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Standing outside the service being held for Jason, she felt like he had when they had lost Emily and was banned from her funeral. It was hard, painfully so, to have to sit through the entire ceremony from outside the church doors. She doesn't know how he managed to do it all those years ago, but the pain she feels is just overwhelmingly unbearable.

She had to be there, though. She had to say goodbye to their past and to their love before she said goodbye to Port Charles for good. With Jason gone, she had nothing left to keep her in that town. Her relationship with her grams is barely there, she couldn't take being around her brother now that Jason's gone, not after everything that's happened.

Her entire life, her boys' lives, are packed away in shipping boxes, awaiting the movers to load them into their trucks and transport them cross country to her new home. Everything was set, all she had to do now was board a plane with her boys and leave Port Charles in the past for good.

As the ceremony came to an end, Elizabeth made a silent exit as the others began to rise out of their seats, she couldn't risk being caught in the church. Now that Sam has finally accepted Jason's dead, she has decided that its all Elizabeth's fault. All the wasted time, time that could have been spent with her husband, Sam has decided that its all Elizabeth's fault for getting in the middle of their marriage.

With her boys patiently waiting for her at her Grams, Elizabeth makes her way through the town, to every last place that mattered. Jake's. Kelly's. The Boxcar. Tears frozen in her eyes the entire time. Spending as much time as she could at every location, though it wasn't much, saying goodbye to the memories.

The Winding Road. The Bridge to Nowhere. The statues. Heart breaking, tears falling, this was the hardest goodbye she's ever had to make. As she makes her way back to her car, a quote pops into her mind, making her angry to her core. How lucky am I to have known someone it was so hard to say goodbye to.

She's so tired of knowing people that was so hard to say goodbye to. She wants to know someone that she'll never have to say goodbye to. To find someone like that, well, that will be something to feel fortunate about. Not someone that made it hard to say goodbye. She hates goodbyes.

"Elizabeth, dear..." her grams tries to say something, but she just couldn't fathom what to say. It was no secret that Jason wasn't one of her favorite people.

"Thanks for watching the boys, Gram." Elizabeth says simply, picking up a sleeping Aiden in her arms before helping Cameron with his things. "I'll call you when we get settled into the new place."

"Do you really think its necessary for you to leave town?"

"After all these years...yeah, Gram." Elizabeth shakes her head. "Its more than necessary."

"I'm sorry you believe that."

"Take care of yourself, Gram." she says softly, hugging her grandmother. "And watch out for Steven for me...we both know he needs it from time to time."

"I will." she promises, smiling slightly in spite of her feelings. "Be safe."

"Always am." Elizabeth could taste the acid in those words but ignores it, taking her boys and leaving her Gram's home.

Securing her boys in the backseat of her car, she tosses their things into the trunk before getting into the driver's seat and heading to the house. She'll grab the luggage and then they'll be off. The movers had the key to the place and had complete access to their things. As much as she wanted to be there while they packed it all up into the truck, she just couldn't be. It hurt too much.

"Mom?" Cameron speaks for the first time since she picked them up. "Do we have to go?"

"I thought you were happy to be moving?" Elizabeth counters, turning to look at him after she parked the car in the driveway.

"I was." he admits, lowering his eyes to his game. "But...won't Jake feel all alone?"

"No, sweetheart." she shakes her head. "Gram's here and so is Uncle Steven. A lot of people that loved him will visit him all the time."

"But we won't."

"Baby, no matter where we go, your brother will never be too far away." she says softly, reaching back to hold his hand. "Your brother is wherever you are...in your heart...in your memories. We're never too far away, okay?"

"Okay." he shakes his head. "Can I help get the bags?"

"Of course, sweetie."

Taking her boys down, Elizabeth lays Aiden down on the couch, surprised that he hasn't stirred from his sleep yet. A part of her was glad that he wasn't awake, he'll be confused enough as it is, he didn't need to watch them load their stuff into the car.

With the help of her son, Elizabeth loaded their luggage, the necessities, before loading them back into the car to head to the airport. This had to be the right move. Staying in Port Charles just wasn't a viable option anymore. Too many painful memories, too much loss, just too much for her to bear.

"H-How is this possible?" Spinelli stutters through, unable to put a coherent thought together.

"There's no time to explain, right now." one of Jason's long time friends urges him. "You have to stop her from leaving. Can you do that?"

"I...how?" Spinelli shakes his head, confused beyond belief. "She's scheduled to fly out in less than an hour."

"I don't care how you do it. Just do it! She can't leave now."

"O-Okay." Spinelli grabs his laptop, hacking into the air traffic control. "I'll do my best."

Typing away at the speed of light, Spinelli is able to hack into the air traffic control tower and delay Elizabeth's flight. With the first step out of the way, he books it to the airport, praying to all that's holy that he's able to pull it off. The last time he saw Elizabeth, she had been so adamant in leaving that he wasn't sure he'd be able to stop her.

"I'm sorry, ma'am." the airport customer service apologizes. "They're not saying why the flight was delayed, just that it was."

"I can't believe this." Elizabeth groans, pacing back and forth. It wasn't supposed to be this damn hard.

"Mom?" Cameron pulls her out of her head space. "Are we leaving?"

"Our flight's been delayed, sweetheart." Elizabeth kneels down beside him. "Its just gonna take a little longer than we thought."

"Maternal One!"

"No way." Elizabeth turns at the use of her nickname, finding the only person that would ever use it. "Spinelli? Please tell me you're not responsible for the flight delay."

"Spinelli!" Cameron exclaims, doing his secret handshake with his somewhat newly found friend.

"Hey, little man." Spinelli smiles slightly.

"Spinelli!" Elizabeth snaps, bringing his attention back to her. "What's going on?"

"You can't leave." Spinelli says seriously. "Not now."

"We've been through this." Elizabeth sighs, shaking her head. "There's nothing left for me here. Its time that we had a fresh start."

"I know that you feel that way, but the Jackal is begging you to go off of trust." Spinelli pleads with her. "I'll explain everything, but not here. Please, you can't leave Port Charles. Not now."


"Now more than ever, Maternal One." Spinelli says pleadingly. "Its pertinent that you're in town."

"If this is some kind of game..." she starts to say before he cuts her off.

"I'd never do that to you." Spinelli says wholeheartedly. "It'll all be explained shortly...please, trust me."

"Fine." Elizabeth shakes her head, gesturing for him to push the luggage cart. "I'm gonna trust you."

"Thank you."

Leading them out of the airport, Cameron all smiles by now, knowing that they weren't leaving. Once they are all loaded into the car, luggage in the trunk, Elizabeth instructs Cameron to listen to his music on his headphones before telling Spinelli to start explaining. She just put a stop to her plans with less than a moment's notice and she wanted answers.

"Two words." Spinelli says seriously. "Two words and I promise you'll be glad you didn't board that plane."

"Just spit it out already." Elizabeth counters. "I can't take anymore suspense in my life right now."

"Jason's alive."

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