Alright, I just finished watching the new epsiode this week, and I'm 99% sure that Nathan is the father of the Colorado Kid. It's just kinda obvious. So I couldn't help but write this. This is what I think would happen if they had extended the epsiode just a little further. Please let me know what you think.

Nathan was in shock. Sarah had a son. And he knew who the father was. He stood there in silence for a few moments, before he finally found his voice. "Do you know who the father was?"

Audrey shook her head no. "I wasn't able to find out."

Nathan took a deep breath. "You're gonna think this is crazy," he said, shifting his posture and running his hand through his hair, "but I know who the father is."

Audrey's face lit up, then contorted into a confused expression. "Wait, you do? Who is it? How do you know?"

Nathan's face took on an uncomftorable grimace. "I know, because I was there."

Audrey's eyebrows narrowed. "You were there? What do you mean you..." She trailed off, relization dawning on her face. "'re the father of the Colorado Kid."

"Look I know that it's a little werid, but-" Nathan started before the blonde ex-FBI agent cut him off.

"No, it's not, actually. It makes sense. She never told anyone who the father was because he wasn't there. He was here. He's you." Audrey stoped and looked at her partner, the chief of police, her best friend, her past lover, the father of her child once. "We really need to talk."

Nathan gave her a look that clearly said, 'You think?' "Yeah, yeah we do."

Yeah I know it's really short, but like I said, it's only if they had taken the scene just a little bit further. I can't wait for the new epsiode next week, and someting tells me that they will confirm this story. So, please review this story, and let me know what you think.