Choice of Soul Prologue Soul, Blair & Maka

Summary: From the very beginning Soul had a hard time getting along with Maka. He only put up with her because he wanted to become a Death Scythe but after a botched mission he loses all of the souls he had collected. Now he has to put up with Maka for another round…or does he?

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, Lemons, Maka Bashing, Maybe some Mpreg down the line. This follows the manga.



Black Star/Tsubaki







Soul was happy because finally he would become a Death Scythe, and not only that he would be rid of his Meister Maka, when he becomes a Death Scythe, he could not wait. Soul was sick and tired of Maka bossing him around, hitting him when he comments on something she does not like, and her attitude with her thinking that she is always right. Soul and Maka were on their way to get a Witch's soul since Soul just ate his 99th Kishin soul.

'Finally I will become one Shinigami-Sama's Death Scythes and I will never have to deal with Maka again.' Soul thinks as they stopped in front of a pumpkin house which Soul thought was cool.

"We are finally here, do not mess this up, Soul!" Maka orders with a sneer. Soul rolls his eyes and decides he really wants to get this over with, so he jumps threw the top window.

'That dumbass, I cannot believe I am stuck with a loser like him as a partner. Oh well once I make him into a Death Scythe, I will be as popular as my mother is. And once Shinigami-Sama has Soul as his partner, he will not need to use my loser of a Dad!' Maka thinks as she also jumps threw the window.

-In the Bathroom of the Pumpkin House-

When Soul jumps threw the window he sees that the Witch is naked…WHAT NAKED! Soul was in shock as he crashes into the bathtub where the Witch was bathing and landed right between the Witch's breasts.

'Damn this Witch is hot and she has nice big soft breasts!' Soul thinks as his nose starts to bleed.

"Oh My, What happened, little boy?" The Witch asks she leans in close to Soul's face.

"Hmph! I'm a cool guy; I'm used to seeing women naked!" Soul says with his nose still bleeding.

"But your nose is gushing blood." The Witch says with a giggle not believing Soul at all.

"DUMBASS!" Maka yells as she jumps threw the window and kicks Soul in the head.

"Sorry to disturb your bath, but we're here to take your soul!" Maka says with a sneer as she looks at the naked Witch with disgust. Blair the Witch did not like how this little girl was looking at her. Blair went over to where the cute boy was laying and put his head in her lap and asked:

"Are you okay?" Blair asks in concern.

"Yeah, because I am cool you know." Soul says weakly.

"What's going on here!? You guys are pissing me off! You get over here and change into a Scythe!" Maka yells at Soul.

"All right, all right! Okay Witch lady, I'm going to eat your soul!" Soul announces as he changes into his Scythe form.

"Let's go, Soul Eater!" Maka yells as Blair makes a smoke screen and when the smoke clears Blair was wearing her sexy Witch outfit.

Blair was confused and was about to say something but became to in awe of Soul turning into a Scythe.

"Wow! He turned into a Scythe!"Blair says in excitement making Soul blush.

"I'm going to take your soul…and make the most powerful Weapon-The Death Scythe!" Maka yells in determination.

"Oh, I like it! Would you give that Scythe to me, please?" Blair asks nicely.

"No, you stupid slut, have you not been listening to a word I have said!?" Maka yells not liking how this slut was not listening to her.

"Fine, I will just take him after I kill you." Blair says in a deadly voice as she stands her ground waiting for the little girl to make her move.

Maka rushed in blindly even Soul knew it was a dumb move if a witch could be taken down so easily there would be tons of death scythes, Blair dodged the attack easily. "Pumpkin Pumpkin!" 2 pumpkins sprang up from the ground their roots grabbed Moka by the legs and in her surprise she let Soul go flying out of her hands. "You idiot…" He shouted as he reverted to human form, he was caught by Blair and his head rested on her breast.

"I don't want to hurt you Soul I just wanted to have a little discussion with you…" Blair flew off with Soul in her arms. "So what do you want?" Soul asked placing his hands in his pockets. "You are not happy with that girl I can see that but before you make a mistake I'm not a witch I just got a lot of magical power, if you eat my soul only bad things will happen…" Blair said and showed Soul her true form before reverting back. "No way, you got that kind of power damn wish you could be my Meister instead of her…" Soul said with a grin. "I'd like that…" Blair said and hugged him.

Maka followed them after busting up Blair's pumpkins she rushed seeking out Soul's energy, she found them and rushed it using brute strength to cause them to separate. Maka grabbed onto Soul and forced him into scythe form. "Wait Maka…" Soul shouted, but Maka forced her energy out and blocked his words. "Shut up…"

The girl wielded Soul viciously Blair jumped and dodged, yes she could fight back but she could also accidently hurt Soul. "Pumpkin Pumpkin, Pumpkin Smash!" Pumpkins materialized out of thin air and flew at Maka; the Meister used Soul to cut the pumpkins down.

Blair had to act fast she summoned a pumpkin full of smoke and like a fool Maka cut it and created a smoke screen. Blair landed on the ground and began to gather her magic, Maka may have been mean and cruel but she was fast ignoring Soul's cries to stop but Moka cut her, her body dissolved exposing her soul. The weapon male reverted back to normal and he held her soul crying. "What are you waiting for you idiot?" She grabbed the soul and forced it in his mouth, Soul had no choice but to swallow or die once the soul was swallowed all the other Soul's he gathered were gone. Soul pushed away from her. "You idiot if I wasn't the man I am I would snap…"

A black cat wearing a witch's hat came out into the street. "Blair!" Soul cried and the cat reverted back to Blair's form. "I thought you were dead…" She giggled and flicked his head. "Silly boy cat's have 9 lives a soul for each one."

Soul was so happy that he had not been forced to kill the woman he could see himself falling in love with. Meanwhile while the couple was having their loving moment Maka was fuming she was trembling in rage.

"What, so that means this idiot ate 99 souls and 1 cat soul!?" Maka yells.

"Yep, I tried to tell you I was not a Witch. I am just a Cat with a high level Witch powers." Blair explains while still in her cat form in Soul's lap. Soul was also petting her really soft fur which made Maka even madder.

"WHAT, that means I have to collect 99 SOULS AGAIN!?" Maka yells in frustration.

Soul groans in dismay, he was hoping to be free of Maka that night by becoming a Death Scythe.

'Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it and here I was hoping to be with Blair.' Soul thinks to himself in disappointment. But little did he know that his time as Maka's Weapon was coming to an end.