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Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom, peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. - Cinderella

Mindy Lahiri had always wanted a fairytale romance. It didn't matter that her fairy godmother couldn't pop out of the middle of nowhere and transform a pumpkin into a carriage. (It was actually pretty hard finding pumpkins in New York during the fall season when everyone wanted one, so maybe that was actually a blessing.) She also knew that a frog wouldn't suddenly transform into a prince, and that there wasn't a crown waiting for her somewhere with her name on it. But still, she hoped that she could at least have some of the love and mystery and adventure that existed in all the movies she had watched when she was younger.

Instead she got a series of failed romances, including one that ended with her boyfriend getting married to another woman that he had known for three months (one and a half of those months he had still been dating Mindy) and her getting spectacularly drunk to embarrass herself in front of all the wedding guests. And the only thing she had to look forward to at the end of each day was coming home to an apartment that somehow got infested by cats, which was the universe's way of saying that she needed to become a crazy cat lady. And at work she had to avoid Danny's comments all day: every time she tried to talk about the perfect man or the guy she was dating or something else, he would slide up and inject himself in the conversation. Like he was actually interested in her life. He just wanted to have more ammo to use against her when they started fighting. He thought he was smart, but Mindy was smarter. She had him pegged.

It was a typical, average day when Mindy was sitting in the office, secretly trying to read "Bridget Jones' Diary" behind some medical files to take her mind off her stomachache, something she suspected she had gotten from that hot dog stand with those suspicious looking onions. (Look, she was hungry, okay? It was a quick breakfast on the run, sure, but it was either that or starve all morning).

Luckily, everything was pretty calm that morning - she had finished all her appointments, and currently the office was calm...aside from the fact that Morgan was sliding from room to room in a desk chair with wheels. (It was how he had broken her previous chair). Shauna was filing her nails; Betsy was watching Morgan anxiously, as though trying to mentally will him from crashing into walls; and Jeremy and Danny were laying bets on how soon it would be before Morgan broke this chair.

Mindy was just happy that it wasn't her chair they were using this time.

She was peeking at the ending of her book (even though she had read it five times she still liked to skip ahead to the happy ending), when someone cleared their throat. Danny was at the door of her office, staring at anything but her.

She was instantly suspicious.

"So..." Danny said, staring at the walls and then down at the carpet, his head moving so fast that Mindy was slightly concerned he'd get whiplash. "What's up with the lunch situation?"

"The what situation?" Mindy asked, puzzled.

"I know, are you getting lunch?" Danny said. "I was just wondering because I, too, was getting lunch, and I've gotten really tired of my old place and..."

"You've eaten at that place for seven years." Mindy said. "You were bragging about it yesterday." Something weird was going on here.

"Yeah, well, got old."

"You said you loved it because it was old. Because you eat there for seven years. You love old things, Danny. You don't even have to say what it is, you love it because it's old. You love anything that's 'old school', Danny." What was happening?

"I...found a cockroach in my salad! At my old restaurant..." Danny said. "And I thought I'd try somewhere new and was asking around to see if anyone could give me suggestions..."

"You don't eat salad." What the hell? Was Danny trying to eat lunch with her? Wait a second...This was starting to add up now...Danny...Danny was...

...clearly trying to make her life miserable. Ten to one he had gotten all pissy that the cockroach had crawled into his salad (which apparently he now miraculously eat) and was going to take it out on Mindy by eating lunch with her and making her miserable... After all, it's what they did to each other. If she was in a bad mood, she was sure as hell taking out on Danny rather than anyone else in the office.

"Hey, I've got a place you can go to!" Morgan called, sailing past the door. "My old prison buddy works there! And they only got closed down by the health inspector two times!"

"Thanks." Danny said, looking pissed. Yep, Mindy was right. He had been ticked off for whatever reason...

"You can come to lunch with me." Jeremy said. "I know a wonderful salad place."

"I don't - I mean, that sounds great." Danny said, glaring at Mindy's carpet as though it had personally offended him.

"Great!" Jeremy turned to Mindy. "Would you like to come with?"

Mindy had to hold back a smile. Sure, she had given up all hope of ever getting Jeremy to be more than a fling, something that she was glad of now. He was way too vain and womanizing for her tastes, but he was fun to hang out with sometimes. He was a good guy, even if he did carry a mirror around 24/7 to make sure there were no flaws on his "perfect" face.

Danny had moved his murderous gaze from the carpet to the wallpaper.

"Nah. I'm not feeling very good." Mindy winced as her stomach gave another little pang. "I eat a...questionable hot dog for breakfast this morning."

"That explains your onion breath." Danny muttered.

"Shut up salad boy." Mindy fired back. She turned back to Jeremy with a smile. "I'm just going to stay here and rest."

"Feel better!" Jeremy said, raising a hand in farewell. "Come along, Danny." Danny followed, his face so dark Mindy felt bad for unloading him on Jeremy. Well, technically, Jeremy had volunteered.

Mindy sighed and went back to her book, ignoring the pains in her stomach.

Morgan sailed past her window once again. A second later, she heard a loud slam when he finally hit the wall.