An Author's Apology and a Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I have an announcement. I'm sorry if you thought that this was a new chapter a very long time coming, but it is not. This is an author telling his readers that he will not be continuing this story.

I would like to apologise to the large number of readers who have reviewed this story or sent me a private message and asked me to continue this story, but I can't. I, literally, have no idea where I should go with this. To be honest, I never intended to write Rebirth at all. When I finished We Will Be Together Again, I intended it to be a standalone story. I wrapped it up in the final chapter and that was going to be that. However, there were requests to continue it and I wanted to try. So I did. I got two chapters done, getting Harry and Hermione back into the real world, but I have no idea where to take it.

There are so many questions unanswered: what sort of story should it be, who will be in it, who will be the bad guys, what is the ultimate ending for the story…

I can't answer these. I don't want it to become just a copy of my other story Harry Potter and His New Beginning, which it undoubtedly will, if I write it. So, I will not be continuing this story for the foreseeable future, unless a story suddenly appears in my mind in the future.

I hate to see it unfinished though.

So, I am therefore issuing all the members of , or at least, those who have read this story, with a challenge.

The Challenge!

The challenge is this: I am hereby placing this story up for adoption. I do think that it has potential, which is why I began to write it, but I can't finish it. I offer up the chance for a few of you out there to try and finish it. However, I don't just want a single person to try and finish this story. That would restrict how the story could turn out.

There were quite a few people who wanted this story finished, so I want to try and find three people to finish this story. These three, once they are chosen, will each begin to write their own version of the story, separate from the others. It will be their own work and it will be up to the readers to decide who they think won in the end.

The Rules!

The number of people who apply for the challenge will ultimately affect how I chose who will become this story's owners. I really want more than three people to apply, but that may not be the case, unfortunately. If one person applies and they agree to follow the rules, then I will give the story to them. I will be a bit disappointed, but glad that the story will continue.

If, however, more than three people apply, I will choose out of that number the three who I want to continue Rebirth. So, if you wish to apply, I want you to message me with a general idea of what direction you will take the story. The ones I find the most interesting will be the ones I choose to continue the story!

There will be, however, a few rules which I will outline in a moment. While I want there to be lots of different directions I want this story to go, I don't want the beginning of the story torn apart or changed, and so there will be some restrictions to my choosing an applicant:

One: The first two chapters cannot be changed. You must work in the confines of what I have already outlined.

Two: It must remain a Harry/Hermione story. That's a bit of a given, what with the first rule and the chapters I've already written.

Three: You must be imaginative in your ideas. I don't want Rebirth becoming a repetitive, typical fiction, like some on this website. If I'd wanted that, I could have done it myself.

Other than these rules any writer can have free reign. Any direction, any angle, any storyline is acceptable! I want each of the three versions of this story to be unique in themselves, each writer putting their personal slant on things!

Harry and Hermione could become heroes, fighting against evil, or Harry and Hermione could become evil themselves, destroying the wizarding world; the Weasleys could be their allies, or they could be their enemies; Dumbledore could be a good man, he could be evil, or he could just be senile.

Nothing is true and Anything is permitted.

Any course you should choose to take, as long as it does not violate any of my short list of rules is allowed. I want to see this finished. I have built the foundation for this story but the ultimate direction of Rebirth…that is up to you.

I will wait for applicants until either a fair amount of writers have applied or a month has gone by with little or no applicants. However, I should point out, that if no one applies, then this story will die and remain unfinished.

Thank you for reading this challenge and I look forward to seeing any prospective applications to take over Rebirth!

This is the Quill, signing off!