i always thought what it would be like if cara and

kahlan would get together so here is my verison of

it : )

Family is everything

Chapter 1

Great destinies

Cara pov

As I duck next to a tree I gaze out to spot my prey that I've been tracking for an hour now. "I've got you now, you bastard." I thought to myself as I pull my arrow back on my bow but as I was about to release it two guards from Aydindril came storming through the forest scaring the deer away. "Oh for the love of!" I yell as I stepped in front of the guards ready to kill them both. They spot me and started running to me with concern in their eyes. "Oh thank the creator we found you mistress!" one of the guards said as they approached Me." what is so damn important that you interrupt my hunting time?" I say to them. "Mistress it's the mother confessor! She is about to give birth!" the guard said to me. my eyes widen and my heart started to beat faster as the information suck in." I'm going to be a mother!" I scream in joy as I took off running to the palace where kahlan and I resides.

Kahlan pov

"GAHHHHH! WHERE IN ALL OF CREATION IS CARA!?" I scream as another contraction sweeps through my body. A young midwife comes over and places a wet towel on my head. "I do not know mother confessor. I sent two guards out to find her." she told me as I let out another scream of pain. I turn to look at her with widen pleading eyes. "Please find her Emily." I said to her. She nodded her head and walk to the door only to be ran down by Cara. She didn't even check to see if the young girl was ok as she ran to my side. She smiled down at me as she took my hand but her smile faded as a look of pain swept across her face. "Ow kahlan your breaking my hand!" she said to me as I gripped her leather clad hand with unbelievable strength.

"Where have you been!?" I scream at her. But before she could answer I let out a scream of pain. A midwife came in and position herself between my legs. "Ok kahlan it's time for you to push ok?" she told me. I nodded and looked up at Cara and her blue eyes showed nothing but love and devotion. "You can do this my love." She said to me. I nodded and began to push. I bore down as I pushed and pushed until I collapsed against the pillows behind me. "I see a head of blond hair!" the midwife said as she reached between my legs. "Ok push again kahlan." She said to me. I grip Cara hand as I pushed again until I felt something slip out of me. Crying pierced through the air as the midwife cut the cord and placed the baby on my stomach. "IT'S A GIRL!" she yelled out. I couldn't help but start to cry as I gaze at my beautiful daughter. I look up at Cara and tears of joy were streaming down her face and a big smile spread across her face. She looked down at me and placed a kiss on my sweaty forehead.

"She is beautiful my love." She said to me. I nodded but then I felt another contraction hit me and I let out a loud scream. "KAHLAN WHAT'S WRONG!?" I heard Cara yell. The midwife quickly handed the baby to another midwife and rushed over. She looked between my legs and her eyes widen. "Oh dear creator we aren't done here!" she yelled. "WHAT!?" I said but then a contraction hit me and I screamed in pain again. I gripped Cara hand so hard that I swear I heard her bones crack. "ok kahlan push now!" she yelled and I pushed as hard as I could muster until another crying ringed through the room." It's another girl!" the midwife yelled as she place the second girl on my stomach. I stared widen eyes at the crying baby and then I looked up at Cara and her eyes were widen as well but she was also smiling. 'We have two daughters!" she said to me and she placed a kiss against my lips. I am to exhausted kiss back but I had a wide smile on my face. The midwife took the second baby to clean her off and in walked another midwife carrying the first one in her arms. "Congratulations, she is a healthy blond hair, blue eye baby girl." She said to us as she handed her to Cara.

I looked up at Cara as she had more tears running down her face. She lean down and placed a kiss on the baby forehead. She walked back to me and kneeled down so I was eye level with our first daughter. Cara smiled and handed her to me so I could hold her. As I began to rock her she opened her little eyes and stared at me with wide blue eyes. I choked back a sob as I gazed into my daughter eyes. I could almost see how strong and powerful she will become. "Ok her is baby number 2!" the midwife announced as she walked into the room. Cara got up and took her from the midwife. I looked up at Cara gazed down at the little black hair baby girl and she gasped. "What is it?" I asked her still rocking baby number 1. She looked up with a shock expression on her face. She walked over to me and kneels down so I can she our second daughter and I gasped at what I saw too.

The tiny baby had one green eye and one blue eye. "Oh my stars! I've heard stories about babies born with different eye color but I never believe it. I think they call it transfiguratus oclos or the changing eyes. " I said quietly. "She is unique." I heard Cara say softly. I smiled and looked up at her. "Yes she is, my love." I told her. Cara placed both of our daughters next to each to look at them both. "Besides the eyes and the hair color they look pretty much the same." I said to Cara. She nodded and leaned in two kiss both of their foreheads. "You two are destined for greatness." Cara said to them. I nodded my head as I couldn't agree more with her.