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Chapter 4

Caroline found herself sitting in the darkness of Damon's office after the embarrassing display in the conference room. Why did fate have to be such a bitch to have landed the same ass from the coffee shop in her brand new workplace? A soft knock sounded at the door and she looked up to see Rebekah walking in, "What the hell happened?" she moved to sit next to her friend, a look of anguish on her face, "Did Damon can you already? That may be a record, two jobs in one day," Rebekah elbowed Caroline playfully who only gave her a small smile.

"You won't believe who they are meeting with. The guy from the coffee shop? Yeah…" she shook her head in annoyance as Rebekah's eyes widened,

"Is he stalking you or something?"

Caroline let out a dry laugh, "You know better than to say that word around me Rebekah Cunningham."

The other girl bit her lip, "Sorry, still too soon, I should have known better," she draped her arm around Caroline's shoulders; "You aren't worried about Damon firing you, are you?"

Shaking her head, Caroline laid her head on her friends shoulder, "No, it's just…there was another guy, the pricks brother. He was…just," she let out a small huff before smiling over at Rebekah, "What is it with you Brits and your accents making American girls knees go weak?" she laughed.

"They're English," said Rebekah curiously. Suddenly, her eyes grew wide, "Wait, you said it was a new construction company, right?"

Caroline nodded, "Yes, fresh from across the pond, "Mikaelson, I think."

Rebekah jumped from her spot, her fists clenching at her sides, "Bloody fuck!"

Before Caroline could react, the girl had stormed from the room.

"So, are you going to tell us how you were able to snag the Fell offices from under our noses or is that a dark secret you prefer to keep to yourselves," Damon sat back in his chair, his feet lifting to rest on top of the conference table as he casually ignored his brother's look of annoyance.

Klaus chuckled, the question shaking him from his thoughts about the perky blonde who had once again appeared in his life, "Mr. Fell was an old business associate of my father's. Once he shared that he was closing up shop, I made all the proper moves to secure the space."

Damon pursed his lips and nodded. He opened his mouth to talk again but his brother cut him off, "Forgive my brother, he's had his eye on that office with a shower. Seems he'll have to fork out his own money to get that done after all," Stefan gave Damon another pointed look before resuming the conversation, "Now, all the basic information you asked me will be in the packets I'll have Lexi send up later today."

"I would prefer Caroline be the courier," Kol spoke up, a devilish smirk appearing on his lips.

Damon gave him an annoyed smiled, "Not a bad idea, I'll send her up with some coffee as well. Except it won't be iced this time," giving Kol a playful wink his eyes moved back to Klaus, "You have any idea when you will be up and running?"

Klaus tapped his fingers on the table for a moment, "I'm hoping a week. We've already got a few new hires that have been working extra hours to make sure things started smoothly. I've even been able to line up some jobs as well."

Stefan's eyebrows rose, "Really? You work fast Klaus, I'll give you that."

"Well, I'm not a fan of being unproductive. Every day passed is a waste of money," he smirked, "and I do hate wasting money."

Damon couldn't help the laugh that came out, covering it up with a cough, "Stefan," his eyes stayed on Klaus, realizing he had a true dislike for the guy, "weren't you going to invite our new friends to the Benefit on Saturday night?"

"Oh, yeah, um," Stefan looked through his personal binder before pulling out a small cardboard invitation and handed pushed it towards Klaus, "All proceeds go to the local battered women's shelter. It's our first year throwing it. Actually," he eyed Damon for a moment, "My girlfriend and her friends are helping out, "Caroline and Rebekah are in charge of the setup, decorations and what not. Their roommate Elena is in charge of catering. We've been hard at work promoting as well, we would be honored if you could come."

Klaus and Kol both squirmed slightly at the mention of the name Rebekah. It was a big city, how likely was it that Stefan was referring to their own sister, "So Caroline and Rebekah enjoy throwing parties," he asked casually as he looked over the invitation.

Stefan laughed, Damon rolling his eyes, "Please, you mention party in front of the two of them and you'll have a guest list, location and theme within five minutes," said the latter.

"We joke that they should just start a business, Forbes and Cunningham, planning your party before you even know you're throwing one."

"Wright…Rebekah Cunningham?" asked Klaus.

"Yeah," said Stefan slowly, "My girlfriend."

Kol began snickering and Klaus gave him a stern look. Before Stefan could ask what was so amusing, the door flew open,


Everyone in the room jumped up, including Klaus and Kol who were both smiling, "Well if it isn't our lovely sister," drawled Kol, "What a pleasant surprise."

"Sister?" said Damon and Stefan in unison.

"Beks!" Caroline was soon entering the room looking around at the faces in the room, "What's going on, Rebekah?"

Klaus moved closer to his sister, "I would think you would be happier to see us. Then again, you've been prancing around using our mother's maiden name instead of the one you were born with. What would father think…tsk tsk."

"Sister?" Caroline looked at Klaus in confusion until it dawned on her, her finger pointing at the two men, "these are your overbearing brothers?" Caroline asked.

Kol scoffed before Rebekah sent him a warning look, "Yes Caroline, my brothers. Who apparently have come to Chicago to ruin my life."

"Oh, get over yourself, Beks," said Kol with annoyance.

"Rebekah, I think we can save this conversation for a more private setting," said Klaus quietly before looking back at the other set of brothers. His eyes fell on Caroline briefly, who felt herself blush at the eye contact Klaus' eyes were on his sister again, "We'll have dinner. There's a nice little bistro I've grown quite fond of not far from here."

Rebekah seemed to be calming down before she nodded once, "Fine."

Silence filled the room once again before Damon finally spoke up; "Well!" he moved around the table and stood next to Caroline, "as much fun as this has been. I'll be taking my new secretary to lunch," he looked down at her and smirked, "sound good?"

She nodded before placing her hand on Rebekah's shoulder, "I'll see you at home," she gave her friend a sympathetic smile. Caroline couldn't help but look over at Klaus, giving him a smile as well before allowing Damon to lead her out of the room with his hand fairly low on the small on her back, an action that made Klaus' hand clench slightly.

"If you're going to be bringing a date, don't bother coming Kol. I don't need one of your floozy with large breasts and a dress that barely covers them ruining my meal," Klaus hung up his phone angrily before stepping into the elevator in the girl's apartment building. The younger brother was always finding ways to get out of family outings and Klaus knew well and good that this was just one of his many plans to do so.

When the elevator lurched to a stop at the girl's floor, Klaus frowned slightly, not happy about the safety issues of a faulty elevator. He stepped out, moving to the apartment door that Rebekah told him was her apartment before knocking three times. He heard the unmistakable voice of Caroline shouting out that she would answer it. He quickly ran a hand through his hair and pressed down to smooth his tie out just in time for the door to swing open.

The look on Caroline's face was one of shock. She had her hair up in a high ponytail wearing an off the shoulder sweatshirt and yoga pants. It appeared that she had no makeup on and Klaus thought he had never seen anyone so beautiful.

After what seemed like several minutes but was only a few seconds, Klaus cleared his throat and smiled, "Hello again, love. Is my sister ready yet, or will she be fashionably late as usual?"

Caroline let out a nervous laugh, a sound that Klaus was quite fond of, "She's just trying to find her shoes, come on in," she moved behind the door to give him the space to enter, "I'm sorry about the mess, I'm making cookies for our neighbor."

Klaus suddenly saw what she was referring to when their kitchen came into view. There was the obvious ingredients and appliances out typically used for baking spread out across the counter, "Do you often bake for people?" he asked before his eyes landed back on Caroline.

She shrugged, "Not really. But apparently Bobby has been dealing with some bullies in school," she stated before moving into the kitchen, "I figured some chocolate chip cookies would help just a little. I'll also be walking him to school tomorrow morning so he can point them out and I can kick their asses," she smirked looking over at him.

Klaus chuckled, "I'm not sure you would be able to get away with that, though I think I would rather enjoy the show."

Caroline laughed, "You're probably right. Maybe him just showing up with a hot blonde on his arm will keep them away."

They both laughed before someone cleared their throat, Rebekah coming into view, "I'm ready," she said before eyeing Caroline, "I'll see you when you get home, yeah? And save some of those for me. Bobby isn't the only one that's had a long day."

Caroline nodded, "Yup, you two have fun," she gave Klaus a small wave before turning her mixer back on to blend her ingredients.

Klaus and Rebekah were waiting by the elevator and he couldn't help noticing the look his only sister was giving him, "What is it, Rebekah?"

She moved her body so she was standing straight in front of him, "If you think I would be okay with you dating Caroline, you're wrong."

Klaus raised a brow. It was apparent she had witnessed the two of them flirting and he tilted his head, "Now why would you say that? Do you not find me a suitable choice for her?"

Rebekah shook her head, "That's just it, I believe you two would be perfect for each other. The problem is that Caroline shouldn't be jumping it something serious. Not after," she was interrupted by the elevator dinging and opening and none other than Damon Salvatore walking out, smirking when he saw the two siblings,

"Well, fancy meeting you two here, headed out for dinner?" he asked still walking though backwards towards the girl's apartment, "have fun and try not to kill each other," he winked before turning slightly, letting himself in the door without knocking, the sound of the door shutting causing Klaus to glower.

Rebekah rolled her eyes and pulled her brother on to the elevator, pushing the button for the ground floor, "that man is getting far too comfortable here."

Klaus looked at her in confusion, "Are they a couple? Because if they are, what was all that talk before we were interrupted?"

His sister shook her head, "Caroline and Damon are complicated Klaus. They aren't dating, more just very good friends with very good benefits," she groaned to herself, thinking she probably should have left that last bit to herself.

"You can't be serious. That man has no tact and is a complete arse," he tried to hide the disappointment in his voice, though his sister still caught on.

"There is much more to it then meets the eye, Klaus."

"Oh, is there, please…enlighten me."

Rebekah let out a slow breath, her hand rubbing at her temple before finally looking at him again, "he saved her life, Klaus."

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