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Harry looked at his erstwhile home/prison with ambivalence. On one hand he had hoped he would never set eyes on this house again while on the other Harry found it quite anti-climatic. The Dursley home seemed just another lower-middle class homes in a neighborhood filled with them. Even the spot Harry and Luna had apparated to seemed different to him. At one time it had been his hide-out in the park during the long days filled with Harry Hunting. Now it was just an out-of-the-way bit of a park Harry was sure was little different from hundreds of such places in Britain.

Harry frowned. Was this just the normal part of growing up? Seeing things which once held so much emotion as what they actually were? Or was he going numb? He had so many shocks come at him lately. He could easily see himself bottling everything up so as not to deal with it.

Suddenly Harry felt Luna's hand slip into his own and give a squeeze. Harry turn to find found Luna smiling encouragingly up at him, "It is alright, Harry. This too shall pass," Luna said softly. Her eyes were bright and seemed to be looking right into Harry's worries.

Harry's heart skipped a beat. Once again Luna seemed to know just what to say to make him feel better. He bent down and gave her a quick peck on the lips, "Thanks, Luna. It has been a wild ride this last week. Hard to get my bearings sometimes."

Luna continued to smile up at him, "It is okay, Harry. I understand. I believe many felt the same way you are right now after the fight at Hogwarts and finding the Headmaster had been killed. It was a lot to take in all at once."

Harry sighed, "Yes well I think I've got a few years of insanity on most of the students." Harry frowned, "I'm rather surprised the Death Eaters didn't torch this place especially since I escaped. I'm not complaining, mind you."

Luna frowned as well. "The energy here is dark. Not magically but just the psychic resonance."

Harry laughed bitterly, "This house was never filled with happiness. Even when my relatives were happy it usually mean pain and suffering for me."

Luna continued to frown; her normally bright eyes were clouded with worry. "Harry, I do not think this would be the best place to keep Pansy until we find a better location. I believe the energy is too dark and Pansy has enough darkness to deal with as it is."

"Well it would only be temporary until I can find another property. I think it will be a bit before I can go through all my new stuff I got when I became lord of four houses. I'm sure I own something…" Harry broke off as he noticed something rustling in the bushes which was followed by a plaintive meow.

"Harry?" Luna asked as Harry cautiously moved closer to the bush and knelt down. Harry didn't answer but to her surprise a kneazle came out to sniff Harry's outstretched hand.

"Hey you're not Mr. Tibbles," Harry said as he scratched behind the ears of the magical cat. "Plus how come you're not spelled?" Harry looked over at Luna, "Mrs. Figg was one of the watchers of Dumbledore who would babysit me when I was a kid. After I found out she was a squib I was surprised to find out she's actually a kneazle breeder. She likes to experiment breeding kneazles with normal cats. I didn't realize this because she has a friend spelled them all to look like normal cats in case they get out…which they did all the time since they are so smart."

Harry smiled as he rubbed the kneazle under the its chin which caused it to purr like a rusty motor. "Come to think of it, it is a good bet that Crookshanks may have been born at her place.

"Who is Mr. Tibbles?" Luna asked.

"Oh I guess you might call him the alpha cat. He was smart enough to run and get Mrs. Figg after my cousin Dudley and I got attacked by Dementors." The cat bonked its head against Harry's hand but then moved away before looking back and meowing again. Harry's smile turned to a concerned frown. "You know what? I've got a bad feeling about this. While her cats were always figuring out ways to get out, this feels different somehow. Let's go check on her."

Harry motioned for Luna to follow him to Wisteria Walk and they quickly made their way with the kneazle following with its tail twitching as it stood straight up like a flag pole without a flag. Harry felt dread grip him when he noticed the front door to Mrs. Figg's place only looked closed but was actually unlatched.

"Harry?" Luna asked. It was obvious she was reading the situation the same way.

Harry stopped to think but the kneazle went right up to the door and pawed at it, meowing plaintively. "Okay, let me think this through. Most of the neighbors will be on holiday so this might not have gotten noticed. We never really had many police patrols since not much crime happens in Little Whinging…well big crimes. Dudley and his gang were a mini crime wave of their own."

Harry moved up to the door, "Wands out!" A sudden pang gripped Harry as he realized Cedric had said something similar right before he was killed by Pettigrew. He tried to push on the door, but it felt like something was blocking it. A slight shove and the door opened. A quick glance inside showed Harry that an over-turned chair had kept the door from opening. The once immaculate living room was a mess. Worse was a smell which assaulted Harry's nose. Harry closed his eyes and sighed. He knew what that sick smell probably was.

As the kneazle bounded into the house, Harry turned to Luna, "Luna. I think Mrs. Figg is dead in there. The smell is about right."

Luna reached out and put her hand on Harry's shoulder, "Oh Harry! I am so sorry."

Harry reached up and squeezed Luna's hand, "I would have thought she would have been smart enough to get out. I guess she bought Dumbledore's line about Snape being trustworthy. Let me cast the Bubblehead Charm on you. You really don't want to smell what's in there."

Luna smirked and cast the spell on herself, "Really, Harry. Did you honestly think my father would let something like the Ministry's Trace keep his little moonbeam from casting spells? Who do you think does everything around our house? Besides, I will be seventeen next month anyway."

Harry blinked at this before he realized he had seen Luna cast a few spells before they left the Rookery. He just had accepted it at the time. "Well I guess this shows I need to be a bit more observant. Although if we get into a fight, it will be nice your spells won't draw any more attention to us." Harry sighed and cast the Bubblehead Charm on himself, "You ready for this?"

Luna nodded.

Mrs. Figg's decomposing body was half-way between the living room and the kitchen. From the wounds on her body it looked like someone had used spells to fling her about which explained the mess. Both teens were surprised when a clowder of kneazles came bounding out of the kitchen, all meowing loudly.

Harry looked down at the woman who had babysat for him so many times. He felt bad about how he had hated being here when he was young considering he was the reason she was dead. She certainly deserved better than what had happened to her. "Kreacher!" Harry called out.

Kreacher popped into the room. "What bez thy biddingz, my Master?" the elf asked with a low bow.

"Kreacher, I want you to take this body and prepare it in whatever ways are appropriate for wizards. Then put the remains in stasis. Mrs. Figg deserves a proper burial."

"But of course, my Master! Kreacher lives to serve the Ancient and Noble House of Black!" Kreacher said as he clicked his fingers and the same sort of bag which he had used on Flint and Shunpike encased Mrs. Figg's corpse. With a pop, the elf disappeared.

"Oh damn," Harry said. With the body gone, Harry saw it had been covering the remains of Mr. Tibbles. Harry looked at the other kneazles and saw that almost all of them were just kittens. While there were a few older ones, the only one which looked like a full adult was the one who had led them here. That one (a female Harry thought) was eying him as if judging him.

"Those kittens are rather well fed considering Mrs. Figg was probably murdered eight days ago," Luna said quietly.

"I'm betting Mrs. Figg probably has some self-filling bowls for them and the food hasn't run out yet," Harry said in a distracted tone.

Luna looked at him, "What are you thinking Harry?"

Harry looked around the house, "You said it yourself; the Dursley house is too dark for Pansy. However with Mrs. Figg dead there is no reason why we can't just take this home over. I'm betting it's connected to the Floo network so Mrs. Figg could call Dumbledore. I'm also betting there are a lot of subtle wards on this place already and we could put up a few more and hide it in plain sight. Besides someone is going to have to look after all these kneazles now that Mrs. Figg is dead. Might as well give Pansy something to do than sit around and brood."

Luna cocked her head to the side for a moment before chuckling softly, "Pansy Parkinson: concubine and kneazle breeder. Not a fate I am sure she would have ever imagined for herself."

Harry snorted, "She's lucky she was so close to me when I attacked Draco or she'd be dead right now. I'm thinking being a kneazle caretaker beats being a corpse any day of the week." Harry looked at the mess and sighed, "Well let's take stock at what we have here. Hopefully Winky and Dobby can clear this smell up and ensure this place is livable."

"I am sure Pansy will appreciate it," Luna said wryly.

Harry chuckled as he called for Winky and Dobby. He had a feeling Pansy's reaction would probably be rather loud.



Hermione caught her reflection in one of the decorative mirrors and stared. She'd been doing that all morning after Tonks and her mother had taken her to the Lost in Beauty hair salon. Hermione still couldn't wrap her head around her new look or that the stylist who had done her hair had previously done work for both Elle and Vogue magazine. While Andromeda was looked down upon for marrying a Muggleborn, she certainly knew the right circles in the mundane world!

The semi-stranger in the reflection pursed her lips. Hermione had never felt comfortable being feminine. Even after she came to understand she had picked this up from her mother who seemed to have a mad-on for the world when it came to women's supposed place, Hermione still acted like doing anything 'girly' was somehow wrong. Like if she actually put some effort into her make-up that she'd end up like Lavender and Parvati; always giggling over boys.

Of course if she was honest with herself she'd admit she always worried that even after putting effort into her look that boys would still ignore her. Far safer (even if cowardly) was just to not take the chance and stick to the books which never called her a bucked-tooth bookworm. She'd gotten better after the Yule Ball but old habits were hard to break. In that she and Harry had much more in common than he realized.

Hermione ran her hand through her new hair-do. It was short and curly and she had to agree with the stylist that it framed her face well. The perm also had tamed the bushy disaster. With her new blue contacts, Hermione was sure no Death Eater would recognize her.

She hardly recognized the reflection in the mirror herself.

Hermione sighed and continued to look for new clothes. She didn't want either one of the Tonks women to start picking things out for her. She figured Tonks would have her look far too racy and she thought she'd end up looking like professional like her mother if Andromeda picked out the clothes. It didn't help that as a Healer, Andromeda was just as much a health care professional as her mother.

Hermione sighed again, this time with sadness. There it was again: her mother. She could almost hear her comment how much her new hair-style suited her but then would ruin it by saying she didn't need any more rumors about being a lesbian since she never had a boyfriend. Hermione had quite a few regrets in life but asking her mother's advice about her conflicted feelings about her sexuality was definitely up there in the top three. It had just given her mother more ammo to use against her.

Hermione shook her head. Considering her mother's views, she would almost think Emma Granger would be happy her daughter liked girls so she wouldn't have to put up with 'the piggish ways of men' as she was wont to say. Sadly both her parents were very much aware of their social and professional image. In some ways they were just as bad as the Dursleys from what she had gotten from Harry over the years. The difference is the Grangers pulled it off. Having a lesbian for a daughter would not sit well in the social circles her parents ran in.

Hermione couldn't help but huff to herself; can't have the daughter damaging the Granger brand any more than she had by being a witch and thus away most of the year. She knew her parents loved her but she also knew they wished they could show her off more so as to one-up their friends and relatives. At least to her parents, being Little Miss Know-It-All was a plus when comparing their daughter to her cousins.

And Harry had wondered why she had always been willing to get away from her parents at the drop of a hat to help him!

Hermione frowned to herself as she continued to look through the racks of designer clothes. Deep down, she almost wished she had obliviated her parents and shipped them off to Australia like she had told everyone. Luckily some of the gold Sirius had bequeathed to her (which had come as a shock) had enabled her parents to take a sabbatical for some training they had wanted for some time. So they were safely in Vancouver learning new dental skills and safe in British Columbia.

Any Death Eaters looking for them in Perth were going to be there for a long time only to come home empty. Hermione couldn't help but smirk; maybe the Voldemort would kill them for their failure.

"Hey Helen! How about this one?"

Even though she recognized Tonks' voice, it took a second to remember Helen was her new alias; Helen Denton. While it was a perfectly good English name, she had chosen Denton as a nod to her parents as dentists since dents was French for teeth. Of course only Harry and Ted had gotten the joke about her wanting to go by Helen.

Hermione looked over to see Tonks holding up a blouse. It actually was stylish without being garish or loud.

"Looks good Dora! Add it to the pile," Hermione said with a gesture towards the chair she already had some clothes on. While her mother was under a glamour, Tonks had a new face she was getting used to. Since so few people knew what she really looked like, it wasn't all that different from her base form. However since her cover surname Thoma was Greek, she had changed her complexion to match and her hair was as curly as Hermione's was.

Like Hermione's name, the whole alias was a bit of a joke. Thoma could mean twin and Theodora was a nod towards her father. It also allowed them to call her Dora like her father did. Hermione wondered what name Harry would come up with other than Evan as his first name. They even had an alias for Luna which Hermione thought the Ravenclaw would find fitting.

Tonks came over and dropped the blouse on the chair they were using. She made a face and turned to Hermione, "I think, Helen, it is time to start trying things on. Otherwise we're going to be here all day. As much as I like shopping, Evan and Fiora could be back by now if everything went alright."

Hermione huffed, "When has anything gone right lately?"

Tonks grinned and pushed Hermione towards the fitting room. Before she could enter, Andromeda came over and said she was going to have a coffee in the café across the street and wait for them to finish up.

Hermione gathered up the clothes and went into the changing room. She liked how it was large and not the dinky booths one normally found in most chain commercial stores. She shed her clothes and was about to take up the first skirt and blouse when her image in the full-sized mirror caught her attention.

Hermione was anything but vain, but her image made her pause because she was feeling something she hadn't really felt since the Yule Ball: she was liking what she saw. Hermione ran a hand along her bum and smiled to see that it was quite shapely. All those hours hiking up the stairs in Hogwarts lugging her books had done her more than just making her top of her year!

While she wasn't happy with the size of her breasts, Hermione realized they were just about right for her frame. They might not be as big as she might wish for but in reality they suited her body quite well.

Hermione ran her hand through her hair and then almost guiltily struck a sexy pose. Her reflection smiled back at her. She was certainly no Daphne Greengrass or even a Lavender Brown but for the first time in ages Hermione felt rather happy with her look. Maybe it was the new haircut and eye-color; she almost felt like a new person.

"Looking good there Helen"

Hermione gasped and turn around, instinctively covering her breasts and sex since all she was wearing was the heels she was wearing to get used to walking in them. While not high heels, Hermione had always worn sensible shoes except for the night of the Yule Ball and even then her shoes had been picked more towards comfort than fashion. The added height from the heels was just another way to hide her in plain sight.

Tonks smiled although Hermione felt it was almost a leer, "I think Evan is going to like the new you. I have to say I'm rather partial to it."

Hermione knew she was probably blushing as hard as Ginny used to around Harry. "Ton..uh, I mean Dora. What are you doing in here?"

Tonks laughed, "Well in case you didn't notice this shop only has two changing rooms and the other one is occupied." Tonks pulled out her wand and silently cast a spell. Hermione could tell just from the wand movements it was a silencing spell followed by a Notice-Me-Not charm.

"There, now we can talk without having any Statute issues, yes?" Tonks said, still grinning rakishly.

Hermione couldn't help but shiver. She could see why Andromeda joked about Sirius being Tonks' real dad given how alike she acted like her cousin. It was rather eerie at times in how she often smiled just like Sirius had when he talked about pulling pranks.

"So, are you going to try on some clothes or are you just going to sit there and show off your nakedness?" Tonks joked. "Not that that would be a bad thing mind you," the older witch said as she began to undressed as well.

Hermione couldn't help but stare. Was Tonks flirting with her? While she had her own sexual identity problems, most witches mostly gave up on girl-sex after their bodies got through puberty and synched properly with their magic. Certainly many formed bonds which would occasionally result in some on-the-sly sex. Considering some of the things Hermione had inferred reading between the lines on the culture of Magical Britain, it seemed an old school partner was often the best sex a witch could get after marriage even if it had to come from another witch.

Yet these trysts were not seen as homosexual in nature. However sex with someone outside an old school partner was and thus severely frowned upon. Probably since it was a seen as a threat to the established culture with wizards on top even though they strayed all the time. Of course while boy-sex would be expected at school, the cultural view on it was such that it was far more underground and adult males having sex with another man, even with an old school chum, was a whisper away from being illegal.

All of these thoughts breezed through Hermione's head as she just stood there and watched Tonks get naked. She knew she was staring but for some reason she couldn't do anything but hungrily take in Tonks' nude beauty.

What was wrong with her lately? She was just as bad as Harry with suddenly being horny all the time! Was it an after-effect of Molly's potions? Or was this just how normal teenagers acted when not doped up on magical drugs? Hermione desperately wished she could talk to Lilith. For all her own smarts, Hermione had found Lilith always seemed to know how to make things become clear in a way she could never do for herself about such things.

Tonks smiled coyly as she held Hermione's gaze as she took her bra and knickers off. That is until Hermione couldn't help look at her body so more. Her 'new' form was really her base form with only her face changed and her skin more smoky olive in color. Even her hair was the same except made curly like one saw commonly in Greece. The overall effect was stunning and Hermione felt heat leap to her cheeks as she felt the beginnings of the tell-tale moistness between her legs.

The older witch's smile became more predatory as if she could read Hermione's mind. She affected a pose with her hand on her chin as if contemplating something. Hermione's blush got a bit redder as she couldn't help but look at how the pose pushed Tonks' breasts up. Hermione felt her own nipples becoming as hard as Tonks' already were.

Tonks suddenly made a decision and moved in on Hermione who couldn't help but let out a bit of a squawk of surprise. This squawk almost turned into a moan when Tonks caught her nipples in her fingers and began to caress them.

"My, my, Helen. Look at what those school robes have been hiding! For that matter your baggy Muggle clothes back at Grimmauld Place cover them up. What a terrible shame! Or are you worried that Ron and the Twins would have to whack off all the time if you showed these beauties off under a tight sweater? I doubt you would have been worried that much if Harry had to have one off the wrist dreaming of these beauties," Tonks asked teasingly as she continued to play with Hermione's breasts.

"Tonks, please! We…we…we can't be doing this!" Hermione gasped.

"No? Well gee since you are fighting me off sooOOoo hard maybe I should stop," Tonks replied easily. "It is a good thing you are resisting so well so I can't have my way with you," the older witch snarked as she dropped one hand to start caressing Hermione's sex.

Hermione's face burned. She had practically spread her legs invitingly when Tonks had crowded her against the wall. Now with one of Tonks' hands on her breast and the other sliding into her, Hermione could only verbally protest weakly even as she already was arching her back and thrusting her hips against Tonks' probing fingers.

After a minute or so of her pleading, Tonks apparently decided the best way to get her to stop was to kiss her. Almost immediately Tonks' tongue was in her mouth to dance with her own. A flick of Tonks' thumb on her clit as she was pushing two fingers in her was enough to set off a small orgasm in the writhing, younger witch.

As her body shuddered in pleasure, again Hermione had to wonder what was wrong with her? She was acting like those bimbos in her dad's pornos; just accepting sex like it was no big deal. Sex in a busy shop with another shopper probably inches from her beyond the wall! Yet Hermione could not find it in herself to do anything other than just let the older witch play her body like a musical instrument.


Tonks grinned to herself. She wasn't sure what was up with her lately but she liked it! She'd always been one who had no trouble dating or even having sex, witch or wizard, in school and up till Harry's Fifth year it was rare she wasn't out with someone.

Then she met Remus.

Yet as she continued to thrust her fingers into the young Gryffindor and continued to snog her hard, Tonks felt her old self again for the first time in a long time. Well perhaps the first time had been the other night with Harry. It was like a fog had been lifted from her brain and she went back to the fun-loving gal she had always been.

And fun was what she was having!

Tonks pulled back only to lean in and lick up and down Hermione's neck before giving her a bit of a bite. This caused Hermione to moan and Tonks felt the younger witch's sex spasm around her fingers. Tonks bent down and began to lick on of Hermione's nipples even as her own sex was getting wet listening to the sounds of her partner's moans.

This was certainly better than the hurried couplings she had had with her erstwhile husband. As she sped up the thrusting of her fingers, Tonks realized Harry had been a better fuck than Remus and he'd been a virgin! What had she seen in Remus?

As Hermione came around her fingers again, all the while cradling Tonks' head in her hands, the older witch definitely saw why Pansy Parkinson had kept coming back for more of Hermione. She was just one bundle of bent up sexual energy! Tonks smiled around the girl's taut nipple; it was obvious she had been building up sexual tension which had never gotten much release till she had met Pansy. Or perhaps her girlfriend Lilith wasn't much into hard core kink.

Tonks stood up and licked her lips. Speaking of kink, she needed to get off something fierce and the younger witch was already two orgasms ahead of her. She laughed as she watched Hermione's eyes grow round as Tonks did a trick other witches had to resort to a spell to pull off as she grew out her clit into a replica of a penis.

"Tonks! You're not going to…I mean…here? I…I…" Hermione mumbled even though she had unconsciously licked her lips with anticipation.

"What? You only let Slytherin girls fuck you? I'm hurt!" Tonks teased. She roughly grabbed Hermione and spun her around and pushed her down so her wonderful arse was in the air. "See now I would think getting fucked by a Hufflepuff would be something less intimidating than getting it from a snake! Considering your girlfriend is a Badger, I'd think you'd be more open to it!"

With that she grabbed Hermione by the hips and began to roughly fuck her. Just as she expected, Hermione was wet; tight but still wet. Also as Tonks expected, Hermione continued to plead half-heartedly for her to stop even as she braced her hands against the wall as she bucked back against her.

Tonks let out a lusty laugh. This was more like it! She had fucked her way through the Quidditch team her sixth year, bedding every witch and wizard on the team. She'd even done quite a few on the Gryffindor team after having a go with Charlie Weasley. Oh she had kept to the Pureblood conventions and never let a wizard fuck her virginally (her mother would have killed her) but she certainly had done everything else.

Then came auror school and the stress of the course certainly had the trainees undergo the Rush quite often. Once again Tonks had slept with almost all of her fellow trainees, even the female ones on the sly. Her metamorphmagus powers had made the breaking of the social taboo worthwhile for those witches!

Tonks began to let out a happy grunt each time she bounced back off of Hermione's lush bum as she fucked the younger witch. Tonks had long ago tossed away labels. She wasn't het or homo; she just liked sex and she didn't let her bother her about who she had it with.

…until she met Remus.

Even as Hermione let out a long moan and orgasmed again, her sex gripping Tonks' clit-cock enough to make her orgasm herself, this thought sent a shiver of worry through the older witch. What had changed when she had met Remus? Why had suddenly she turned into the mousy, brown-haired girl who mooned over a man who went out of his way to be difficult? This while Molly had been practically pimping the very tasty Bill towards her bed?

Tonks shook her head as if to clear it; her face suddenly ugly with the angry frown on it. She grabbed Hermione and spun her around while forcing her onto her knees. "Time to see how good your oral skills are dearie!" Tonks practically barked.

As Tonks expected, Hermione's eyes were wide but the moment her hands grabbed her by the hair, she almost eagerly let herself begin to be face-fucked…and she was good at it!

"Well I guess old Pansy had a good 'witch's helper' for you to suck on didn't she?" Tonks asked. The look in Hermione's eyes confirmed her guess. Unlike Muggle dildos, magical ones used in strap-on harnesses were usually spelled so they mimicked what a real cock would feel like. Thus the witch wearing it felt as if she actually had a penis.

Tonks knew she was using sex to hide from the dark thoughts she was having. Sadly it was one of her dominant traits. Yet watching the younger witch who seemed the text-book librarian eagerly suck her fake penis thrilled her enough to tell her conscience to go back to sleep.

In fact, as Hermione's head bobbed up and down, her tongue lashing the fake head of her clit-cock, Tonk's suddenly wanted more.

"So did Pansy make you clean her cock off after she fucked you?" Tonks asked, hoping she was right about the ways the Slytherin girl probably had dominated the Gryffindor.

Hermione continued to suck her off but still managed to nod.

"So did you like your own taste?" Tonks asked again as she began to play with her nipples.

Again Hermione nodded around her clit-cock even as a blush reddened her face.

"You little pervert! I bet you like it up your bum while she spanked you!" Tonks said as she felt another orgasm building.

Hermione blushed even more causing Tonks to grin. This was almost too easy! The younger girl might as well be something out of those pornos she'd rent when a date had fallen through! Of course the last time she had done so had ended up in sweaty fun as a girlfriend of hers had stopped over after her date had crashed early.

That memory pushed Tonks over the edge and she shuddered in orgasm. While it felt divine, Tonks felt the common problem with a witch's helper; one orgasmed but it felt hollow in a way. Her mimicking of the magical sex aide through her powers didn't help.

Luckily she was an older witch who knew the work-around!

She gently yanked on Hermione's hair to pull her off her clit-cock which she rapidly shrank back to a normal engorged clit. She took up her wand and smiled lustily at the younger witch who was staring up at her with a face of interest and lust.

"ふたなり ファンサービス!" Tonks cast a bit too loudly since she was wet with anticipation. Again her clit grew into a penis.

Hermione's face fell, "Tonks! That spell is illegal!"

Tonks laughed, "At Hogwarts it is but I'm plenty old enough to use it safely. Now get up!"

Hermione hesitated as she looked at the bobbing cock in front of her.

Tonks roughly grabbed Hermione and hoisted her up and pushed her against the wall, "I said GET UP! Did Pansy have the same discipline problems with you, you little pervert?"

Hermione looked shocked at Tonks' harsh words even as she unconsciously spread her legs at the feeling of the Tonks' magical penis at her sex.

Tonks slipped into Hermione and began to thrust hard, bouncing Hermione's bum off the wall. The younger witch moaned and began to plead for Tonks to stop.

"I'm not buying the act you little pervert! You like me fucking you like a porno girl! You like it rough you little slut! You were Pansy's little slut weren't you? And Lilith? Are you her slut as well? Did she fuck in you the Puff couples room? Or did you sneak her into the prefect's bath so she could fuck you there? Little pervert! Bet you had Myrtle watch you while you rutted like animals!"

Hermione didn't seem able to speak coherently and just hung on to the older witch who has taking her hard. Tonks felt Hermione's fingernails begin to rake her back. This turned her own even more than she'd already had been.

The changing room was filled with the dirty sounds of their bodies bouncing off each other. Besides Hermione's wetness, Tonks' own sex was practically dripping as well and the older witch had a fleeting though she wished Harry was here so she could have his cock up in her as she fucked his best friend.

This thought made her realize why she seemed so intent on dominating Hermione. Even while she knew the younger witch got off on it, Tonks felt she was marking her territory so Hermione knew who was boss.

…and so would know she was intent on claiming Harry for herself.

This sudden clarity of thought surprised Tonks. Up till that second, she hadn't realized how much she had been attracted to Harry, even when she had first met him. Even though he had been 15 and she 21 at that time, there had been something about him which had her interested. She remembered how she had actually gotten off thinking about the green-eyed wizard the night they had rescued him! How had she forgotten this? Forgotten all the times she'd fingered herself watching him mow the lawn while on Order guard duty?

Whatever the reason, now she was in a position to do something about it and witch moaning as Tonks fucked her roughly was one of the potential obstacles in her way.

This revelation seemed to energize her even more. So much so she quickly felt the tell-tale signs of an orgasmic release. Time to show the one-time bushy-haired witch who was boss!

"I'm going to cum and you, my lovely little pervert, are going to suck down my cum. You like doing that, don't you, you little slut?"

Hermione nodded as she suddenly arched her back and orgasmed.

Tonks sped up her thrust; she was close. "Say it! I want to hear it!"

"OH MY GOD! Yes! Yes! Oh God! I want to suck your cum!" Hermione screamed as another orgasm (or the same one continuing) wracked her body causing her to thrash around Tonks' member.

Tonks suddenly gasped and pulled away. Quick as a flash, Hermione fell to her knees and greedily started to suck Tonks who began to cum violently. The older witch felt like she saw stars as her hot seed pumped into Hermione's willing mouth. While not real cum, it felt like a male orgasm even if the seed was actually liquid magic.

Tonks knew she'd feel drained for the rest of the day but as she held Hermione's curly locks as she face-fucked her as she continued to shot hot loads of magical cum into her, she knew it would be well worth it.

Finally like a summer tempest which storms in violently and then suddenly vanishes, the two witches collapsed onto the floor and were still. They simply panted as they looked at each other. The heady smell of sex filled the room.

Finally Hermione said in almost a normal tone, "I certainly hope you know the spells to cover all this up. I think I'm a bit behind in that sort of magic. Please don't tell Professor McGonagall."

The fact Hermione had said this as if she was discussing the weather made Tonks laugh. She tried to stop but this made her laugh more which set off the other witch. Soon the pair of them were hugging each other and laughing like there was no tomorrow.



Luna rummaged through her bottomless bag until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out the lotion and poured a generous amount out onto her palm before turning back to Pansy who was naked and face-down on the bed with her legs slightly spread.

Luna began to rub the lotion on the angry red skin of Pansy's bum and inner thighs. For the next few minutes the room was quiet except for the occasional hiss of pain from Pansy when Luna touched a sore spot too hard. After about the fifth or so such hiss, Luna finally spoke, "I hope you realize now that Harry is not who you thought he was and never has been. Provoking him is probably not in your best interest," Luna said mildly.

Pansy gave out a humorless chuckle, "I think my bum has already figured that out by now Looney."

Luna stopped rubbing the lotion into where Harry had roughly spanked her while taking her so roughly in his anger. Her eyes clouded and for a change a hint of menace flickered across her face.

She took up her wand and with a wordless flick flipped Pansy over. The raven-haired girl gave a yelp of surprise as she found herself levitated to a point where she was eye to eye with the pale blonde.

"Pansy Irene Parkinson, I am beginning to believe you may have some sort of death wish. Considering you have always allied yourself with those willing to kill to take their Master's brand, I do not think this is too far off the mark." Luna said lightly even as an angry glint in her eye caused the floating girl to give an involuntary shiver.

"For almost all my life I have been treated shabbily for the crime of being different. This difference in outlook had people like you look down upon me as if I was not worthy of respect. Even though my blood is as pure as yours, I still was treated like trash. This led to the late Vincent and Gregory having to be put down by Harry for attempting to rape me."

Pansy blinked in shock. This only seemed to anger the blonde even more.

"Do not look so surprised, Pansy. You cannot be so woefully ignorant to not know what crimes the likes of your 'friends' heaped upon those they felt were beneath them. Hogwarts teemed with the tales and sadly I saw enough evidence of it in my nightly wanderings," Luna said mockingly.

Luna slowly moved her wand back and forth as if trying to choose the right angle to hex Pansy. Again the Slytherin girl shivered; it was obvious Pansy was used to being the one who was doing the tormenting and not the other way around.

Luna cocked her head to the side and her eyes seemed to pierce and judge Pansy all at once, "Then again perhaps you are just stupid. We may never know how the Dark Lord was defeated when Harry was a child. Yet I do know Harry has bested him as a First Year, escaped from his ambush in his Fourth Year and then helped defeat his elite while beating the Dark Lord again at the Ministry. Yet here you are mocking him, pushing him into anger with your childish taunts. For what; a rough shag?"

Pansy looked away, her face flushed and sullen.

Luna reached out with her wand-free hand and roughly turned the older witch's face back to her, "Yet even after Harry took you like a common whore in a dark close in Knockturn Alley, what do you do? You almost immediately turn around and try and provoke the witch trying to help you. The witch, I will remind you, that Harry has given complete power over you."

"What do you mean?" Pansy asked. While she might have wanted it to sound like a command, the question came out worried and shaky.

A mocking smile, so at odds with the blonde's usual demeanor, blossomed on Luna's face, "Did you not hear Harry's last commandment before he left? Or were you still to muddled from the rogering you baited him into doing?"

Pansy's eyes narrowed, "All I heard was him asking if you enjoyed the show. Seems like you are being a hypocrite for watching Harry fuck me like he did and yet you did nothing."

Luna laughed musically, "This coming from the witch who seduced Hermione Granger into an obsession with her. Who used her for your own pleasure when it suited you. While I freely admit enjoying watching Harry fuck you into submission, I was there because I was worried about you. And how do you repay me? With insults!"

Pansy's face took on a look which wouldn't be out of place on the late Crabbe or Goyle, "You were worried about me? I can take care of myself!"

Luna eyed the prideful girl for a moment before suddenly reaching out and grabbing her roughly by her hair. She yanked her head back and placed the tip of her wand at her throat. Luna almost lovingly whispered into the startled girl's ear, "Pansy, oh my pretty but stupid Pansy. You think you can take care for yourself? Harry was playing you almost from the moment you Slytherins apparated in on us."

Pansy tried to protest but with Luna's wand at her throat, all which came out was an inarticulate gurgle.

Luna continued to whisper as if telling a great secret, "Did you know the only reason you are alive is because you were to close for him to shoot you? You exist simply because of chance. Your life would be over right now if only you had been one meter farther away from him this morning. One meter, Pansy. Only a short step difference and your body would be in London being cut up for potion ingredients."

Pansy tried to speak again but Luna pushed her wand into her throat a bit more.

"You think you know Harry Potter. You probably believe all the lies Professor Snape has told you. I am sure you heard enough from Draco to believe Harry was only just lucky or survived due to outside help rather than skill or power. You think he is weak. You think he is a Dumbledore man who will not fight." Luna all but hissed into Pansy's ear.

Luna lowered her wand and let the tip travel down between Pansy's breasts before finally circling the Slytherin's clit. "Did you provoke him today because you thought he would be cowed like Hermione? Did you think perhaps you could seduce him with your pretty face? Did you think Harry's mind would go blank if you wiggled your bum at him?"

Luna laughed nastily when Pansy just stared at her, refusing to answer.

"Did you even think to wonder where those scars on his body came from? Oh certainly the major ones are recent. The bite-wound of a basilisk, the slash of a dragon's tail and the ritual wound used to bleed him so your Dark Lord could be resurrected. But if Harry was the pampered prince Professor Snape always called him, why all the other scars? On his back? His thighs? Did you not see them? Did you not wonder how he came by them?"

Pansy worked her mouth but nothing came out. She seemed bewitched by the dangerous look in the cerulean depths of the lithe blonde's gaze.

Luna brought her wand back up to Pansy's throat. "Most of you Slytherins are all the same. You are told you are superior and yet you ignore all the signs that you are not. I am just 'Looney Lovegood' to you. Even after I fought in the Department of Mysteries, defeating older Death Eaters without a scratch, you still look at me like I'm some addled little girl. Even as I keep you aloft with my magic, you do not see the power at my command."

Luna leaned in, almost like she was going to kiss the older girl, "Harry grew up not far from here. Grew up in hellish conditions where he was treated like Draco treated his house elves. He was beaten, starved, abused and yet he survived. You were stupidly taunting a sleeping dragon today. I watched because I was worried you would provoke Harry and I would need to step in so Harry did not do something he would regret later. Something like killing you in anger."

Luna pulled back and with another flick of her wand dropped Pansy back onto the bed. Pansy cried out in pain as even the softness of the mattress hurt her savaged backside.

"Let us speak the truth, you and I, so there shall be no possible misunderstandings. You are property now. By our very Pureblood culture you fight so hard to uphold, Harry owns you body and soul. If you wish to survive, you need to curb your tongue and think of your own survival."

"What do you mean? Survive how?" Pansy asked as she rubbed her sore arse.

Luna smirked, "Come now Pansy, you have to have heard all the rumors. Heard your mother, your aunts and grandmothers talk in hushed tones over tea. Listened to the rumors of what wizards do when they are away from the witches of their families. Has it never occurred to you that with your history, Harry might never touch you himself but give you out to his friends? Do you wish your life to be on your knees sucking Neville Longbottom's cock while getting buggered by the likes of Ron Weasley?"

Pansy's jaw dropped at this. It was obvious she never expect words like this to come from the normally spacey Ravenclaw.

Luna reached out and grabbed Pansy by the chin, "Since you apparently missed it, Harry gave me total power over you before he left. He said I could command you in his name, with his authority. I could order you to cut the five exceptions to Gramp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration into your thigh and you would have to obey. Do you wish to test this? I know some lovely runic combinations which would look so nice carved into your pretty pale flesh."

Pansy began to shake as she flinched back out of Luna's grasp. Luna's voice hadn't wavered from its normal sing-song quality but the undercurrent of menace frightened Pansy to her core. First Potter had surprised her by not quickly being seduced to her will but now Lovegood was threatening her in manner Draco could only have wished that he could have pulled off.

Luna's predatory smile deepened as realization of her fate began to wash over Pansy's features. The Slytherin girl's entire body seemed to sag and fall in upon itself.

"Ah! You are beginning to see. Good; self-delusion would probably result in you joining Draco in death. Truly Pansy, I doubt Harry wishes you dead no matter what that history between you. If you keep your wits about you and try to actually be cunning like a good Slytherin should, you may find your life to be quite enjoyable," Luna said as her voice lost much of its earlier meance.

Pansy looked down for a quiet moment, unable to take the look in the Ravenclaw's eye. Finally she took a deep breath and met Luna's gaze, "What is it you wish of me...mistress," Pansy said with a shudder.

Luna beamed, "That is better. While I do not believe Harry wants that sort of fawning, perhaps for now it is for the best. For now, mistress is quite acceptable. Of course if Hermione comes calling she might still prefer for you to be the mistress in charge."

Pansy frowned, "Why would she come? She just up and dropped me last year! No note, no explanation and she never said a thing when we would meet on prefect patrol."

"You never demanded an answer?" Luna asked.

"And look weak to a Gryffindor? Never!" Pansy exclaimed.

"Yet you found you missed her, did you not?" Luna asked gently.

Yet again Pansy seemed to fold in on herself. She looked away before continuing almost in a whisper, "I never thought it would go so far. It was just a tease at first. Yanking the mudblood's chain. Getting her back for making all of us look like idiots. Always having the answer while the rest of us struggled. But..."

Luna sat down next to the girl and gently laid her free hand on Pansy's thigh, "But..." she coaxed.

Pansy sighed, "But I found I really missed her. Oh sure the sex was good but I just missed the look in her eye. She would look at me with such adoration when I would command her. I missed the feeling of her in my arms. I missed that she...she...I don't know."

"You missed that she cared about you. You missed the sharing; the secret only you two knew," Luna said what was obvious Pansy didn't want to admit even to herself.

Pansy frowned, "Perhaps. I guess now that I'm Harry's concubine I need to be honest with myself like you said. I missed the fact Hermione was obsessed with me. When I was with her, I was her world. I was her mistress and she burned to please me. Draco always treated me like a perk, a right as if the contract between our families meant he didn't even have to bother to try. I was nothing more than a convenience to him. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, there was never even a hint of a spark of anything remotely like fondness from him."

Luna nodded, "Do you think that is why you provoked Harry so? To see if there was a spark?"

Pansy winced, "I guess so. While I'm regretting now, listening to Harry call me pretty and commenting how nice my body had become was thrilling even as he took me hard." Pansy suddenly reached over and squeezed the hand on her thigh, "You were right; I didn't even think about all the dark stuff I know Harry has gone through. It just didn't enter my mind that someone who has gone through all he has wouldn't have a lot of anger bottled up. He hides it so well. I mean it is kind of amazing he never hauled off and pasted Draco a good one like Hermione did back in our Third Year. So I guess it is easy to miss the signs."

Luna nodded, "Never forget it again. Worse is Harry has found people he thought he could trust have been betraying him. You wondered why Hermione might come see you after she learns you are here? Harry tells me that someone, probably Molly Weasley, had both Harry and Hermione under the influence of love potions. Considering what happened to you and her, I am guessing the potions finally kept her away from you. Of course it is also possible she was charmed well. It is not in Hermione's nature to just stop without an explanation."

"So all that lovey-dovey Harry had with the Weasel girl was all potions?" Pansy asked.

"Apparently so," Luna replied.

Pansy shook her head, "Huh. Well that explains some things. Daphne had thought it odd that it Potter was mooning over the Weaselette and yet took you to Slughorn's party. Clueless or not, why pass up a chance to invite her to come? I didn't think much about it at the time since I was trying to help Draco but Daphne is usually spot-on in things like that."

Luna nodded, "She is a keen observer."

Pansy nodded herself, lost in thought. "So where do we go from here? What am I supposed to do?"

Luna cocked her head to the side, "The plan is you shall stay here and look after the kneazles. This house might also be used as a bolt-hole so you will have to keep it maintained. Then it is very probably that Harry will often come calling. His magic had been artificially stunted and

now is free for the first time in his life. This in addition to him coming into the magic of four families."

Pansy's eyes went wide, "Four families? Merlin! No wonder he felt like he was sizzling with energy." Her eyes narrowed and she looked at Luna suspiciously, "So I'm going to be his sex toy?"

Luna nodded, "I would think this is likely. Harry was raised to mostly be ashamed of sex and while Nymphadora Tonks has apparently taken it upon herself to help him, Harry has issues. While I know it horrifies him to know that he owns you, he does realize his own body is working against him. Nymphadora and her father made it quite clear that he must attend to his needs if he is to be able to fight the Dark Lord."

Pansy snorted, "So I'm to take care of the pussies and be available pussy on demand?"

Luna shrugged, "Crude but accurate. However, Pansy, you need to think of your house. Would it be correct to assume that the men in your family have the Dark Mark?"

Pansy bit her lip before responding, "Yes they do. My older brother took his the same time Draco did. I know my two uncles have it as well."

"Then I see two outcomes here. First off, I would wager my magic that after today you will bear Harry's child. If not today, the next time he has you. Now if Harry is cast down and the Dark Lord is triumphant you may survive simply because of the concubine bond taking away your ability to resist. Your child might be allowed to live and it may end up the Parkinson heir. Or you will be seen as tainted and both you and your child will be killed."

Luna's voice took on a hard edge, "The Dark Lord is powerful but Harry has bested him again and again. I believe it will happen again with the force of prophecy behind him. However I believe it will be a long fight and I do not believe those with the Mark will survive if Harry is victorious. If this comes to pass, your child will be the Parkinson's heir if Harry so chooses. You need to think of your House, Pansy Parkinson, and realize the child you will bear will decide your fate."

Pansy looked confused, "Are you saying I should play both sides?"

Luna shook her head, "No. I am saying you should play by Harry's rules. You are his concubine and the bond practically demands it. If Harry fails, that bond will give you an alibi. The Dark Lord may still strike you down but with Harry dead, why bother? You are of the Blood after all and Lily Potter notwithstanding, the Potters were Purebloods. If Harry wins, resisting him only will bring you pain and most certainly will result in the fall of House Parkinson. With four houses, Harry needs heirs so why should he give up a son to an enemy House?"

Comprehension dawned in Pansy's eyes, "I see. Play the game and keep quiet."

"I am sure you are just as well versed in the Game of Houses as I am, Pansy. We both know how often witches find ourselves in this sort of situation. Be patient, work to please Harry and I believe you may yet save your House." Luna said.

Pansy nodded at this.

"A word of warning, Pansy," Luna said. "If you suddenly become a sycophant like you were to Draco, Harry will notice. Frankly I believe Harry would prefer you as you were today. Rarely has Harry been in control of his life and I think it aroused him that he had control over you and could use you for his pleasure. You must understand he grew up being the one in your position today. I am sure he enjoyed being on the other end for a change."

Pansy smiled for the first time, "So you're saying play hard to get. Be a bitch but not to goad him to far like I did today. I can do that."

Luna nodded in agreement, "Yes, fight him. Make him force you and he will be well satisfied. He will be ashamed by it but I saw him today and I think he needs this. He cannot be the leader he must be as passive as he has been. You can be a safe outlet to experiment with. You, however, must keep your wits about you or it could get out of hand."

Pansy gave a rueful chuckle as she rubbed her bum again, "I think I learned that today. Okay, I'll play his little kept bitch." Her eyes seemed to lose focus for a bit, "If sex with Potter is always this good, I'm sure I can live with it. He was on a whole different level than Draco. I can almost still feel the heat of his seed inside of me."

Luna chuckled herself, "Yes, well it was amazing to watch as well. His aura was flashing and even through the window I could feel it and it felt delicious." Luna pursed her lips before smiling. "In fact, I think something needs to be done about that."

Luna got up from the bed and with a few quick switching spells was naked before the surprised Slytherin.

Seeing the look of shock on Pansy's face she smiled, "Did you think you would not be punished for insulting me?" Luna sat in the boudoir chair and spread her legs. "Come now, pretty Pansy Parkinson. Let us see how good you are with that acerbic tongue of yours. Your mistress commands it. Please me and I will ensure Hermione knows you are here."

At the command, Pansy felt the tug of magic to obey. As she knelt between the blonde's parted thighs, she realized the nude Ravenclaw was actually rather fetching. As she began to lick her soft sex, Pansy felt Luna begin to run her hand through her hair in a way Pansy herself had often done to Hermione's tangled curls. This memory brought some heat between her own thighs.

Perhaps letting someone else be the mistress wouldn't be so bad after all the erstwhile Slytherin thought as she bent to her task.


Chapter Eight Preview: Plans are drawn. Harry begins to try to sort his feeling out regarding the 3 women in his life. Hermione continues to wonder what is going on with her. Tonks learns surprising secrets from a surprising source. Luna watches and sees the signs of potential future troubles.

A/N: Yadda, Yadda, sorry about lateness, yadda yadda and all that. Real life can be a bitch. I had planned more for this chapter but I realized if I ended it where I had wanted, I'd have had to crank out another 5,000+ words. Since I'm trying to keep chapters to around 10,000, I figured it best to just cut it here.

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The Aliases: New names to hide their identities!

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