Tommy walked into the room and heard Oliver say, "I've spent some time in a court room."

"Four times by my estimate…you know there's the DUI, the assault on that paparazzi douche bag, stealing that taxi which was…just awesome by the way…and who could forget peeing on the cop!" Tommy said

"I wish everyone would," Moira said as Walter helped her on with her coat.

"I'd hang, but we're headed to court," Ollie said as he grabbed Tommy's shoulder.

"I know," he said earnestly, "That's why I'm here. My best friend is getting legally resurrected; I wouldn't miss this for the world!"

"What about you?" Oliver asked Thea.

She passed. Tommy was simultaneously pissed and happy with Thea. It was her brother going to court and she wanted nothing to do with it. Oliver didn't argue, but Tommy could see how hurt he was by her bitchiness.

Tommy tried to play the gallant and offered Moira his arm. She gave him a dirty look like he was so much grime beneath her shoes and walked past. He was just trying to show his support for the family…for Ollie. Why did she hate him? Ollie caught his eye and bit his lip. Tommy followed Moira and Walter before he did something untoward that he'd regret…like biting Oliver's lip for him…