Hiruma opened his eyes just in time to see the first rays of dawn shine through his window, something he wasn't accustomed to until just last week. Some rooster just loved to see the night sky and the sunrise. He didn't see the point. Drawn curtains always made him more comfortable than ones that were thrown wide open.

Stirring a little more, he felt a now familiar restriction of arms that found their way around him every night since two weeks ago. The warm chest against his back was rising and falling deeply. The face pressed against the back of his neck was exhaling warm air onto his skin. These were all foreign things that he had, disturbingly quickly, got used to in the mornings. However today would be the last day for a long time, and that thought made the comfortable morning turn just the slightest bit cold.

Warm lips pressed against the base of his neck as his companion woke as well. Hiruma groaned as he began to attempt to roll away from the arms that bound him. Shin let out a small grunt as he tightened his hold on his 'captive', effectively sealing off any possible escape.

"A while longer." Shin mummured next to Hiruma's ear. He also knew that it would be a long time before he would be able to do this again.

In his time in America, the two months had flown by. The new friends he made, the lectures that he attended, the new environment and most importantly, the time spent with the one he treasured.

He was to leave this evening, and a pang went through his chest as he imagined the next few years without Hiruma.

Noticing the change in the mood, Hiruma twisted around with a little effort so that he was now facing Shin. Since when did the monster turn into such a baby?

Green eyes met dark black ones and Shin broke into a smile. Only he knew the warmer green that would show when the hard exterior of those eyes were discarded. He was being ridiculous. Hiruma would be with him for the rest of forever. He was the happiest man alive.

Hiruma looked at him with half-lidded eyes that could pass for a lazy gaze, but Shin knew better. Hiruma was always conscious of his surroundings. Rolling them both over, Shin was now lying comfortably on top of Hiruma, hand venturing up to daringly thread through his hair. He could feel Hiruma's slightly annoyed huff as his hand was pulled away.

"Get off me. You're heavy."

Propping himself up on his elbows, Shin watched as Hiruma's lips quirked the slightest bit and his eyes followed his, always, always, meeting him gaze for gaze.

In a swift movement, he was flipped over and Hiruma was already walking to his private bathroom.

~-Shiruma for the win-~

The ride in Hiruma's car to the airport was quiet if you didn't include Alexon alternating between joyous chatter and sorrowful sobs.

"We had a great time together!" He would say, only to sniff sadly after. "Do you really have to go?"

Shin would then give a nod and the dramatic green-haired boy would made a big show of being devastated by collapsing on his shoulder and bawling.

However, as foolish as he portrays himself to be, Alexon had good sense. Once they were at the departure gate, he rubbed his eyes and insisted on going back to the car first before he literally cried his eyes out. Turning back one last time, he gave a sunny smile to Shin and waved his farewell before leaving the two alone.

As they stood facing each other, Shin couldn't help but remember a song he heard a long time ago, and it played through his head now, connoting his thought exactly.

When will I see your face again?

For the umptieth time, Shin studied the features of his beloved. The way the light illuminated his face and reflected off his skin. His sharp nose and slightly pointed ears. The dark hair that fell over his face in the most natural way. And the bright emerald eyes that gleamed and practically always trapped him in their depts.

When will you touch my life again?

He wondered when he would next see Hiruma. When the ex-blonde enigma would appear before him again.

When will I breathe you in again?

His thoughts went to the morning. How complete he felt with Hiruma pressed against him. How blissful it was to wake up with Hiruma next to him, the sun streaming in and casting soft shadows across his skin. The smell of something that was uniquely him and the warmth that they both shared under the covers.

I think I love you… Will I see your face again?

Shin exhaled in surprise as he felt warm lips press against his own. His arms had automatically wound around Hiruma and pulled him closer. For three seconds, they remained. Hiruma's hand in his hair and on his shoulder. His hands on the small of his back and the base of his neck.

It was a farewell and a silent promise, even a little bit of a threat as he felt Hiruma's teeth sink lightly into his lower lip.

Well, this settles his concerns. Even if Hiruma didn't find him again, he would overturn the world to possess him again.

They broke apart, ignoring the stares they received. Maintaining eye contact for a few more seconds, Hiruma turned and left, raising his hand in a wave.

~-Shiruma for the win-~

Two years had passed since Shin returned to Japan.

His days went on as per normal. He studied seriously and trained with vigour. But each day as he walked back to his apartment, he felt… empty in a sense.

Walking up the stairs to his floor, he stopped short as he turned the corner. The emptiness in him steadily began filling up with a mixture of peace and happiness. There, infront of his door stood the person he had been missing for two years. Hair still black and piercings on, the demon was as easy on the eyes as ever.

Noticing Shin's presence, Hiruma turned to face him, raising his hand and crooking his finger.

Come here.

It was a blur as Shin was on him in light speed.

And that was the beginning of the rest of their lives.