…the identity number...

If youth had brought upon her something, it had brought upon her the stresses of reality. How long had she been unaware? Blissfully naïve?

The well took her through time, to a gruesome yet simple world.

Walking past the men and women working earnestly in the rice fields, Kagome wondered why. Why did they accept their lives as such? Why did they not suffer from the endless questioning?

Her fifteenth birthday pushed her under the heavy weights of responsibility.

Ah, the esteemed Shikon Miko. She who protects the Jewel of Four Souls. She who suffers between two different worlds.

Who was she really—a cheap substitute reflection for Midoriko, a weak copy of Kikyo?

Inuyasha. Why did he chastise her for not matching Kikyo? Did he not understand that Kagome was different?

"Who am I?"

A basic question of a thinking being—one's identity.

Kagome looked far into the sky and observed the birds chirping in the trees.

She smiled.

Who was she? Kagome, of course. Not Midoriko, not Kikyo; none other but Kagome.

The clouds can stay afloat without burden. The birds can sing without worry.

Then why must she question herself?

The jewel hunt brought her through so many dangers, yet didn't she survive them all? Her purpose is to live, and thus she must live to the fullest.

She experienced so many horrors, so many excitements, so many tragedies—but she had not really changed, had she? Still blissfully naïve, filled with love and sunshine;

"I am Kagome"

Author Note: Enjoy this new story! Each chapter will be based on a number in the golden ratio.

Words: 250

One: the identity number in multiplication, has its own powers, own roots, own factorial, etc.