"Oh, ok, this is a surprise," he said as he walked toward Laurel, looking her up and down, "Did you…show up here by mistake?"

"By invitation," she responded with a small smile, "Oliver invited me last night."

"Last night?" Tommy said with a smile to hide his jealousy.

"Is that surprise or jealousy I'm hearing?" she asked.

He couldn't look her in the face completely. There was so much he wanted to say to her, but anything he said would have given her ammunition towards him.

"Look," he said, "I just don't want him to find out anything, OK? Oliver has been through a LOT!"

She knew nothing about what the two of them had been through, even recently. But he was being honest. Having Oliver learn about his and Laurel's relationship could potentially destroy the friendship that he had with Oliver. That frightened him more than anything else.

"Tommy," she said with a small scowl on her face, "we've all been through a lot."

He wanted to slap her. What he knew about Oliver's time on the island amounted to absolutely nothing. But he knew how the island had changed Oliver. He knew that Oliver had secrets he was not willing to share. What he, Tommy had been through, what Laurel had been through, he knew would not even come close to comparing to what Oliver had dealt with during those five years. He threw her a dirty look and turned away to listen to Walter blather on. When he heard Oliver's "Whoa!" he turned to find him on the edge of the crowd.

He watched as Oliver walked through the crowd, stopping for a mimosa before he stumbled up to the podium and took the shovel from Walter. Tommy had seen Oliver in all levels of drunkenness in their growing up together. While everyone else would have said that Oliver was drunk, Tommy could see that he was stone cold sober. He took a glance at Laurel as Oliver almost dropped the shovel. He saw her disappointment, her sadness. He saw the disappointment on everyone's faces and smirked. As he stood there, watching the faces of Oliver's family fall in despair, the thought of the hooded man crossed his mind and the light bulb went on over his head. Tommy knew in THAT moment that Oliver was putting on a show for everyone…and he'd fooled them all…almost. He knew at that moment, that while Laurel loved Oliver, she and the rest of the world didn't know him as well as Tommy did.