Summary: Snippets from the lives of Emma and August. An array of drabbles.

Chapter 1: Snooze – When Emma learns his condition, it's nothing she ever would have expected.

Characters: Emma, August, Henry

Genre: Drama/Angst

Rating: T

Notes: Some of these may be AU, but hey, what would fanfiction be without it? ;)

In A Hundred Words



It's the only word that tumbles from her lips as she stands frozen by the bed, legs melded to the floor. Henry is beside her, squeezing her hand as a lifeline, as she squeezed his back.

They're standing at his bedside, sorrow etched on Emma's face, mixed with a tinge of guilt.

"No, no! He can't be-the curse, it broke, it was supposed to save him!"

She took a shuddering breath, wrapping her arms around Henry, voice suddenly hollow. Her words mirroring August's.

"I failed."

He's no longer a wooden puppet, but stuck in a coma.