and tried to get into Bianca's room.
"Jenny! She's on life support!" Sammy shouted and started running off toward Jenny's room.
"Sammy! NO!" Blake shouted back and thought about jumping across the large cracks that could let go at any moment. But before he could make his decision, the floor gave away and there was a large trench. Blake peered into the crack. He saw something red coming up very quickly. He watched as it blew out from the fissure and showered over his body. He screamed out in pain and agony. He fell to the ground to only start drowning in the lava that flowed heavily from the laceration of the hospital.
Blake awoke with a fright. He had remembered feeling the pain of being burned. He quickly flipped the covers off of his bed and checked his legs. Fine and clothed. He got up and went downstairs to grab a glass from the cupboard and started the faucet. He turned it to the cold side and waited a few seconds for the water to cool down. He had tried to remember what really happened. He never went to the hospital. He didn't even remember how he arrived so it couldn't have been real. He filled the glass up half way and proceeded to climb up the stairs back to his room. 'What if...?' was all he thought. Could it have been another premonition? Would it truly be his turn tomorrow? He grew very sick and ran to the bathroom which was directly across from his room. He regurgitated his food from the day. His mother had rushed in and checked to see if he was alright. She told him that he would not be leaving the house tomorrow because of all the stress he was taking and now he had caught a bug.

The next day Sammy had called him to let him know they were going to go see the three girl's that were in the hospital. She said that she had another call so she'd call him back. He had fallen asleep while waiting for her call and was interupted by the phone ringing.
"Blake?" Sammy asked crying.
"Sammy? What's wrong?" He asked quickly.
"It's Jenny. She's dead."
Blake sat up in his bed and started to hyperventalate. He grabbed a bag he found lieing on the ground and quickly began to breathe on that. Jenny. Now we truely know that it is working in random.
"Oh Sammy. I'm so sorry. We couldn't save her." He began stating the obvious.
"Blake there is one thing. I had found the address of someone who had expirienced this. Her name is Alexandra. She actually lives pretty close to you. I figured we should talk to her. You know?" Blake had agreed and they set the date for tomorrow.

He was finally allowed out of the house the following day and had waited for Sammy to come pick him up. Once she had arrived, Blake climbed into her car and they drove to Alexandra's home. When they got there, Blake stood up out of Sammy's car and walked up the three steps to the patio of her home. Blake slowly crept his hand up to the doorbell and pressed it. It took a few moments, but Alexandra had come to the door. She was short. Had short, blonde hair and was missing a tooth. She was very strange.
"What can I do for ya?" She asked. Her voice was soft, yet demanding.
"Hi, my name is Blake Ford. I live about three blocks down. I was wondering if you knew anything about premonitions?" He asked her. Her eyes grew wide.
"Come in child. Quickly." She said. Blake and Sammy followed her into her home which smelt of moth balls. Tehy watched as she wabbled over to a chair and erged them to follow. The sat on a red sofa that clearly did not match the rest of her forest green decorated home.
"So you know about them?" Sammy asked.
"Please. I know. I had one. Well a few. I had watched as people I barelly knew die because of me prolonging their deaths."
"How did you beat it?" Blake interupted her. She put up a finger and continued.
"We were supposed to die in a shopping mall. I had the premonition in a dream. In my dream I was last to die and watched as seven others die. I then decided that it was just a bad dream and went anyways. I had chosen to go to the stores in different orders and such. I had chosen to go to the store at the end instead of going into it later. I had managed to work my way back all day. Then when I was at the last store, I had heard the loud explosion and managed to escape quite quickly. I had to learn about a little girl die on the news. Then her father. I had remembered my dream and they were the first to go. My sister was next. I warned her about everything and stayed with her. One day we were walking across the street and she pushed me forward. I had turned to see a bus hit her. One thing you need to learn is that you can move away like this. Change your plans. Your death could come sooner then it really would've. She had interfeared with my death."
"Wait. What do you mean, interfeared?" Sammy asked.
"It was my turn to die and she pushed me. Then it became her turn after my death was given the yellow light. I then managed to save myself by concocting the most crasiest of ideas. I figured, if i killed myself, but was somehow brought back, I would manage to be put on a different one of death's lists."
"So if what you're saying is true, then we can stop the deaths now, and be moved to die a different day?" Blake asked. The woman nodded her head. "How?" Blake asked.
"I locked myself in a freezer."
"And they found you?"
"Then brought me back to life because it wasn't my turn to die, but had already died. I had saved one person other then myself. I saved my mother. How is that for a crazy twist?" She asks. "So, why did you want to talk about them?"
"Because I had one." Blake said.
"How can you be sure child?"
"Everything you have described I have seen. I know the death order and everything."
"So what are you waiting for... kill yourself." Alexandra said.
"You said that the order changed for you."
"Only because I moved to a different location."
"Exaclty. I had managed to get all of my friend's out with me before it happened. Then people started to die is a different order."
"How so?" She asked.
"Well, first it was John. He died, but then Bianca was next and she is still alive. She's been alive for a while. We have gone through Tommy, Steven, and Jenny."
"Sounds to me like someone had interfered with Bianca's death."
"But that doesn't explain why Tommy died before Steven. Steven fell through the floor before Tommy," Blake had decided not release the information of Tommy's death, "Before Tommy fell down the stairs."
"Hmm... Tommy had died before Steven because Steven had suffered." She was right, Blake thought. Steven must have suffered, while Tommy died instantly. Then what about the other three that they used to proceed down the stairs?
"I hope that all of your questions were answered so I ask you to leave. I have a bit of running around to do."

"Blake know we know that it's not random. That if we can just prevent eachothers' death, then we can live!" Sammy said happily.
"But we have a whole lot of convincing before anyone believes our story. And we need to convince Bianca to kill herself."
"C'mon, you make it sound like it's going to take a lot of work. Remember Blake, never give in."

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