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Chapter 2

Can't be normal

~seven years later~

Cara pov

" ok girls so can either one of you tell me what kind of animal made these prints?" I ask my daughters. The oldest Kari kneeled down to examine the prints. I looked over and frowned as I saw my youngest by a minute Lux drawing random things in the dirt with a stick. "Lux are you listening to me?" I ask her. she sighed and stood up and walked over to where her sister was at. She looked down for a second then looked back at me with her unique eye color. "It's a beard rabbit." She said to me in a bored tone that kahlan always said she got from me. I looked at her in shock because once again she knew what animal made theses tracks. Her sister stood up in a huff and glared at her." how do you always know!?" she yelled at her.

I shot a glare at Kari. "Do not raise your voice to your sister Kari." I told her in a low but firm voice. She instantly looked to the ground. "Your right, forgive me sister." She said to Lux. Lux smiled and walks over to her and hugged her. I smiled at their interaction; then I saw Lux stiffen. Kari pulled away and looked at lux in confusion. She then snapped her head to the left and her eyes grew wide and like a bullet she shot through the forest. "LUX GET BACK HERE NOW!" I yelled as I chased her. I stopped once I couldn't see her anymore "how is she so damn fast!?" I said to myself." LUX! LUX WHERE ARE YOU?!" I yell as I looked around. "Momma where is she?!" Kari yelled as she looked around too. "MOMMA HELP!" I heard Lux scream for me. I Grabbed for Kari and lifted her up and started running to where I heard Lux scream. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I thought the worst of my little girl. I came to a stop when I saw Lux in a tree cradling what looks like a puppy to her chest. I looked down to see a giant bear trying to get to her. I lifted Kari up in a tree so she would be safe and took off towards the bear. "hey bear!" I yelled trying to get its attention but it wouldn't look at me it just wanted Lux. I pulled out my agiel and tackled the bear and thrusted the agiel to the bear chest. The bear died instantly.

I got up and looked to see Lux jumping off the tree where she was hiding. I gasp as she landed on the ground with ease. I saw that she was cradling a small looking wolf puppy in her arms. She looked up at me with wide scared eyes; I ran to her and pulled her in a tight hug. "No momma you're squashing her!" she said as she trying to pull out of my grip. I pulled back and looked at her. "NEVER EVER RUN AWAY LIKE THAT, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?" I yell at her. she looked up at me with wide eyes, I've never screamed at either of my daughters before. "sister!" Kari said as she climbed down the tree. She ran to Lux and hugged her like I did and again she tried to pull away. "No stop!" she said as she stepped back. I looked down at the wolf puppy had its head buried in Lux shirt. I walked over to her kneeled down. "Why did you just take off like that lux?" I asked her. She looked down at the puppy and she started petting its head. The little thing moves its head and looked towards me. I looked in shock as I saw that the wolf puppy eyes matches Lux. One was green and the other was blue. The puppy was completely black expect it had white paws and three white lines on its snout "momma I can't explain it but I felt her fear. That big bear was going to kill her!" she said to me as she hugged the puppy close to her.

I looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean you felt the puppy fear?" I asked her. she just shrugged her shoulders.'' Like I said before I can't explain it." She told me. Kari walked up and started petting the puppy but the puppy let out a loud whimpering sound and tried to bury herself in Lux shirt. Kari stopped and looked sadden. "It's ok little one she won't hurt you!" Lux said to the puppy. As if the puppy could understand her she turned her head to look at Kari and stretch her head out for her to pet her. Kari looked at me with confusion as she saw how her sister and the puppy bonded. I could already tell Kari was a confessor like kahlen because she was intuitive and she could tell when someone is lying but I never could tell with Lux. I sigh as I stood up. "Ok well it's almost supper time so let's head back, yes?" I told them. Lux started walking with the puppy in her arms but I stopped her. "Oh no sweetie you got to leave her here for her mommy can find her." I told her. she looked like she was about to cry. "Her mommy is dead. She is an orphaned" She said in a low voice.

"How do you know that?" KARI asked her. Again she just shrugged her shoulders. Kari walked up to Lux and lifted Lux chin so she could look in her eyes. she broke the gaze and looked back at me. "She is telling the truth." She told me. I sigh deeply and looked at Lux and the wolf puppy. "Ok the puppy can come back with us but your mother and I will have a discussion about letting you keep her or not. Oh and you are still going to be punished for running off like that, understood?" I said to Lux. She lowered her head but nodded anyways. We made it back without any more trouble. As we walked pass the people of Aydindril they bowed their heads slightly to the girls. I smirked at that, people are already showing respect to my daughters. One day Kari will take over as the mother confessor since she is already showing signs of being a confessor but I have no idea what the future has in store for Lux and that scared me. I looked down at Lux and I notice that she was whispering to the puppy and giggling. "This can't be normal." I said to myself as we entered the palace.

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