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"Luke! Luke hurry up! Katie's going to be late for school again!" Lorelai shouted up to her husband who was struggling to button his shirt up.

"I'm coming!" he yelled back as he ran down the stairs.

Lorelai looked at him and giggled, "Never wear your hat like that." She said as she turned its hat from the sideways position it was in to the backwards position Luke normally sported.

Luke kissed her lips softly, "You know it used to be you always late. Look what being married to you has done to me!"

"I kill punctuality baby." Lorelai smiled, "Katie honey are you ready?"

A small girl emerged from the kitchen. She was dressed in dark blue jeans and a pink shirt with a blue butterfly on it. She wore a navy blue baseball cap on her head, just like her father.

"Yupper Mommy." She grinned showing off the giant gap losing her two front baby teeth had given her.

"Alright!" Lorelai smiled taking the six year old's hand and leading her out the door.

Luke helped Katie climb into her car seat that sat in the back seat of Lorlai's jeep while Lorelai hopped in the driver's seat.

"Hey I thought I was going to drive this morning?" Luke groaned.

"I thought about it but I'm just not sure I trust you with it. I mean your truck is in the shop." Lorelai teased.

"For an oil change." Luke moaned hopping into the passenger's seat. He looked into the rearview mirror at his daughter who was playing with her shoe laces. Her long dark brown hair getting in the way of her vision. "Hey sweetie, you excited for your second day of grade one?"

"I'll just be happy if I don't get in trouble for being late again." The little girl said without taking her eyes off her shoelaces.

Lorelai laughed, "Don't worry sweetheart we're gonna get you there on time. You know, one time Rory had a test at school and she was late cause a deer ran into the car."

"A deer ran into the car!" this caught her attention and she looked up from her shoes.

"Yup, so you see being late runs in your blood. Its genetic."

"Ge-ne-tic" Katie sounded out.

"Here we are Katie." Lorelai parked the car on the side of the road next to her daughter's elementary school. Luke climbed out of the passenger's seat and helped his daughter out of the car seat.

"Have a good day at school! Love you." Lorelai called.

"Love you too." She responded as Luke picked her up out of the car.

"Bye munchkin." Luke said as he kissed her forehead and placed her on the sidewalk.

"Bye daddy!" with that Katie turned and ran into the playground to join the other students.

"She's going to be late for all her tests if you keep making it sound like its cool to be late you know." Luke said as he climbed back into the car.

"Don't worry Luke, she's a lot like you too. You see how she never takes off that baseball cap."

Luke smiled, "That's true. Have you talked to Rory recently?" he asked.

"We spoke briefly last week but we just keep missing each other. Things have been so busy lately."

"Did she say how Jess is?"


"You're going to have to get used to them being together eventually, its already been six months."

"I'm holding my stance until I see a ring."

"Be careful what you wish for." Luke chuckled.

Lorelai stopped in front of the diner, "kiss"

Luke leaned over and gently kissed her lips while brushing a piece of hair behind her ear. "Love you"

"Love you too"

Lorelai drove to the inn in silence, wondering what was going on with Jess and Rory. She knew they were together but not much else. She made a mental note to call her when she got home.

"Hey Sookie! We got any coffee?" Lorelai asked as she walked into the kitchen of the Dragonfly Inn.

"Yup, I just brewed a new batch for our special guest." Sookie smiled taking out a white mug and filling it for Lorelai.

"Special guest?" she gave Sookie a puzzled look, "Is Norman Mailer here or something?"


"Paul Anka?"

"Not quite that exciting."

"Hey!" a voice groaned from behind Lorelai, "I am just as exciting as Paul Anka!"

"Rory!" Lorelai yelled wrapping her arms around her eldest daughter.

"What are you doing here!" she asked without letting going.

"I came to see you." Rory answered, "And Luke and Katie of course."

"Is it a special occasion? You never want to take time of from the Times."

Rory laughed nervously, "Kind of."

"Wait, what special occasion did I forget? It's not your birthday is it?" Lorelai joked.

"No, Mom." She paused, "Jess and I are getting married."