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Chapter 1

"I can't believe you two? Are you really that hell bent on making me become a failure?" Caroline was screaming into her phone, her roommates, Elena and Rebekah giving her looks mixed with shock and fear, "I am sorry I dropped out, how many times do I have to say it before you finally realize that I'm going to be able to live my life the way I want to?"


"NO! Don't call me that right now dad, I don't want to hear it. Sweet talking me isn't going to work, not anymore!" Caroline was pacing back and forth in the living room of her three bedroom apartment. Every now and then she would throw her two friends an eye roll or a look that scared both of them enough to worry about the breakables in the apartment.

"Psst, Elena," the brunette turned her head to look at Rebekah, "Go put that glass vase in a closet…with a lot of blankets wrapped around it."

"Be quiet, Rebekah," Elena whispered a small laugh coming from her lips. The warning glare sent to them by Caroline caused them both to sit back and shut their mouths tightly.

"Fine! You don't think I can do it, I'll prove you wrong. I'll go look for a job tomorrow," at that Caroline hung up her cell phone, a growl emitting from her throat as she threw it on to a nearby chair, "How can they cut me off!? Just because I'm not going to college anymore doesn't mean I am going to come home, which is exactly what they want me to do."

Caroline fell into the same chair that her phone was in and she made a face of discomfort before moving her body slightly to pull it out from underneath her.

Silence filled the room for several minutes before Rebekah cleared her throat, "Care, you know if it's a matter of money I am more-"

"No, Beks, I don't want to be a mooch," Caroline looked over at her blonde friend and raised a brow at her look of confusion, "It means that I don't want my rich friend to pay my half of the rent, or for food, or my cell bill," her voice grew into a whine before she leaned forward, her hands covering her face, "This sucks."

Elena and Rebekah looked at each other, sadness for their friend imminent in their faces, "Care," started Elena before Rebekah held up her hand.

"Caroline, this will all work out," she moved from her spot on the couch and kneeled in front of her distressed friend, "You have plenty of options here in the city for work. And I am more than willing to…help until you are fully on your feet," when Caroline scoffed lightly, Rebekah let out a sound of annoyance, "Care, you know that my family is well off and I am only in the States for college to escape my overbearing brothers and their annoying need to oversee my entire life," she heard a tiny laugh come from Caroline's throat and she took it as a good sign to continue, "I will go with you tomorrow to pick up applications, alright?"

The other blonde lifted her head and a small smile played on her lips, "You will?" Rebekah nodded and Caroline looked at Elena with a hopeful glint in her eyes that faded when she saw the frown on the other girl's face.

"Care you know that Tuesdays are my longest days, with lectures and that anthropology class, I'm booked."

Her heart clenched slightly at the thought of classes, remembering at one point in time how excited she was when her days consisted of those things, "It's alright Elena, I understand."

"Oh!" Caroline jumped at Rebekah's loud interruption of the quiet room and she looked at her in confusion, "Maybe Stefan can find you a job at the office…like as a secretary or something?"

"Hey, that's not a bad idea," chimed in Elena, but Caroline just shook her head.

"No, uh-uh, not gonna happen."

"Why not?" asked Elena and Rebekah at the same time, "Jinx," laughed Rebekah.

Caroline rolled her eyes, "because I'm not going to work with Damon. He'll probably try to make me wear a slutty skirts and have bring him coffee all damn day."

"You're the one sleeping with him," said Rebekah with an amused annoyance.

Caroline sent her a glare, "Was, sleeping with him. I stopped that after he asked me to have a threesome with the coat check girl at the wedding we went to last weekend," Caroline stomach lurched at the memory before shaking her head, "Besides I don't know anything about the construction industry."

"That doesn't matter Caroline. You can do filing or take phone calls," said Elena, but Caroline just shook her head.

"No, if I'm going to do this I'm going to get a job without any favors."

The other two girls' gave up the argument and nodded, Rebekah making a mental note to still speak to her boyfriend on the matter. Until then she needed to cheer up her best friend. She stood from the floor and placed her hands on her hips, "I say we make it a pizza and movie night then," she quickly pointed her finger and Caroline whose mouth was open to speak, "and we are not watching The Notebook."

"Now, you are sure that this will arrive in Chicago by tomorrow morning? I do not wish to arrive to my new home with out my paintings following safely behind."

"Baring a storm or engine trouble, all should be good to go sir."

Klaus nodded his head once and shook the pilot's hand, "Good to hear, then have a safe and sound flight and I shall see you tomorrow," the man smiled briefly before turning and making his way towards the cargo plane on the tarmac. The large vessel contained everything that Klaus couldn't bear leaving in London such as his own personal art, vintage furniture, including his luxurious king sized bed he had spent a small fortune on, and his sports car, which strangely enough probably cost less than what Klaus slept in every night.

"Must you bring all of it," Klaus' head shot up to his younger brother Kol approaching, "I'm sure you can find a very good car in America brother."

Klaus scoffed, "I've driven American cars Kol, they are rubbish," he moved past Kol when he spotted his own personal pilot coming close, "I believe we will be set once my brother Elijah arrives, go on and get the plane started," the pilot saluted Klaus lazily before heading to the private plane that sat next to the much larger one holding his prized possessions.

"You know our sister is going to have conniption when she knows that we are in her city," Klaus turned his attention back to his younger brother who continued with an amused glint in his eyes, "I highly looked forward to seeing her face when we knock on her door."

Klaus let out a hearty laugh before clapping a hand on his shoulder, "As do I Kol…as do I."

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