It was the morning of Willow Rosenburg's wedding. This is the day that she's been waiting for since Kindergarten not only is it not with Xander, but it isn't even with a man, it's with her very loving girlfriend; Kennedy.

Even though she loved Kennedy, and this is what she's been waiting for... but something... someone was missing.


It has been 10 years since her death, but every day Willow was in pain. Kennedy had helped her a lot, but Tara isn't the type of person that you can forget about. The worst part is; she never got to say goodbye, Tara's death was quick, and without warning. Willow had tried to bring her back, but she couldn't, she couldn't even talk to Tara. What good was being a witch if she couldn't say goodbye to her everything.

This is why, when Willow was putting on her makeup and saw her in the mirror she instantly said;

"You're not real."

Tara chuckled, Willow had missed hearing her laugh.

"This better not be another 'gift' from Amy, because if so, it's just low..."

"That's a great theory, but I don't think that Miss Kitty Fantastico would agree."

Willow spins around in her chair, convince of what was truly in her dressing room.

"Tara?! What are you doing here?!"

"I saw you getting ready in here, all alone, and no bride deserves to get ready alone on her wedding day."

"Well, um, well... Buffy was here before, but she had to have some last minute changes made to her dress. And I'm just... It's just... Well, um..."

"Okay, doing something that cute is so unfair, seeing as how I can't touch you."

"Th-thanks. But... how... how are you here?"

"I guess someone up there likes me... or they like you."

"I-I-I have so much to tell you. I've been..."

"Honey, as much as I would like to catch up, you know how these conjurations work... I have a very small amount of time... and I have something that I need to tell you."

"What? Babie, let it out."

"Don't be afraid... ever since I died... you've been afraid of so many things... magic, love. especially yourself. But, you can't be."

"You've got it all wrong... I've been doing better... I even..."

"Oh, becoming such a good liar, you're even fooling yourself... You're doing great... but you're still afraid. If you don't let that go, you won't be able to make you, your friends... or Kennedy... happy."

"But... Tara..."

"And don't blame yourself for my death. And don't be disappointed in yourself because you moved on..."

"I'm trying to understand... but you're talking too fast... it's just too much!"

"I...I know, but I've got very short time. Willow, I'll love you forever, but you've found someone else... and I wouldn't have it any other way..."

"Tara... I love..."

"I've got to go."

Tara is surrounded in a golden light, and she starts being carried away...

"No, wait!" She stops "I love you!"

"I know. It doesn't need said. I've always known, remember that."

Tara is lifted up, through the ceiling, into the heavens.

Willow is left in her dressing room, she starts crying. After a minute, she looks up to the mirror, sees herself, and smiles.

"Okay, the seamstress is done with the sew-age... let's get you married... are you alright, Will."

"Yes, Buffy, actually, I think I'm just perfect."