The forest was unusually dark for a full moon night. As I walked down the usual path that I took to get from my nephew's house to my own, only about a half mile away, I had the strange feeling that someone was watching me. I had been having the sensations for a few weeks now. Every so often, I would see a shifting shadow or catch a glimpse of something from the corner of my eye, but when I turned, there would be nothing there.

There was this one time, when I was sitting in my house, watching a little T.V. as I was waiting for a call from my girlfriend from the next town over. I started dozing off when I noticed I wasn't hearing the voices of the actors in my usual dramas so, when I opened my eyes to see what the problem was, the screen was filled with static.

I was irritated because I thought that my satellite dish had become unplugged somehow, and, just as I was turning away, I saw a flickering in the screen. When I did a double-take, as expected, I saw nothing for a few seconds before I saw what appeared to be… a faceless face. I mean, there was no face. It was just a head; a white head with not even any indentations or any indication that it was a mask. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared and my screen turned black. Then, my Dish came back on and it was just a rerun of The Young and The Restless. It really freaked me out, but after a while I just didn't think anything about it. But now… it's all I can think about.

But still, I tried to put it out of my mind as I walked down that shadowed path. But then, there it was; a blur in the corner of my vision. I turned my flashlight, using its wholesome, powerful light to dispel the evil darkness, and, just as it had been for the past two months, there was nothing there. Even so, I had the feeling that I was not alone. That I was being watched by a legion of prying eyes, observing my every move… my every thought…

The feeling grew stronger and stronger, bringing me to my knees. I looked around and saw nothing but darkness. The impenetrable, all-consuming darkness and it made me want to scream! To run! To hide! But then, I saw him. A stain of white on the black canvas of the night. He was inhumanly tall, somewhere around 8 or 9 feet tall. His arms hung down to his knees, almost like monkey arms. But, most importantly, he was light. He was light! The first thought that occurred to me was to go toward it. To be wrapped in its warm embrace and have it spirit me away from this hell of eternal darkness, but then, I realized...

The more I looked at it, the darker everything else became. IT was causing the night. This creature was the origin of all my torment. I looked up to its shining face and saw the same faceless mass that had stared at me from my television screen only a few weeks prior, and I felt fear.

Well, maybe fear isn't the right word. Terror. Blind terror that shot through my every neuron and permeated the very air I breathed. This beaing was terror incarnate, and the very thought of its icy hands touching me froze my bones in place. I could only watch in quiet horror as the creature took came closer... and closer... until it loomed over me like a towering Redwood; and I could see what appeared to be long, thin fingers sprout from its back. They grew and grew until they were long tentacles, undulating with a boneless, sickening fluidity as they slid closer and closer to me. And then... nothing. All I remember after that, is finally letting out one earsplitting shriek before the darkness descended.

And now, here I am... wandering this shadowed, foggy forest with countless other souls, gathered and hoarded here in this forgotten time, in this godforsaken place where the sun never shines. We wander and wander, hoping to find a way out, but, the farther we walk, the more trees we find. An infinite world of forest, and all we know... all we fear... is the Slender Man.