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Slamming her foot on the breaks, Elizabeth turned to look at Spinelli incredulously, he had to be joking. This had to be some kind of sick joke and she's more than ready to smack a computer geek if it is. Jason's dead. Everyone in town knows that, most of all Spinelli, so this wasn't even funny in the least.

"You're lying." she states, glaring at him. "You searched for him along with the search and rescue team...he's gone!"

"But he isn't." Spinelli insists she believe him. "Jason's very much alive."

"Stop!" Elizabeth grips the steering wheel tightly. "Just stop, Spinelli. He's not alive."

"I know how hard it must be to accept this after believing he's dead." Spinelli assures, placing a soft hand on one of hers. "But he's alive and he needs you."

"If its true." she moves his hand from hers. "I'm the last person he needs."

"You've trusted me enough to not board that plane." Spinelli points out, noting that other cars are honking at her to drive. "Trust me a little longer and I swear I'll pay for three first class tickets out of town if it turns out I'm lying."

"If it turns out you're lying, Spinelli...trust me," she steps on the gas, "Paying for our tickets will be the last of your worries."

Staring ahead at the road, Elizabeth's focus remained on getting to Harbor View Towers and her boys in the back seat. She barely failed to notice Spinelli looking at her a little nervously, obviously he has never seen her like this, but she didn't care. No one messes with her emotions like this, with her heart, and expects for her to just jump on board. Not anymore. Jason's not alive and Spinelli will have hell to pay for screwing with her like this.

Even with her belief that Jason really is dead, she couldn't help but hold out a sliver of hope that Spinelli's right. With Jason alive, she could make it through her life, she could put aside her feelings and just accept that he's with his wife. As long as she knew he was out there, somewhere in the world, alive. With him dead, her world just seemed to lose its balance. It hurt too much and she barely had any focus left.

"He's not here." Spinelli tells her as they get down in the parking garage. "Too dangerous to have him in his own home."

"Then where is he?" she counters, playing along for now.

"He's somewhere safe." a voice assures, causing her to turn and look at the person she has missed so much. "He's alive, Lizzie."

"Francis." she breathes, walking into his waiting arms, shutting her eyes as she rests her head on his chest. "You came back."

"Sorry it took me this long." Francis apologizes, holding her close, rubbing her back soothingly. "But we're back and we're not going anywhere."

"Johnny?" she guesses, pulling away slightly to look him in the eye. "Where?"

"He's with Jason." he smiles slightly, knowing just how she'd react to seeing them again. "You ready to go to him?"

"So this is real?" she asks him seriously. "He's really alive?"

"He's really alive." he assures her, the seriousness in his eyes for her to see. "And he needs you."

"Okay." she says without hesitation. "But what about my boys?"

"Johnny'll take care of them when we get there." Francis holds out his hand. "Lets get going."

Shaking her head, Elizabeth allows Francis to help her get her boys, successfully gaining the curiosity of Cameron. While he entertained each and every one of Cameron's questions, Elizabeth transferred Aiden to Francis's car before helping Cameron get in. She was surprised, to say the least, that Cameron wasn't asking much about why there were still in town or where they were going. Which, for her son, was a complete shock in and of itself.

"Hey, you." Johnny O'Brien greets her with a warm embrace when they get to the safe house. The same safe house that Jason had purchased just for them. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." she says softly, pulling away to look him over, smiling slightly. "You look good for a dead guy."

"I know." Johnny smirks, gesturing to his body. "Death looks good on me."

"I'm glad you two decided to come back." she says softly, glancing between both guards. "Nothing's been the same without you."

"If not for you, Liz..." Francis smiles slightly. "We never would have had the chance to come back."

It was a dark, stormy night, when Elizabeth started banging on Jason's door. She couldn't believe that he was really going to do what that insipid blonde claimed he was going to do. She had to see it for herself, to hear it from his mouth, and to find a way to put a stop to it if its true.

"You shouldn't be here." Jason tells her when he opens the door, walking back into his apartment without even inviting her in. Not that she needed an invitation.

"Tell me Carly was lying to get under my skin." she says seriously, shutting the door behind her. "Tell me you're not seriously going to kill Johnny."

"You shouldn't be here." Jason says again, securing his gun at the small of his back, reaching for his jacket. "This is business and I'm not going to talk to you about it."

"This is Johnny we're talking about." she grabs his arm, forcing him to look at her. "Johnny O'Brien, your friend, the man that laid his life on the line for you on a daily basis."

"What do you expect me to do?" Jason counters, eyeing her intently. "Its as good as done."

"No its not!" she states angrily. "You still have a choice!"

"If I don't do it, Sonny'll just make someone else."

"After everything you and Johnny have been through together, I can't believe you're just going to end his life without remorse."

"Who says I won't have remorse?" he practically shouts. "I never wanted this! Its my job."

"The Jason I know wouldn't accept that." she says firmly. "The Jason I know would do what it took to save the people he cared about."

He looked at her intently, his mind finally accepting that there had to be another way to end this chaos, to satisfy Sonny while keeping Johnny alive. Elizabeth stood completely still as he walked over to the couch, plopping down on it to think, making her wish more than ever that she could read his mind. After what felt like forever, he stood up, moving to stand right in front of her.

"We never had this conversation, understand?" he says seriously. "If I do this, you've got to believe that Johnny's dead...otherwise...I'll have to do it."

"I'll do whatever it takes." she says without hesitation. "So...you're going to protect him?"

"He's my friend." Jason says simply, pulling open the door. "Come on, I'll drop you home before I go see Johnny and Francis."


"The only way I'm gonna pull this off is with his help." Jason sighs, shaking his head. "I'm done talking to you about this. Let's go."

The three of them knew the consequences of Jason's actions if he would have went through with killing Johnny in cold blood. Francis would feel the need to avenge his friend, thus killing Jason, and then Sonny would have found out and killed Francis. In the end, Elizabeth would have lost three of her best guys because of Sonny's need to be in control. Thankfully, for her sake, she has yet to lose any of them. Not really.

"He's just in here." Francis says softly, guiding her to the room. "He's been asking for you since we pulled him from the water."

"How is he?" she asks him carefully, not really sure she wanted to know.

"He's pretty bad." Francis admits, placing one hand on her shoulder. "If anyone can save him, its you. After all, you have a knack for it."

Accepting his words of encouragement, Elizabeth walks into the room they had Jason in, completely in shock when he came into view. Francis wasn't kidding, he really is pretty bad off. In shock over seeing Jason laying there, she didn't even notice when the door was shut behind her.

"Oh, Jason." Elizabeth says softly, sitting down beside him. "I'm so sorry for everything."

In the living room of the safe house, the guys have the boys distracted with their own brand of entertainment, smiling slightly as they both focused on their own things. Much like their mother, they didn't seem to be on edge at all, completely content with being in their care. A big part of them wishes they could have spent time with Jake when he was alive, but they wouldn't dwell on it now.

"You think we should tell her about Jason's plan?" Johnny asks him in a hushed tone. "I mean, don't you think she'll start getting curious about us being here in time to save him?"

"She won't ask any questions until Jason's okay." Francis assures him, shaking his head. "By then, Jason'll make the choice to tell her or not."

"Think he will?"

"If he ever wants to get it right with her, he will." Francis looks over at the boys. "And, for all our sakes, he better damn well get it right this time."

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